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Animals: Gifts that Keep Giving

Alisher and Oksana wished they could expand their small farm to better provide for their family of ten children. In Uzbekistan, large families like theirs deal with few available jobs and high living expenses. Alisher and Oksana raised a few goats and were interested in farming, but they couldn’t afford to buy more animals.

Thanks to your generous support last year, Alisher and Oksana were able to purchase a bull and some broilers and feed. These animals provide opportunities for their family to work together and give their children a greater sense of responsibility. The children are motivated to get out of bed in the morning to give their animals food and water on time.

“Please accept our heartfelt gratitude from our entire family for your help, care, support, and most of all for your sacrifice for the Lord,” Alisher and Oksana said. “May God bless you and reward you for your generosity.”

Families like Alisher’s in Uzbekistan, Moldova, and other countries are facing dramatically rising food prices, brought on by weak economies and the war in Ukraine. Although a gift of food is always appreciated, our brothers and sisters in Central Asia and Eastern Europe are overjoyed to receive animals that can provide milk, meat, or eggs for a much longer time. The gift of a flock of chickens, a cow, beehives, or other animals allows parents to work alongside their children to support themselves. And when the animals produce young, the gift is extended yet again!

Would you like to help needy families in countries like Kazakhstan or Nicaragua with the gift of chickens, cows, goats, bees, pigs, or other animals? Click the donate button to give a gift.

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Myanmar War Victims Face Enormous Needs

Since February 2021, conflict has raged in Myanmar. This conflict began when the military overthrew the country’s leader, sparking violence across the nation. Since then, the military has repeatedly attacked Myanmar’s ethnic groups in hopes of driving them out of the country. Last year this unrest escalated when multiple armed groups joined forces to fight against the military.

As the violence spreads, innocent people in Myanmar are  caught in the middle. With the country’s unstable condition, jobs are scarce, supply chains are cut off, and food prices are rising. Thousands of desperate people are fleeing their homes, some to remote places in Myanmar, and others across the border into Bangladesh, Thailand, or other surrounding countries. Abandoned homes are often looted. Last month a military draft of all unmarried men ages 18 to 35 was announced, prompting many young men to flee the country.

With your support, we were able to help people suffering from this conflict in 2022 and 2023. This year, our staff and contacts are asking for assistance to provide food, medicines, 101 Favorite Stories from the Bible books, and other basic necessities to help meet some of the enormous needs.

If you wish to help people suffering from the conflict in Myanmar, click the donate button to give a gift.

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Teaching Minds and Nurturing Hearts

Providing children with a quality education often unlocks a brighter future for them. Through International Sponsor-A-Student, our supporters extend this opportunity to children in Belize, Liberia, and other countries. But the heart of this program goes beyond good schooling. A kindergarten teacher in Belize explained it well. “Many students come to school knowing no English,” she wrote. “They don’t have a clue what numbers and ABCs are. Some of them have never been taught that lying, cheating, stealing, and revenge are wrong.

“At the end of the year,” she continued, “they can communicate in English, read simple words and sentences, and they know their numbers from 1-100 or even further. The most precious change is that they know the difference between right and wrong and they have a true desire to make Jesus happy.” This is the goal of the program: to instill godly values while broadening horizons through quality education.

To help provide schooling in Belize, Liberia, the Middle East, and other locations, through International Sponsor-A-Student, click the donate button to give a gift.

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Tears of Pain and Gratitude

“We fled death only to find refuge in this place,” Majed* said bitterly. War forced this Yemeni father and his family from home, and now they live in a building with walls battered by bombs and a roof made of makeshift cloth. Tears came to his eyes as he told of the struggle to support his family with the meager income he earns by collecting metal and plastic cans to sell.

Our contacts were able to give a food parcel to Majed and his family. After receiving the parcel, Majed sat on the ground, shedding tears of gratitude. “This is the first time I see someone reaching out, understanding my pain since the beginning of the war,” he said.

Majed and many others are grateful for the generosity of those who contribute to Food for War-Torn Yemen. Your gift of love offers solace to Yemenis living in constant strife and fear.

To help provide food through Food For War-torn Yemen, click the donate button to give a gift.

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A New Pump for a New Man

Stalica in Romania was disappointed when he discovered that the water pump in his home lacked pressure because of a burned out motor. At one time he might have stolen money or taken someone else’s pump to fix the problem, but since Stalica recently began following the Lord, he  knew it was wrong to steal. However, after years of dishonesty, he found it difficult to support himself through honest means. 

Believers who were discipling Stalica heard about his dilemma. Using funds from the Jericho Road Program, they gave him a new water pump. Stalica was filled with gratitude to God, to those discipling him, and to the kind donors who made it easier for him to continue walking in integrity.

The Jericho Road Program meets needs in struggling Romanian communities, mostly among the Gypsies, through food parcels, Christian teaching, medical aid, and other assistance. To help these needy people, click the donate button to give a gift.

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“What Doesn’t Fit, We Give To Others”

“We’re always finding something useful in the clothing bags,” said Denis, a Moldovan father. He and his wife have four children, ages two to ten, with another child on the way. “What doesn’t fit, we give to others. There is a . . . center in our village where we take those clothes that don’t fit. [These clothes] do not sit idle.”

Denis is a hardworking father, but housing and winter expenses, combined with a lack of good jobs, make it hard to cover all his family’s needs. He is currently in Western Europe, doing short-term work to try to close some of these financial gaps. He hopes to return to Moldova soon and use some of the money he earned to build an addition to their old village home.

“May God repay the brothers who support this work,” Denis said. “We’ve had the joy of receiving, and we also know the joy that giving to others brings us. We rejoice both ways.”

If you would like to help struggling families through the Clothing Bundle Project, click the donate button to give a gift.

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Cursed or Created in God’s Image?

Age makes it hard for Sakami,* an elderly woman in  Malawi, to get around on her own. Her family mostly ignores her needs. At night they lock her in a structure built for goats to keep her from wandering away. When a contact gave Sakami some bread, she was so hungry she bit into the plastic bag. On another visit, Sakami was found lying outside on a piece of tarp.

In a village in the Middle East, our staff members visited five one-room houses in an area that receives little outside help. The men inside each dark home were in their forties but had never walked. They tried to make do with rusty, broken-down wheelchairs.

As a child, Baysah Kollie from Liberia suffered from polio, which left his legs useless. He survives on his family’s generosity and occasional begging. Baysah used to have a wheelchair, but it was stolen. With no other way to get around, he dragged himself into the CAM office in Liberia, asking for help.

These stories reflect the plight of the handicapped in many parts of the world. Individuals with conditions like blindness, cerebral palsy, and mental disabilities are often disdained and have few opportunities to thrive. In some cultures, society views them as cursed, so families keep them hidden away. Other families do their best to provide care but have almost no resources. Their need for adult briefs, wheelchairs, walkers, or medicines is a constant challenge.

By providing items like these through the Hope for the Handicapped program, we seek to follow Jesus’ example of ministering to the vulnerable and forgotten. But beyond physical aid, supporters’ funds enable us to treat the handicapped as precious individuals created in God’s image.

Dignity: For Sakami in Malawi, funds were provided to build a latrine, restoring a bit of dignity despite being neglected by her family.

Mobility: Fatma in the Middle East used to get around by pushing a kitchen chair. She was thrilled for the gift of a walker with wheels that gave her a new sense of freedom!

Hope in Jesus: In Belarus, funds support believers who reach out to the handicapped by distributing food parcels, visiting the bedridden, and holding evangelistic services. Victoria, who suffers from cerebral palsy, attended one of these services with her mother. Afterward, her mother shared with our contacts, “There is such peace in my soul after these words and songs. We love to hear anything that has to do with God, don’t we, Victoria?” Her daughter nodded as well as she could.

Supporters, thank you for walking in Jesus’ steps, seeing the plight of the handicapped, and offering them hope.

If you wish to support Hope for the Handicapped, click the donate button to give a gift.

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A Gift that is Alive

Seeds burst with God-given life. A tiny seed has great potential when gifted to someone willing to plant and cultivate it. The Seed Project makes this gift possible for many people who depend on their gardens for food.

Ukraine’s soil is fertile, and its climate supports successful gardening. However, many of the seeds available are not high quality. Seed companies in Ukraine often have poor storage and sorting procedures and do little testing for germination. Many Ukrainians resort to poor-quality seeds since good seeds are expensive and harder to find.

CAM buys quality seeds to distribute in countries like Ukraine. Our goal is to provide a seed that germinates well, produces a disease-resistant plant, and ends with a fruit that tastes delicious and stores well. We mostly provide vegetable seeds so people can store or preserve their harvest and have a food supply in the winter when the need is greatest.

Thank you, supporters, for giving seeds to people in Ukraine and other countries!

If you would like to help with the Seed Project click the donate button to give a gift.

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Who are the 110 Million Displaced People?

More people are displaced now than at any time in history. Whether fleeing war in Sudan, ethnic discrimination in Myanmar, or cartel violence in Mexico, the displaced are often vulnerable and lack

means to provide for themselves. The Worldwide Refugee Crisis program helps provide discipleship, food, clothing, and aid for refugees, migrants, and other displaced people.

Who are the 110 million people across the world without a place to call home?1 Here are the stories of a few of the people behind this number.

Razia* is a refugee from war-torn Sudan who lives in a neighboring country with her four children. Her husband is still in Sudan. As a refugee, she is charged a much higher rental fee for her apartment than many locals. Razia used to do cleaning work to provide for her family, but she lost her job after dental issues kept her from working for two days. Staff members who visited Razia to help deliver a food parcel said her home is “nearly bare.”

“I have recently needed to stir up a rice pudding to feed my baby,” said a Syrian refugee mother in Turkey. “She cries a lot more and doesn’t eat very well. Thank you so much for this! To me, this formula is way more important than all the other food and blankets you could give.”

“I have received training for the medical field and could have started working in a hospital with a good-paying job, but I have followed God’s call on my life to serve as a volunteer doctor here in the jungles of Myanmar,” says a doctor at a hospital that received medicines through CAM. “Thank you for providing the much-needed medical supplies, especially for the meds we cannot buy here in Myanmar. These meds are used to do surgeries that we cannot normally do unless we take our patients over to the Thailand side. Many times, these people die before they can receive help. These meds will help us save lives.”

1 UN Refugee Agency

*Name changed to protect identity.

Most refugees living in Turkey are Syrians who fled their country because of civil war.
This boat is loaded with medicines for refugees near the Thailand/Myanmar border.

If you would like to help support displaced and migrant people through the Worldwide Refugee Crisis program click the donate button to give a gift.

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Adopt-A-Family Recipients in Romania Express Thanks

May our Lord God overflow His peace and blessing over our brothers!

Dear brothers,

Through this letter, I would like to express our gratitude toward God and toward you for the care you have shown for our family. However, I am writing with shame and regret, because you should have read these words a long time ago.

Our family benefited from the help brought by your mission for many years.

At the beginning of this year it was concluded that our family situation does not require help through CAM, so we are not receiving food parcels anymore. However, we would like you to know that you are still in our hearts, and we pray for you every time we remember you.

Many times we have seen the arm of God streched with His blessings to our family. He has taken care of us so far, and your mission team was one of the vessels through which the Lord God was working.

I would like to share with you a few experiences . . . . These are told by our children.

One day our eldest daughter was at home with the other little brothers while we were gone to work. She was preparing lunch in the kitchen and noticed that there was no more oil. Then she prayed to the Lord to send oil to cook the meal, as she knew that we do not have money to buy some. It was on a Wednesday, and we had a church service that evening. We were just about ready to leave for church when we heard a horn sound at the gate. There were the brothers with the food parcel from CAM.

We praised the Lord that He answered our prayers so soon.

Another important moment was when the girls wanted to be dressed appropriately before our Lord, but we could not afford to buy all the clothes we needed. One day, along with the food parcel we received a few bags with clothes, in which we found the things we wanted. Praise the Lord!

We would like to thank you for the literature that you included in the food parcels. Our family has given up the computer, cartoons, and lectures of the world. The books that we received from you are real blessings for the whole family and community. We have lended them to others to read. May the Lord bless you!

We still have other things to remind us of you! The colorful comforters, the books, and the stove! The stove with its oven still bakes very well, despite that we have had it for several years now—I think about eight years.

From the bottom of our hearts we desire that the Lord God bless and reward all the hearts and hands which have been and still are available to help in this mission. We would also like for you to know that your example of mission work inspires others.

The children of our family have grown up now. Two of the girls are married, and the oldest two boys are earning a living on their own. There are still five children at home now, but your example has encouraged us to keep an open heart for those who are suffering and in trouble. We seek to comfort those in need and also want to be Good Samaritans.

Again from the bottom of our hearts, we desire that God bless you and even if we do not know each other here on earth, we shall see each other in glory when the beloved Groom will celebrate His wedding!

May the God of heavens and earth, and our Father, BLESS you. And His peace which exceeds every skill guard your hearts and thoughts in Jesus Christ, our Lord! Amen. With a lot of love.

Written by Adopt-A-Family recipients from Romania.

If you wish to help support Adopt-A-Family click the donate button to give a gift.