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Adopt-A-Family Recipients in Romania Express Thanks

May our Lord God overflow His peace and blessing over our brothers!

Dear brothers,

Through this letter, I would like to express our gratitude toward God and toward you for the care you have shown for our family. However, I am writing with shame and regret, because you should have read these words a long time ago.

Our family benefited from the help brought by your mission for many years.

At the beginning of this year it was concluded that our family situation does not require help through CAM, so we are not receiving food parcels anymore. However, we would like you to know that you are still in our hearts, and we pray for you every time we remember you.

Many times we have seen the arm of God streched with His blessings to our family. He has taken care of us so far, and your mission team was one of the vessels through which the Lord God was working.

I would like to share with you a few experiences . . . . These are told by our children.

One day our eldest daughter was at home with the other little brothers while we were gone to work. She was preparing lunch in the kitchen and noticed that there was no more oil. Then she prayed to the Lord to send oil to cook the meal, as she knew that we do not have money to buy some. It was on a Wednesday, and we had a church service that evening. We were just about ready to leave for church when we heard a horn sound at the gate. There were the brothers with the food parcel from CAM.

We praised the Lord that He answered our prayers so soon.

Another important moment was when the girls wanted to be dressed appropriately before our Lord, but we could not afford to buy all the clothes we needed. One day, along with the food parcel we received a few bags with clothes, in which we found the things we wanted. Praise the Lord!

We would like to thank you for the literature that you included in the food parcels. Our family has given up the computer, cartoons, and lectures of the world. The books that we received from you are real blessings for the whole family and community. We have lended them to others to read. May the Lord bless you!

We still have other things to remind us of you! The colorful comforters, the books, and the stove! The stove with its oven still bakes very well, despite that we have had it for several years now—I think about eight years.

From the bottom of our hearts we desire that the Lord God bless and reward all the hearts and hands which have been and still are available to help in this mission. We would also like for you to know that your example of mission work inspires others.

The children of our family have grown up now. Two of the girls are married, and the oldest two boys are earning a living on their own. There are still five children at home now, but your example has encouraged us to keep an open heart for those who are suffering and in trouble. We seek to comfort those in need and also want to be Good Samaritans.

Again from the bottom of our hearts, we desire that God bless you and even if we do not know each other here on earth, we shall see each other in glory when the beloved Groom will celebrate His wedding!

May the God of heavens and earth, and our Father, BLESS you. And His peace which exceeds every skill guard your hearts and thoughts in Jesus Christ, our Lord! Amen. With a lot of love.

Written by Adopt-A-Family recipients from Romania.

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