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The light of God’s Word for the jungle’s darkness

God’s Word, Christian Aid Ministries

Dozens of unreached people groups live in the jungles of South America surrounding the Amazon River. With no church or Scripture in their language, how will they find hope in Jesus? How will the light of God’s Word reach them in the darkness of the jungle?

All-Nations Bible Translation is sending teams to build connections with the people in this region.

Their goal is to translate and teach the Bible, but they must first spend several years learning the local language. The difficult work of planting churches in jungle communities takes a long-term commitment and strong prayer support.

God bless all who make this work possible. May His light pierce the darkness of the jungle!

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A Bible for the Mixtec

the Bible, Christian Aid Ministries

Six years ago, this Mixtec man didn’t know God’s Word. When an American family moved into his village, he helped them learn the Mixtec language and start translating the Bible. As he heard about Jesus in his own language, he exclaimed, “God’s words are beautiful!”

The Mixtecs are an indigenous people group in southern Mexico. God’s beautiful words are reaching these people because Anabaptist churches sent workers to serve them and translate the Bible.

Thank you, supporters, for making it possible for the Mixtecs and others to hear the Word of God in their own language!

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A longing to understand the Word

the Word, Christian Aid Ministries

Please pray that God will help us understand His Word,” is a common request of the few Tarahumara people of Mexico who gather each week to hear the Word.

About All-Nations Bible Translation

Of the 7,360 languages spoken in the world, 2,014 of them still have no Bible translation. All-Nations Bible Translation is a conservative Anabaptist organization that focuses on translating the Bible and planting churches to reach people groups that lack God’s Word in their mother tongue.

For years, God’s Word has come to the Tarahumara people of Mexico only in Spanish. Since many of them speak a local dialect, Spanish is difficult for them to understand.

Last year, All-Nations Bible Translation partnered with a church in Pennsylvania to send a team to these Mexican villages. This team is preparing to translate and teach the Bible in the local dialect. Their prayer is to help the Tarahumara understand and live God’s Word.

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Bringing the Gospel to the Ahsatdah

the Gospel, Christian Aid Ministries

Many people groups make their homes in the Amazon River basin near the borders of Colombia, Brazil, and Peru. Few of them have ever heard the Gospel. Some have no Scripture in their language.

Language Statistics

The Ahsatdah* group is one of the people groups living along the Amazon basin that sorely lacks access to God’s Word. Two short books of the Bible, Jonah and Ruth, are the only Scriptures translated into the Ahsatdah language. Only three people among the Ahsatdah are known followers of Jesus.

There are approximately 2,500  Ahsatdah people. Some of them live in Colombian villages accessible only by multiple flights and a ten-hour hike through the jungle. They believe the jungles around them are inhabited by malignant spirits who lure people into their clutches and devour them. The Ahsatdah also believe that certain men called shamans are able to communicate with the spirits and have the power to heal or curse.

God’s heart yearns for all people to know Him, including the Ahsatdah. This knowledge has created a burden for All-Nations Bible Translation members to reach the Ahsatdah through Bible translation. Team members in Colombia are praying about this venture and taking initial steps in that direction. Several representatives from All-Nations traveled through Colombia’s jungle to visit the Ahsatdah, despite their remote location. They wanted to gain a better understanding of what it would require to bring the Gospel to these people. As in any Bible translation effort, beginning and carrying through with this process will require determination and patience for many years.

Please pray for All-Nations Bible Translation team members as they seek to bring the Gospel to the Ahsatdah people. Pray also that the work of All-Nations Bible Translation around the world would further God’s kingdom.

*Actual name of people group is not used due to security concerns.

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Food for the Body and the Soul

Food for the Body, food, Christian Aid Ministries

These girls in West Africa eat a meal only every other day during dry season. They and others from their village have a great need for food, but they have an even greater need for God’s Word. They cannot read the Old Testament because no one has translated it into their language. Although these villagers have the New Testament in their language, they don’t understand foundational truths found in the Old Testament.

All-Nations Bible Translation (ABT) team members are living in this village to learn the language so they can translate the Old Testament. ABT is also recruiting team members to research locally sustainable solutions for the village’s food needs.

In this work in West Africa and around the world ABT’s prayer and goal are to diminish physical and spiritual hunger through Bible translation and sustainable projects to help people provide for themselves.

About All-Nations Bible Translation

Of the 7,353 languages spoken in the world, 2,115 of them still have no Bible translation at all. All-Nations Bible Translation is a conservative Anabaptist organization that focuses on translating the Bible and is planting churches to reach language groups who do not have God’s Word in their mother tongue.

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Crossing the ocean to translate the Bible

Translate the Bible, Christian Aid Ministries

How would it be to not have a Bible to read? Over 2,000 language groups around the world still have no translation of the Bible. CAM supports All-Nations Bible Translation (ABT) to help meet this huge need. This conservative Anabaptist ministry has the vision to see believers in every language group live out the teachings of Jesus. ABT partners with churches to send teams to facilitate Bible translation and establish indigenous churches. The teams also reach out in practical ways by helping to develop projects related to agriculture, economics, and health.

ABT currently has projects in Southeast Asia, West Africa, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Colombia. Here is a glimpse of some of the teams working across the ocean.

“After this I beheld, and, lo,
a great multitude, which no man could number, of all nations, and kindreds, and people, and tongues, stood before the throne, and before the Lamb, clothed with white robes, and palms in their hands.”
Revelation 7:9

Southeast Asia

An ABT team member wrote, “What do you get when you take an Anabaptist farm boy and his family from the mid-western United States and deposit them on the other side of the earth? You get culture shock.” His family moved to a South Pacific city in the past year. Other teammates from the United States soon joined them.

The team began studying the country’s trade language in the city. Then they moved to another area among the people group to which God sent them. Currently, both families are focused on learning the language of the Sungai* people. They hope to reach this people group with the Gospel through Bible translation. The families also work with CAM’s SALT Microfinance program to help the people learn ways to support themselves.

West Africa

“I woke up around 5 a.m. to the sound of my neighbors’ pestles thumping in mortars, busy pounding the day’s supply of millet,” wrote a young Anabaptist mother from the dusty Sahel region.

This family lives in a village hut among people with a very different lifestyle, culture, and belief. Their goal is to learn to know the people and their language so they are equipped to translate the Bible and establish a church.

Pray that the work of ABT would help to advance God’s kingdom. Pray that people who never had God’s Word in their language would be blessed with that opportunity.

*Code name used for security reasons.