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Update on Hurricane Idalia Cleanup Project

In the wake of destruction left by Hurricane Idalia, Rapid Response staff members and volunteers responded with a helping hand and a listening ear. The category 3 hurricane wreaked havoc in the Big Bend region of Florida, then weakened as it drove a path through Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. Rapid Response staff members and volunteers assisted people affected by the hurricane in Perry, Florida, about 15 miles inland from the Big Bend shore.

Over a two-week span, more than 160 volunteers from Florida, Georgia, Texas, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Ohio came to assist residents of Perry, Florida whose properties were damaged. They helped with tree removal, yard cleanup, and other tasks.  Chaplains onsite provided a listening ear and offered spiritual and emotional support to residents grappling with the destruction around them. 


Volunteers pose with a cross they cut out of a tree stump. They hope their response to the hurricane’s damage will remind others of Jesus.

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Relief for Rafael

Rafael traveled two hours to CAM’s clinic in Waslala, Nicaragua, to receive medical attention for his infected leg. The clinic staff gave him vitamins, quality dressings, and instructions on properly caring for the infection. Rafael listened intently and expressed faith that God would heal him. Over the past year, his wound has continued to heal with help from the vitamins and dressings.

The Gifts-That-Grow program helps make vitamins, hygiene items, medicines, food, and other supplies available to people like Rafael. Millions of dollars’ worth of these items are donated to CAM every year, but we must pay procurement and shipping costs. Each dollar donated to Gifts-That-Grow helps us obtain $150 worth of donated products. Some funds may also help ship the products overseas.

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Remedial Classes Offer Second Chance at Literacy

In some parts of Egypt, as many as 50 to 80 percent of students who graduate from high school are unable to read. Many students are simply pushed through grades rather than taught to understand concepts. Students from Christian homes are especially prone to neglect from teachers because of the stigma associated with their identity. This often results in many Christians living in poverty and never learning to read the Word of God.

The Egypt-Sponsor-A-Child program enables Christian workers to hold remedial classes for children, mostly from Coptic Christian homes. Many students are the first in their families to learn to read and write. Most importantly, they are learning from the Word of God and can now read it for themselves!

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Daily Bread for Disabled Father

Hassan,* is a disabled father who lives in the Middle East, was diagnosed with a brain tumor almost three years ago. Following surgery to remove the tumor, he fell into a coma for several months. Last year Hassan was finally well enough to return home to his wife Aliyah and their two young daughters.

The effects of the tumor left Hassan with severe physical and mental disabilities, forcing Aliyah to become the family’s breadwinner. Her husband’s need for almost constant care makes it hard for Aliyah to earn an income and provide for her family.

Using funds from the Adopt-A-Family program, CAM staff and contacts delivered a food parcel to Hassan and Aliyah. A gift of food is a bright spot of hope and relief in this family’s daily challenges.

*Names in this article are changed to protect identities.

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Update on Maui Wildfires Cleanup Project

After a recent visit to Maui, Hawaii, CAM’s Rapid Response staff members say a cleanup effort in the near future is unlikely, but a four-person team of chaplains is being sent to minister to the spiritual needs of those affected by the wildfires. A Disaster Response Services rebuilding project may be considered in the future. The staff members assessed damaged areas and met with other charitable organizations and contacts in the Lahaina and Kula areas. At this point, many areas are not open to non-governmental organizations. Rapid Response staff members continue to monitor the situation for changes and look for other opportunities to minister to those affected by the wildfires.

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Life-Changing Opportunity for Children in South Sudan

Aziz* has an opportunity many children in South Sudan only dream of. He is going to school. His school does not have walls filled with colorful posters or shelves lined with books. Instead, his school is a mud church building where he and his classmates gather four times a week for two hours of school. They sit on simple wooden benches as their teacher instructs them in reading, writing, arithmetic, and Bible. Aziz is grateful for this chance to get an education because he knows that without it, he would probably not receive any schooling at all.

Aziz’s country is one of the most economically depressed countries in the world, with thousands of South Sudanese children growing up never learning to read or write. Many parts of the country simply have no schools to attend. This lack of even the most basic education keeps many families locked in a cycle of poverty.

South Sudan-Sponsor-A-Child is a new program that gives South Sudanese children the life-changing opportunity to receive an education from Christian teachers. Along with academic teaching, students hear truths from God’s Word. According to CAM staff, the need for schooling in this country is so great that only a small portion of those wishing to join the program can be helped. Children who are unable to attend the classes are unlikely to receive schooling elsewhere. $17 a month will allow one child to attend classes.

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Hurricane Idalia Cleanup Project Underway

Rapid Response team members and volunteers are starting cleanup in the wake of Hurricane Idalia in Florida. Idalia made landfall near Keaton Beach, Florida, on August 30 as a powerful Category 3 hurricane.

Hurricane Idalia, Christian Aid Ministries
Hurricane Idalia Making Landfall

Our team set up a base in the town of Perry, where trees are toppled over streets and homes show the grim effects of the storm’s fury. Many residents are overwhelmed as they face the huge task of putting their lives back together.

Hurricane Idalia, Christian Aid Ministries

Pray for the many people affected by Idalia. Pray also for wisdom for the Rapid Response teams as they start with cleanup and organize this project. We desire that God’s love would shine bright amid the destruction of Hurricane Idalia.

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Messengers of Truth on the Highway of Life

Jayden* stared at the billboard in front of him. The large bold letters, Shackled by lust? Jesus sets free,  seemed to burn their message deep into his mind. He thought about how his immoral lifestyle kept pulling him deeper into bondage. His pursuit of pleasure and self-indulgence had him shackled.

Jayden’s grandpa had been a pastor, but his family was hardly involved in church. He grew up with little knowledge of the Bible and was now living for himself.

Realizing he was at a crossroads in life, 24-year-old Jayden called the number on the billboard and was connected to a phone team member. “How do I become a better version of myself?” he asked.

“It’s not about just living better,” replied the team member. “You need the forgiveness of Jesus.”

“How do I receive forgiveness? I’ve got some things in my life I regret,” Jayden said. Gently the team member explained how Jesus paid the ransom for man’s sinfulness with His own blood sacrifice.

Jayden wants to make the right decision but says there are so many attractions out there. Maybe, he said, he should just go on indulging in his own selfish pleasures. The team member reminded him of others who went that route and lived to regret it. “I know that’s true. That’s what I’ve seen,” Jayden agreed. “The regret is greater than the pleasure.”

The team member urged Jayden to read the Scriptures. Jayden has his grandpa’s Bible and agreed to read the book of Matthew to find out who Jesus is. Many “Jaydens” live in the United States today. They have never read the Bible. Some have never heard the name of Jesus other than as a curse word and grow up being encouraged to participate in sensuality. The only truth some people might see is a Gospel billboard along the highway. These billboards are messengers of truth that beckon travelers to make a choice.

Will Jayden make the right decision? Will he choose the power of his passions or the gift of God? Maybe the next billboard will help him decide.

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Grateful for a Seed of Truth

“This week I received the November and December “Seed of Truth” issues,” wrote a reader in Romania. “What joy at finding them! I thank you from my heart for a year of truth!” In Germany, another reader shared, “Thank you for sending the Seed of Truth to Germany.

I read it with love, and God often speaks to me through the articles.”

The Seed of Truth magazine is a lifeline of hope, encouragement, and sound Bible teaching for people around the world. These publications are in high demand in places where this kind of wholesome reading material is scarce or hard to access. Written by Anabaptist believers, the monthly Seed of Truth magazine includes teaching on Biblical principles, articles for parents and church leaders, youth and children’s sections, and more. Supporters enable these teachings to reach recipients in places like Romania, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and numerous restricted countries.

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Farm Animals for the Former Soviet Union

Animals represent opportunity in need in regions once part of the Soviet Union. Communism in these areas fell more than 30 years ago, but scars linger. Finding a sustainable source of income in countries like Moldova, Georgia, or Ukraine is hard, even if families are willing to work hard. Prices of milk, bread, and other food items have soared in recent years. The war in Ukraine is pushing prices in the region even higher, forcing some families to spend most of their income on food.

Animals play a vital role in everyday life. From the shepherd tending his flock, the family traveling in their horse-drawn wagon, the farmer operating his dairy farm, and the mother using meat, milk, and eggs to cook for her family, people from Bible times to the twenty-first century have relied on animals for many basic needs.

Animals and opportunities

CAM contacts and church leaders in Moldova, Belarus, Georgia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan yearn to help their people find ways to earn a living in their own communities. Providing animals funded by CAM helps them carry out their vision. A network of Christian contacts and local pastors distribute cows, calves, goats, pigs, and chickens to people in need. In addition to farm animals, they are also providing some beehives. The gift of a few goats or a flock of chickens gives a struggling family a hands-on source of work, food, and income.

Providing animals is also an avenue for church leaders to encourage fellow Christians and show Jesus’ love in action to unbelievers. One pastor shared how he went from house to house distributing chickens and preaching the Gospel. In Kyrgyzstan, a family who received pigs wrote, “We want to thank you for your participation in the needs of the saints. . . . May our God bless you richly for your diligence . . .”

The gift of animals has potential to bless more people than recipients themselves. A Christian father in Kazakhstan who received the gift of cows passed on the blessing by giving calves to families in need.

Chickens from the people of God

Pepela and her husband are parents of two sons and a daughter who has Down syndrome. The family lives in the country of Georgia, flanked by Russia, the Black Sea, Armenia, and Azerbaijan.

Pepela wrote, “Raising three children is not easy, especially in a country engulfed by an economic and food crisis.” Her husband’s salary barely covered the family’s food costs before COVID-19. During the pandemic, Pepela’s husband lost his job, leaving them with no source of income. “The children were often hungry,” Pepela remembered. “Often waking up at night, I thought about how to feed the children in the morning, and with tears I asked God for help, because it was painful to look at the hungry children.”

Pepela’s prayers were answered, in the form of chickens. “In these difficult times, the people of God came to us and extended a helping hand,” she wrote.  “The people of God brought us chickens. . . . my children were very happy. Our . . . little girl was especially delighted. Her joy knew no bounds.”

A pastor in Georgia shared, “Your help not only meets urgent needs, but also strengthens the faith of our brothers and sisters [and is] good evidence of God’s love for those who do not know God.” If you wish to give the gift of opportunity to needy families in the former Soviet Union, your funds will help provide chickens, calves, goats, and other animals. God bless you!

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