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Bringing the truth to the Njemps

Njemps, Christian Aid Minstries

The Njemps live on a remote island in Kenya. They retreated to this island, an extinct volcano, after fierce fighting erupted between them and another tribe in 2007.

These patriarchal people depend largely on fish for food, since their island’s rocky soil makes it difficult to raise crops for animals. But their supply of fish is diminishing, creating a rising hunger problem. Some days, they must limit food portions to one small fish per person.

The Njemp people are largely isolated from the world beyond their island. Literacy among them is low. A school operates on the island, but it lacks sufficient books and resources. Few people are willing to come from the mainland to teach their children.

Last year, CAM staff members traveled on a boat to the Njemps’ island to share the Good News by distributing Bibles and Bible story books. For decades, the Njemps lacked exposure to the Gospel, but our staff reported that God’s truth is slowly reaching their hearts. A group of people meets for church services and plans to build a church house on the island someday.

The Bibles and Bible story books our staff distributed were eagerly welcomed. The vivid pictures in the full-color storybooks help tell the story to those unable to read. Please pray that these resources will help guide the Njemps as they search for truth.

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