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Messengers of Truth on the Highway of Life

Jayden* stared at the billboard in front of him. The large bold letters, Shackled by lust? Jesus sets free,  seemed to burn their message deep into his mind. He thought about how his immoral lifestyle kept pulling him deeper into bondage. His pursuit of pleasure and self-indulgence had him shackled.

Jayden’s grandpa had been a pastor, but his family was hardly involved in church. He grew up with little knowledge of the Bible and was now living for himself.

Realizing he was at a crossroads in life, 24-year-old Jayden called the number on the billboard and was connected to a phone team member. “How do I become a better version of myself?” he asked.

“It’s not about just living better,” replied the team member. “You need the forgiveness of Jesus.”

“How do I receive forgiveness? I’ve got some things in my life I regret,” Jayden said. Gently the team member explained how Jesus paid the ransom for man’s sinfulness with His own blood sacrifice.

Jayden wants to make the right decision but says there are so many attractions out there. Maybe, he said, he should just go on indulging in his own selfish pleasures. The team member reminded him of others who went that route and lived to regret it. “I know that’s true. That’s what I’ve seen,” Jayden agreed. “The regret is greater than the pleasure.”

The team member urged Jayden to read the Scriptures. Jayden has his grandpa’s Bible and agreed to read the book of Matthew to find out who Jesus is. Many “Jaydens” live in the United States today. They have never read the Bible. Some have never heard the name of Jesus other than as a curse word and grow up being encouraged to participate in sensuality. The only truth some people might see is a Gospel billboard along the highway. These billboards are messengers of truth that beckon travelers to make a choice.

Will Jayden make the right decision? Will he choose the power of his passions or the gift of God? Maybe the next billboard will help him decide.

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