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Preparing to meet Jesus

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Jeb* was driving through North Dakota and saw one of our Gospel billboards. “A friend recently invited me to church,” Jeb told the phone team member who took his call. “I believe in God but my friend told me that Jesus is the only way to heaven. I thought there are many ways to get to heaven.” Our team member presented the Gospel to Jeb, and after some more conversation, Jeb responded to the invitation to meet Jesus as his Savior.

Nick is an elderly man who has been faithful to his Catholic training but has no peace. He admitted to “a feeling of dread” as he thinks about death and eternity. He called wanting help for his fear. Our team member encouraged him to devote himself to Jesus and implore God to give him fervency of spirit. He also instructed Nick on Bible reading, prayer, and other key disciplines for the believer, and promised to mail literature to him. Nick was greatly encouraged at the end of the call. This was a time of sowing seed, and we hope it produces a quick harvest because Nick obviously doesn’t have much time left on his earthly journey.

“In the past I’ve made a lot of fun of your billboards,” said Dan. “However, today I realized that this billboard is a sign I need. I prayed for a sign and today I have seen several of your billboards. I believe this is the sign I have been praying for.” Dan is fifty-three years old and, though he was raised religious, he left all forms of religion in the last ten to fifteen years. But during the past thirty days, he has felt a pull back to God. A tumor diagnosis and upcoming surgery has brought fears of the unknown.
Dan believes God has a purpose for him. But he cannot see that Jesus is the only way to God. He wrestles with the question of whether Jesus is the Son of God and whether He is real or man-made. Dan told our phone team member he has gone to church every day for the last thirty days, trying to figure out what is right so he’s ready to meet God. He has just lived for himself and now, with this sickness, he realizes he can’t waste another day.

Pray for the millions who see our billboards every day and are reminded of eternity. Our prayer is that many will turn from darkness to light and from the power of Satan unto God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins and be prepared to meet Jesus.
*Names in this publication have been changed to protect identities.

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