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“I’m not sure what I believe”

what I believe, Christian Aid Ministries

The words, Where are you going—heaven or hell? caught Ava’s1 attention as she spotted a CAM Gospel billboard. She dialed the number on the board, hoping to find answers to her questions.

“I’m not sure what I believe,” Ava commented to our phone team member who answered. “I’m not sure I can even be forgiven. I know only a little bit about the Bible since I grew up in an atheistic home.” As they continued talking, Ava asked for a Bible and requested prayer.

Millions of people are reminded of God each day by billboard messages across the USA. One hundred thousand people2 called our billboard line in 2021. Pray for the many people who see the billboard messages.

1) Name changed to protect identity

2) Some of these callers choose to speak with a phone team member, while others press a number to listen to a short sermon.

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