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God’s Word Breaks Chains of Darkness in South Sudan

A small group of believers in a South Sudanese village listened intently as a speaker shared the story of Elijah and the prophets of Baal on Mt. Carmel. They met at the small village church house made with a tin roof, mud-plastered walls, and doors which opened to the sweltering breeze.

Most of these believers are illiterate, like many people in their country. For centuries their ancestors have passed on beliefs and teachings by speaking and storytelling rather than writing them down. Some church leaders believe that this high illiteracy rate keeps new believers from growing into mature Christians. After all, they can’t read the Bible!

CAM staff members and contacts started visiting various South Sudanese villages to share God’s Word by telling Bible stories. They desire to help believers—literate and illiterate— better understand and apply the Bible, and to equip them to share the message of God’s Word with others. Many believers soak in the clear, simple Bible stories, excited to learn that they can reach others with the Gospel even though they cannot read or write.

Believers are seeing God’s power break the chains of witchcraft, which is rooted deeply in South Sudan’s culture. One morning Helen* came to the church where our staff members were teaching, saying that the number five had appeared on her skin. According to the villagers, this is the work of demons. They said people can create a list of ten close family members or friends and give it to a witch doctor. On each person on that list, a number appears which represents their death order. After they all die, money flows to the person who gave the list. When Helen came to the church, she asked the believers to pray for her. She also said that she wanted Jesus to come into her life. Tears came to her eyes as the group gathered around her and prayed. The next day they learned that the number on Helen had disappeared!

In addition to the teaching, our contacts give each believer a printed or audio Bible at the end of each session. Bibles in South Sudan are rare or too expensive for many people. The gift of God’s written Word is treasured by those who can read, but for those who never received an education, an audio Bible “is worth more than its weight in gold,” says a staff member. Thank you, supporters, for enabling this work! Please pray that God’s Word would continue to reach villages and hearts across South Sudan.

The need for Bibles in South Sudan and other parts of the world is nearly endless. To help support the Bibles program, please click the button below to give a gift.


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The gift of Bibles and Christian literature

Bibles and Christian literature distribution in South Sudan

The heart of CAM’s mission is to get this eternal gift, God’s Word, into as many hands as possible. Your generosity helped provide more than 4 million Bibles and New Testaments in 2022. In 2023, we hope to again respond to some of the requests for large amounts of Bibles and New Testaments. We also supply inspirational books and Bible courses to provide Biblical teaching, and distribute Bible story books to bring an awareness of God to children and adults. The following quotes give a glimpse into the far-reaching effects of Bibles and Christian literature.

Restricted country: “Many years ago, I read one page of the New Testament that I found among some torn pages in a shop. I kept reading that page which really affected me . . . I tried many times to find a complete New Testament and asked many people, but no one knew where I could find one.”

Malawi: “I had around 25 children around me. . . . I was telling them . . . stories from the 101 Bible story book and they had huge eyes and listened for hours!”

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The Spirit’s prompting and the precious Word

New Testament, Christian Aid Ministries

Duna* noticed a woman sitting on a nearby bench and felt prompted to offer her a New Testament. She went to her and began a conversation.

“For ever, O LORD, thy word is settled in heaven.” (Psalm 119:89)

Then the woman on the bench asked Duna, “Are you a Christian?” Surprised at this question, Duna listened as the woman poured out her heart. “Last night I went to bed, and a man in white came in a dream. He told me to come to this bench to wait for someone to bring something for me. I have been here all day and you are the first person to come and talk to me. What do you have for me?”

Sensing God’s leading, Duna gave the woman a New Testament. God is touching souls across the world that hunger for His Word. Your generosity makes it possible for people like this woman to receive the precious Word. Thank you!

*Not her real name.

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God’s Word for Russia

work in Russia, Christian Aid Ministries

Several groups of believers in Russia carry a burden to tell people about Jesus. They speak to people in remote villages and sing on busy city streets. After CAM provided New Testaments and Christian literature, one group shared, “Now we will not evangelize with empty hands.”

Church leaders tell how Christ’s power is changing lives. “In our services, there are always 20 to 25 homeless people, former drunkards, and drug addicts,” says a pastor. “Many of them take their first step when reading the Gospel of John booklet…”

Over the past few years, God’s blessing and help from our supporters have enabled us to support this work in Russia with New Testaments, Gospel of John booklets, and Bible story books. This year, we plan to provide 50,000 New Testaments and 50,000 n booklets. Thank you for your support!

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The Holy Bible: Alive, powerful, and life-changing

The Holy Bible, Christian Aid Ministries

The Holy Bible—alive and powerful—is changing lives all over the world. In recent meetings with Bible distribution contacts, this was quite apparent. They shared stories of God working in miraculous ways to get His Word into the hands of anxiously waiting people. In many countries, there is a huge, ongoing hunger for Bibles and New Testaments as people seem to grow in their yearning to learn about Jesus.

Unbelievers wonder, “Why are people willing to spend so much time and effort to distribute  a book?”

The response from Bible distributors is simple: “The love of God reached me through His Word. I must spread this good news to others.”

Please pray for:

  • Guidance and strength for those who send and distribute Bibles.
  • That God would encourage believers and draw unbelievers to Himself through Bibles and New Testaments.
  • Wisdom as we try to discern how to best respond to Bible requests.

Recently, when a box of Bibles arrived at the home of a Bible distributor, he carefully opened the box. As he pulled out the Bibles, he prayed, “May these Bibles reach the people who are to receive them. . . . Thank you, God, for these books!”

He tenderly lifted more Bibles from the box, kissing them while he beamed with joy, overwhelmed by the precious contents. “This Book has saved my life and helped me stand up for my faith. Praise God.”

He then told the man who had sent the Bibles, “Thank you, my brother. You have packed this beautifully . . . Praise God for the calling He has placed on your life. I love you. May God bless you and all the people who are in this with us.”

This distributor’s prayer was for you—the generous supporters who stand with believers by helping to provide God’s precious Word.

Over the years, CAM has been privileged to help provide Bibles in various locations. Many of the Bibles go to believers who have never had a Bible of their own. Some have prayed for many years that God would make a way to provide a Bible for them.

Lord willing, 2023 will provide more opportunities to distribute Bibles and New Testaments around the world. Many millions of Bibles could be used. The need truly seems endless! If you wish to support this ongoing work through financial contributions or prayer, your support will be greatly appreciated. We estimate that the Bibles provided in the next year will cost an average of $4.50 each.

“So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I
sent it” (Isaiah 55:11).

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Miracle meetings and the living Word

the living Word, Christian Aid Ministries

Aadesh* was on his way home after a day of working in construction when he met a pastor leaving a local believer’s house. As they walked together, the pastor asked Aadesh about his life and family. He also took the opportunity to talk about Jesus. Aadesh listened to his words, although he didn’t pay close attention to what the pastor said.

Several days later, Aadesh and the pastor met again. This time the pastor gave him a Bible and told him to read it. Aadesh took the Bible home to his wife Chetana and told her about his meetings and conversations.

Aadesh saw the pastor the next day and asked him to come to his house and pray for his two young sons. The pastor accompanied Aadesh and prayed for his children. To his surprise, he learned that Aadesh’s wife Chetana had already heard about Jesus! She had listened to sermons about Jesus when she visited church several times with friends.

Aadesh and Chetana began to faithfully studying the living Word. Each day, Chetana reads the Bible to her family. The pastor who shared the Gospel with them is working closely with the couple, guiding them through the Bible for further spiritual growth.

Aadesh and Chetana’s story reveals the changing power of God’s Word. The Bible is alive and stirring hearts across the globe today! The demand for the living Word is ever-growing. Contacts and staff members in various countries, including many closed and restricted locations, say that more than 100 million Bibles could be used.

Thank you for making it possible to place the Scriptures into waiting hands in many countries. Please continue to pray that Aadesh, Chetana, and thousands more around the world would allow the Word to take root in their hearts.

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“Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet”

God's Word, Christian Aid Ministries

At the heart of CAM’s programs is the goal to get God’s Word into as many hands as possible. In 2021, donations to this program helped provide more than 4.3 million Bibles.

God's Word, Christian Aid Ministries
We pray a Bible will reveal the salvation message to this Nicaraguan mother.

We also distribute Bible story books, Bible correspondence courses, and other Biblical, Anabaptist literature. Thank you, supporters, for giving funds to distribute literature in many parts of the world, including closed and restricted countries.

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The Holy Bible

The Holy Bible

Would you like to place God’s Word into eagerly waiting hands? The Bible is God’s holy Word. It is the only book with a message directly from God. For centuries, it has been and continues to be the world’s best-selling and most widely distributed book. God’s Word is living and has the power to change lives! It tells us how to know God and directs us off the highway to hell and onto the pathway to heaven. The holy Bible is inspired, inerrant, infallible, and eternal: “The grass withereth, the flower fadeth; but the word of our God shall stand for ever” (Isaiah 40:8). However, most people on earth today do not have a Bible. Even many believers, especially those in restricted countries, lack a copy of the Word. Millions long for one. Many people have never even heard about the God of the Bible or His Son Jesus who died for them. An evangelist traveled to a remote village and asked if the occupants knew of Jesus. Having never heard of Him, one of the villagers replied, “No, but maybe he lives in the next village.”

I am very blessed to receive a Bible which I read and shared with my parents that Jesus loves us.”
“While I was sick and was in critical condition, I called out to the name of Jesus that I read in the Bible.”

In some places, people have heard the name of Jesus but know very little about Him and yearn to know more. Millions of people who live under atheism or are unhappy with the false religion they grew up in are looking for something better.

The demand for the Holy Bible

A strong demand for the Bible continues to sound in many places of the world. This request comes from believers longing for a Bible, seekers of unchanging truth, people wanting more than what their religion offers, and others. We work with trusted contacts to distribute Bibles and New Testaments in many languages and places. We find the biggest demand for God’s Word in restricted countries and send most of our Bibles to these areas. The reward of placing the Scriptures into eagerly waiting hands is worth the great effort needed to distribute Bibles in such places. In some restricted countries, Bibles and New Testaments serve as “paper evangelists” because they can go where human preachers and evangelists cannot. However, the greatest threat is not always persecution, but the widespread influence of false teachers and cults, which lead many people astray. Believers greatly need of Bibles to become established in the Word and see for themselves what is true.

100 million Bibles

How many Bibles are needed? With an ever-growing demand, the number of copies needed in the places where we provide Bibles exceeds 100 million. Properly distributing 100 million Bibles would be no quick or easy task, but the number is not unreasonable. One lady sobbed with joy after receiving a New Testament for the first time. “Thank you Father!” she exclaimed. “Thank you for the dear one who made this gift possible. I’m filled with joy. . . . You have made my heart so joyful. Thank you for this valuable gift!” We live in an uncertain world. Some doors of opportunity that were open in the past are now closed. But it often seems that even as one door closes, God opens another. We feel it is important to seize the opportunities while they exist! Having or not having a Bible can make a real, eternal difference in someone’s life. Thank you for making it possible for millions of people in many places to receive a copy of the most important book in the world—the Holy Bible! “So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth; it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please . . .” (Isaiah 55:11)

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Fulfilling the dream for a Bible

a Bible, Christian Aid Ministries

Here in America many of us can easily obtain a copy of God’s Word. We tend to forget that owning a Bible is illegal in various restricted countries. Some Christians would be put to death if found with a Bible.

CAM works with trusted contacts around the globe to place God’s living Word into people’s hands. This precious gift fulfills the dreams of Christians who pray for years for a copy of God’s Word. One contact shared, “We received these books . . . and are rejoicing. Now we will not evangelize with empty hands.”

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Light for the Rendille tribe

Rendille tribe

In a land of desert and camels in northern Kenya lives the Rendille tribe. These people have difficult lives, and every day is a quest for adequate food and water. Recently they experienced two years without rain. These nomadic people travel with their herds of cattle and camels to find pastureland and water sources. Intertribal conflicts over their herds are still rampant.

The Rendille consider themselves descendants of the Israelites, with ceremonial practices similar to Old Testament Jewish practices. They hold tribal feasts that resemble the Passover with killing goats and sprinkling the blood on their houses.

This group is considered a minimally reached people group. Before a Kenyan pastor moved into the area six years ago, there was no church. Illiteracy was high, since the first school started only ten years ago. However, God’s kingdom is growing among the Rendille. A church is now established, and a group of committed people meets weekly for Bible study.

CAM staff in Kenya visited the Rendille in November 2020 and found that smiles transcend language barriers. They distributed English and Swahili Bibles, along with Bible story books. In the church’s Bible study group, only two people previously had Bibles.

Among the Rendille, we see the tragedy of dark customs untouched by light. But the glimmer of light from God’s Word is having an impact! Pray that God would continue to draw the Rendille to Himself.