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Where Winter is Unforgiving

“The winters here are unforgiving, especially for someone like me,” says Lina,* an elderly woman in Syria. “I’ve lived through so much, but this year has brought a new level of hardship. When [Christian workers] handed me the blanket, it was like receiving a piece of comfort I hadn’t felt in years. I wrap it around me at night, and it’s as if all the worries and cold melt away, if only for a moment.”

Like Lina, people in many countries worry about staying warm during the winter months. This worry is especially heavy in places like Syria, where more than a decade of war has brought severe poverty. Your funds have made it possible to encourage such people by giving them a thick blanket that brings comfort and warmth.

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Blankets for the Poor

Layla* is a Syrian mother of twins. Like many mothers she longs to make sure her children are well cared for, but deep poverty from Syria’s years of war makes this difficult. “Bringing twins into this world during such turmoil was overwhelming,” she said. “The nights were the hardest, trying to keep my babies warm.”

Thick blankets are a seemingly small gift that made a huge difference for this mother and her little ones. “When we received the gift of blankets,” Layla told our contacts, “it was like a gift from angels. I could finally sleep a little easier, knowing my babies were safe and snug.”

Parents around the world worry about the coming winter. How will they keep their children warm when night temperatures plummet? In war-torn Ukraine, people dread the winter since many of their houses are damaged and windowless. Villagers in remote, mountainous Asia face winter in flimsy, poorly-heated houses, without thick blankets or warm clothes. In Afghanistan, people who can barely afford food for their families remember last year’s exceptionally harsh winter and worry about the cold weather approaching.

These fears and realities bring increased requests for blankets. For people who live on only a few dollars a day, a thick blanket is a practical, treasured gift. As in the past few years, we hope to channel supporters’ funds to purchase and distribute blankets in Syria, Ukraine, Yemen, Afghanistan, Nepal, India, and other countries. The average cost for one blanket is $25.

Those blankets were like a hug from a distant friend, offering comfort when it was needed most.”  —Syrian grandmother

Blankets—beyond warmth

Blankets provide a valuable source of warmth, but they are much more than a way to keep out the chill at night.

  • Renewed hope

Jawad in Syria says, “As a father, it’s my responsibility to protect my family, but it’s not easy when you’re forced to flee your home. When we received the blankets, I felt a renewed sense of hope. It wasn’t just about staying warm, it was about the knowledge that someone out there cares about us, cares about our survival.”

  • Happiness for the handicapped

Our contacts in Nepal visited a village and distributed blankets to 50 people who have hearing disabilities, need wheelchairs, or have other handicaps. One recipient said the extreme cold had been hard for him because he lacked good, warm blankets. “I was surviving with an old, tattered blanket,” he said. “I did not know I would be given a blanket. When I heard from the pastor that the church is going to help us, I felt so happy.” Another recipient who is confined to a wheelchair said, “You have filled my heart with happiness today.”

  • Reminders of God’s presence

Rania’s eyes filled with tears when she received blankets. This Syrian mother wrapped the blankets around her children and watched smiles light up their faces as they felt the warmth. “These blankets are not just fabric, they’re a lifeline for us,” Rania said. “They remind us that God is with us and that we’re not alone in this difficult life journey.”

Thank you, supporters, for helping people in the Middle East, Asia, and Eastern Europe receive blankets in Jesus’ name. A Syrian believer who helped distribute blankets said, “It reminded me that sometimes the simplest things can make the biggest impact. The warmth those blankets provided wasn’t just physical; it was a reminder that we’re all in this together, one family of God. May the Lord Jesus Christ bless all those who had even something small to do with this act of mercy.”

*Names in article are changed to protect identities.

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The warmth of blankets

The warmth of blankets, Christian Aid Ministries

“We have a room made of stones and two rooms made of tin,” Aaira* said after violence drove her and her four children from their home in Yemen. The chill of winter hangs in their bare rooms, and they welcomed the blankets our contacts gave them. The warmth of blankets helps ease the chill from the stone walls.

Aaira shared, “My children used to share two blankets among the four of them, and they would catch colds and fevers. Now our suffering is relieved. May you be rewarded by God! Thank you, and thank you, God!”

In other places like Syria, Ukraine, India, and Nepal, tattered coats and thin blankets do little to ward off the chill during winter months. With few heating resources like firewood, brutal winter weather brings desperate pleas for warmth.

Your funds that provide the gift of thick blankets are helping to respond to these pleas!

*Name is changed to protect identity.

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Blankets for the Poor

Midnight settled over a city in India. Homeless people huddled around a local temple and bus stop, trying to sleep. They shivered in the bitter December air.

“The winter has arrived and we do not have enough blankets or heating to protect from…. the cold ….. We have been quite worried about how we will survive the season.” -Yemen

Local believers felt compassion when they saw the suffering of these people. The thick blankets they wrapped around the shivering bodies brought warmth and light to the cold, dark night.

Blankets for the Poor

Blankets are an unaffordable luxury for many people around the world. As winter approaches, we receive increased requests for blankets from India, Syria, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and a number of other places. To help show Christ’s love in a practical way, we channel supporters’ funds to purchase blankets and distribute them to refugees, villagers, handicapped people, widows, and other needy people.

 Blankets for Ukraine

In war-torn Ukraine, many people are unprepared for dropping temperatures. Kyiv, the country’s capital city, experiences normal winter temperatures near 20ºF. The war has displaced more than 6 million people inside the country, and serious fuel shortages are expected this winter. Many homes are damaged and windowless. To reach out to Ukrainians who are anxious about the looming winter, staff members are purchasing and distributing blankets. Large quantities of handmade comforters will also be sent to Ukraine, but the supply does not nearly meet the demand.

 “I’m finally warm!”

In Syria, Nida’s* family lives in a tent since the country’s civil war forced them from their home. A stroke left her husband unable to work, making Nida the primary breadwinner for her family of four children.

“Living in a tent is one of the biggest difficulties my family and I suffer,” Nida said. “In the winter, the tent gets freezing cold as the wind tears through it . . . The tent also leaks water . . . Unfortunately, we have no alternative because we cannot rent an apartment.”

Temperatures in this area of Syria dip to 40ºF in the winter. Although it may not seem bitterly cold, many displaced people like Nida’s family do not have insulated shelter, proper means of heating, or sufficient winter clothing.

After hearing Nida’s story, CAM contacts gave her family four blankets. Her 5-year-old son wrapped a blanket around himself and exclaimed, “Mom, I’m finally warm!”

Contacts in Asia say that people are touched to receive blankets from followers of Jesus. Last winter, Charita in India said, “I cannot see, since I was visually impaired from my childhood. But the Lord Jesus Christ is taking care of me. I want to thank God because I got a blanket during this severe winter.”

*Names in this article are changed to protect identities.

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A Blanket for the Poor

A Blanket for the Poor, Christian Aid Ministries

Millions of homeless individuals, day laborers, displaced families, rural villagers, and others dread the cold months. In normal circumstances, many of them can hardly afford to buy food and other necessities. Winter adds even more expenses, and people often lack warm blankets.

Our goal is to provide 100,000 blankets this winter.

CAM is receiving an increasing number of requests for blankets in various parts of the world, such as Asia and the Middle East. Although we ship thousands of donated comforters around the world, our supply does not meet the huge demand. Funds are needed to purchase and distribute blankets to impoverished people.

Tamasi, a recipient in Asia, said, “I was full of joy and happiness . . . when I was handed such a thick and huge blanket . . . and immediately I started thinking that this blanket will cover our family and protect us from the cold . . .”

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Blankets for the poor

Blanket, Christian Aid Ministries

Blankets may seem like simple items to many of us. But for many people around the world, a warm blanket is simply more than they can afford. Millions of day laborers, displaced families, rural villagers, homeless individuals, and others dread the cold months. Even in normal circumstances, many of them can hardly afford to provide food and other necessities. Winter adds even more expense.

CAM is receiving an increasing number of requests for warm blankets in various countries. Although we ship thousands of comforters around the world, our supply does not meet the huge demand. The Blankets for the Poor program helps purchase and distribute blankets for the needy. The price of a good, warm blanket bought directly from the factory is about $25.

The Middle East

Our contacts in the war-torn countries of Syria and Yemen are requesting tens of thousands of blankets for displaced families and others in need. Uprooted from home and struggling to feed their children, many of these people cannot afford to buy fuel or other means of heating amid dropping temperatures and chilly winds.

Wintertime brings misery for Hashir,* a Syrian father. Conflict displaced Hashir and his family from their hometown to a damp, concrete room. With his calloused hands raised and tears choking his voice, Hashir told our contacts, “I stand daily in the square of the village, waiting for someone to ask me to do any kind of work. . . . all I care about is bringing food to my family.”

Life becomes even more difficult for the family during Syria’s harsh winters. Without a stove or warm clothes, Hashir’s three children huddle under one worn blanket to keep warm.

When Hashir and his family received blankets from CAM contacts in Syria, his wife’s grateful words touched our contacts’ hearts. “No one has thought of us before,” she said. “May God protect you as you have protected my children from the freezing cold and brought warmth to their bodies and hearts.” Hashir’s nine-year-old daughter exclaimed, “I just can’t believe I will get some warmth today with this beautiful, soft blanket.”

Blanket, Christian Aid Ministries
Blanket recipient in Syria


In Asia’s cold climate areas, our contacts report that blankets can mean the difference between life or death for impoverished people like day laborers or the homeless. “Their houses, mud huts, and makeshift shacks have no heating systems, and wood fires have to be reserved for cooking,” they shared.

Ahina and her family live in a remote Nepali village. Villages like these are often cut off from the rest of the world when winter comes. Many people in Ahina’s village are illiterate, face severe poverty, and eat corn, wild roots, and plants from the forest. Ahina’s husband provides for the family by working as a day laborer in a city, coming home only on special occasions.

Last winter, Ahina walked an hour to a village where believers were distributing blankets. She shared, “Today [these believers] have filled my heart with joy and happiness by giving me this comforter. I did not have such a blanket at my home and was unable to buy one. We were surviving this excessive cold with old blankets. . . . I am really so grateful . . .”

blanket, Christian Aid Ministries
Blanket recipient in Asia

100,000 blankets for the poor

Like last year, our goal is to provide 100,000 blankets for impoverished people this winter. If you would like to help, your support will be a blessing and show God’s compassion. One recipient said, “I was unable to buy even a single blanket this winter season. But the believers were concerned for us and gave us this blanket. May God bless you.”

*Names in this article are changed to protect identities.