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“What happens after I die?”

What happens after I die, Christian Aid Ministries

“I had someone close to me die,” Grant said to one of our phone team members. “I have been bothered by this. What happens after I die?”

“That’s a good question,” our team member answered. “Have you read the Bible or heard the story of Jesus?”

Grant shared that his parents were atheists so he wasn’t raised in a religious home. Some of his friends at college talked about Jesus, but Grant said he didn’t know who Jesus is.

Our team member shared how a desire for something is evidence for its existence. “We desire food since there is food,” he explained. “We desire companionship because that can be fulfilled. We also desire God since God does exist.” He continued to explain that not only does God exist, but He also came to earth to reveal His will to us and to lay down His life for us. God took upon Himself human flesh and we call His name Jesus. He was crucified, buried, and rose again as He predicted.

Grant asked, “How do you know He rose from the dead and how would I defend that to my parents if I start talking about it with them?”

Our team member walked Grant through a few points that support the death and resurrection of Jesus. He also recommended the book, In Defense of Easter. Grant expressed interest in reading the book for more research.

“Thank you so much for the conversation,” said Grant. “This has been very helpful.”

Pray for the many people who are searching for the meaning of life and the answers to life after death. Only Jesus who rose from the dead can provide assurance and peace.