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A village hungry for the Word

hungry for the Word, Christian Aid Ministries

Picnicess is a beautiful village on Liberia’s coast. But behind its beauty lies spiritual darkness. Picnicess is known for satanic worship, human sacrifices, ritualistic killings, and mysterious disappearances. Traditional beliefs have engulfed the only church in the village. Many people live in fear.

CAM staff traveled to Picnicess to hold a service and distribute Christian literature. A staff member wrote, “I can’t get this scene out of my mind. The church was packed with people. Some even stood outside looking through the windows.”

The villagers’ hunger for the Word spilled out as they eagerly reached for Bibles and asked questions about changing their occultic practices. Since then, several groups of people in Picnicess are meeting to study the Bible and literature they received. Pray that God’s Word would penetrate the village’s spiritual darkness!