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A Gift of Dignity for the Handicapped

elderly and disabled, Christian Aid Ministries

Tariq,* an elderly man in Syria, is cared for by his nephew Hakeem. “We consider my uncle Tariq a blessing . . .” Hakeem said. “The Holy Bible has taught us that . . . caring for the elderly is a duty.” But with Syria in financial straits, providing proper care for Tariq is a challenge. Unable to buy adult disposable briefs, they sometimes resorted to using bed covers as an alternative. But these caused discomfort and skin issues.

When CAM contacts delivered a month’s supply of briefs, Tariq said with relief and gratitude, “I thank you very much because these diapers have become expensive.” Hakeem added, “I hope you will not forget us and will continue to visit us . . .”

The Adult Disposable Briefs program serves as a beacon of hope in situations like Tariq’s. Briefs make life easier for caretakers and help to restore comfort and dignity to recipients.

*Names in this article changed to protect identities.

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