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Ukraine’s Springtime Provides Hope Amid Relentless War

—By a CAM staff member in Ukraine

Greetings from Ukraine where spring has arrived! Villagers can be seen outside visiting together in the afternoons again. They have their little tables with eggs, leftover canned goods, cabbage, potatoes, and other goods from the cellars out by the road to sell to any passersby. Tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths are growing, and it’s looking like we will see flowers soon! Folks are out in the gardens starting some early seeds and working the ground in some fields, as well as trimming and whitewashing trees. It is a hopeful time of year!

Refugees get emotional from the singing at a church after receiving a meal.

But there is still a heavy atmosphere of sadness here that, unfortunately, doesn’t leave with the gray of winter. There has been an uptick of missile and drone strikes here in the last several days. Russia is targeting power plants again, which leaves many without power, water, and heating. Please pray for peace in this country and for the millions who are suffering from the direct results of the horrors of war! Pray also for us as we relate to all the challenges that go with living in a country at war.

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A safe way to teach children

Christian Schooling for Eastern Europe

Dorin* was troubled by the tremendous secular influence the public school system had on his children. As a parent and church leader, he felt powerless to reverse these teachings. This dilemma led him to seek a solution for his family and others in the church.

Since he was a CAM contact for years and a faithful reader of publications like the Seed of Truth magazine, Dorin knew who we were and what we stood for. He came to one of our Eastern European offices in 2015 asking for help, wanting something he could trust for his children’s education. He asked how many young people in conservative Anabaptist churches in America stayed faithful to the Lord and marveled at the answer.

Dorin’s questions and concerns helped motivate the beginnings of the Christian Schooling for Eastern Europe program. Your support of this program equips concerned parents with a structured way to teach their children at home, using the Bible-based Christian Light Education curriculum. More than 1,140 children benefit from this program, and only eternity will reveal the full effect Christian education can have on an individual, a family, a church, and a society.

Recently the Romanian government has increased pressure on families wanting to educate their children at home. Please pray that this program can continue!

*Name changed to protect identity.

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Sustained through food and faith


Samira* left school at age 12 to find a job, compelled by her family’s financial struggles. Three years later, her father arranged her marriage to a man she had never met before. Samira’s husband had a small income, but he worked to build a beautiful home for his wife and their four daughters. Then, when their house was almost completed, the Syrian war erupted, forcing the family to flee to Lebanon. Soon after they left Syria, their house was destroyed by a rocket. Lebanon’s economic crisis brought even more challenges for the family. Our contacts helped by providing food parcels and spiritual nourishment, and over time, both Samira and her husband came to know Jesus. Strengthened by their faith, they are now able to offer encouragement to others facing similar circumstances.

Syria’s violence and instability have displaced millions of people in Syria and neighboring countries like Lebanon, Turkey, and Jordan.
*Name changed to protect identity.

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A Bible In Prison Brings Deliverance

“You are under arrest!” Twenty-two-year-old Rahul’s* heart pounded in shock as the police officers’ words rang through his front door. Although they pleaded that he was innocent of the murder charges, their pleas went unheeded. Rahul was forced into prison. In agony he thought, I will spend the rest of my life in this jail. 

Discouraged, Rahul’s mother shared her son’s painful story with a local pastor. The pastor prayed for him and suggested she give a Bible to her son. 

In prison, Rahul began to read the Bible his mother gave him. The Lord spoke to him as he read and prayed daily, and he wept before God with a broken heart.  

After Rahul spent seven months behind bars, the Lord worked a miracle and he was released. Rahul was changed by the grace of God he had experienced in prison, and he committed to live the rest of his life for the Lord. God allowed a false accusation to bring Rahul to a place of surrender to Him. 

Pray that Rahul’s family and others in their village would experience God’s love and also turn to the Lord. 

*Name changed to protect identity.

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Where Needed Most

The Where Needed Most program provides flexibility to cover various funding deficits. Recently these funds were used in the following programs and projects.

  • Bibles and Bible story books
  • Christian Family Magazines
  • War in Yemen
  • Biblical Discipleship Centers
  • Project Good Samaritan
  • Billboard Evangelism
  • Medicines-for-Multitudes
  • World Hunger Fund
  • Adult Disposable Briefs

Where Needed Most also helps cover general administration costs and fundraising expenses, without which we couldn’t operate. Thank you for providing this foundation of dependable and flexible support!

Photo caption: Food and Bible story book distribution in Kenya.

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Annual Open House 2023

Thanks to all who joined us at the 2023 CAM Open House. The full weekend of slides, speakers from abroad, and hands-on exhibits made this a memorable event. We greatly enjoyed our time together with you.

Mark your calendar for our next Open House in Ephrata, PA on November 1-2, 2024.

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Rescuing Vulnerable Children

Countless children around the world end up on the streets when their parents abandon them or die. With no one to look after them, these helpless children are often kidnapped or tricked into being used for others’ profit and greed. To help these innocent ones, we are launching the Child Rescue program, which supports efforts in Mexico and South Asia to rescue children in these desperate situations.

When Juana in Mexico was faced with the death of her mother and rejection from her father, she and the three younger siblings in her care moved in with their older sister and her husband. In their new home, they were abused and forced to beg for money on the streets. If they did not bring in enough money in the evening, their brother-in-law would beat them. Because of the mistreatment they suffered, Juana and her siblings fled to the home of a lawyer their mother had known. The lawyer put them in touch with CAM contacts who brought them to a safe environment where they are now protected and loved. Juana thanks God every day that she and her siblings are in a secure place away from those who wish to harm them.

If you would like to learn more, you can request a brochure about the Child Rescue program by calling us at 330.893.2428. Due to the nature of this need, the brochure may not be suitable for children.

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God’s Word Breaks Chains of Darkness in South Sudan

A small group of believers in a South Sudanese village listened intently as a speaker shared the story of Elijah and the prophets of Baal on Mt. Carmel. They met at the small village church house made with a tin roof, mud-plastered walls, and doors which opened to the sweltering breeze.

Most of these believers are illiterate, like many people in their country. For centuries their ancestors have passed on beliefs and teachings by speaking and storytelling rather than writing them down. Some church leaders believe that this high illiteracy rate keeps new believers from growing into mature Christians. After all, they can’t read the Bible!

CAM staff members and contacts started visiting various South Sudanese villages to share God’s Word by telling Bible stories. They desire to help believers—literate and illiterate— better understand and apply the Bible, and to equip them to share the message of God’s Word with others. Many believers soak in the clear, simple Bible stories, excited to learn that they can reach others with the Gospel even though they cannot read or write.

Believers are seeing God’s power break the chains of witchcraft, which is rooted deeply in South Sudan’s culture. One morning Helen* came to the church where our staff members were teaching, saying that the number five had appeared on her skin. According to the villagers, this is the work of demons. They said people can create a list of ten close family members or friends and give it to a witch doctor. On each person on that list, a number appears which represents their death order. After they all die, money flows to the person who gave the list. When Helen came to the church, she asked the believers to pray for her. She also said that she wanted Jesus to come into her life. Tears came to her eyes as the group gathered around her and prayed. The next day they learned that the number on Helen had disappeared!

In addition to the teaching, our contacts give each believer a printed or audio Bible at the end of each session. Bibles in South Sudan are rare or too expensive for many people. The gift of God’s written Word is treasured by those who can read, but for those who never received an education, an audio Bible “is worth more than its weight in gold,” says a staff member. Thank you, supporters, for enabling this work! Please pray that God’s Word would continue to reach villages and hearts across South Sudan.

The need for Bibles in South Sudan and other parts of the world is nearly endless. To help support the Bibles program, please click the button below to give a gift.


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Deadly Earthquake Hits Morocco

Shortly after 11:00 p.m. on September 8, a deadly earthquake struck Morocco, North Africa. This 6.8 magnitude quake was the deadliest to hit Morocco in 60 years. At this time, the death toll is over 2,500 but will likely climb. More than 2,000 people are injured.

Rescuers are working desperately, digging through the rubble to try to find survivors. People cling to hope that their missing loved ones are still alive. Others share tragic stories of sons, mothers, friends, and neighbors who were killed in the quake.

Some of the areas hit worst by the earthquake are remote villages in the High Atlas Mountains. In these villages, the earthquake reduced neighborhoods to piles of wreckage. Reaching these areas with aid, workers, and equipment is a huge challenge since many roads are blocked by boulders and other debris.

We are working with trusted contacts to research needs and ways to help in the aftermath of Morocco’s deadly earthquake. Please pray for the people in this country who are grappling with their losses and face an uncertain future.

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Food for hungry Haitian schoolchildren

Many of Haiti’s people know hunger all too well. Lawlessness and lack of fuel are driving up food prices. Basic items like rice, beans, and cooking oil have become luxuries for many people.
“What we are now living [are] the worst moments in the history of our country Haiti,” says a Haitian pastor.
Some children of struggling families depend on the meals at school for nourishment. The same pastor wrote, “The food served in the school is all that many of the [children] get sometimes.” But the schools haven’t escaped the crisis either. “Some . . . are on the verge of closing due to the dire economic situation” the pastor shared.
To help, we are providing food for 2,150 Haitian students* for six months. Please pray that this would help fill hungry stomachs and draw young hearts to Jesus, the source of true nourishment.
*These students are from schools not sponsored through Haiti-Sponsor-A-Child.

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