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Miracle meetings and the living Word

the living Word, Christian Aid Ministries

Aadesh* was on his way home after a day of working in construction when he met a pastor leaving a local believer’s house. As they walked together, the pastor asked Aadesh about his life and family. He also took the opportunity to talk about Jesus. Aadesh listened to his words, although he didn’t pay close attention to what the pastor said.

Several days later, Aadesh and the pastor met again. This time the pastor gave him a Bible and told him to read it. Aadesh took the Bible home to his wife Chetana and told her about his meetings and conversations.

Aadesh saw the pastor the next day and asked him to come to his house and pray for his two young sons. The pastor accompanied Aadesh and prayed for his children. To his surprise, he learned that Aadesh’s wife Chetana had already heard about Jesus! She had listened to sermons about Jesus when she visited church several times with friends.

Aadesh and Chetana began to faithfully studying the living Word. Each day, Chetana reads the Bible to her family. The pastor who shared the Gospel with them is working closely with the couple, guiding them through the Bible for further spiritual growth.

Aadesh and Chetana’s story reveals the changing power of God’s Word. The Bible is alive and stirring hearts across the globe today! The demand for the living Word is ever-growing. Contacts and staff members in various countries, including many closed and restricted locations, say that more than 100 million Bibles could be used.

Thank you for making it possible to place the Scriptures into waiting hands in many countries. Please continue to pray that Aadesh, Chetana, and thousands more around the world would allow the Word to take root in their hearts.

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