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Three Men Moved by the Printed Page

A bank security guard in Guatemala found a La Antorcha de la Verdad (The Torch of Truth) magazine in a trash can. He pulled it out and was moved as he began reading. Later he discovered another discarded magazine and read it too. These magazines, along with interaction with local Christians, challenged this young man to quit his well-paying job as a security guard, concluding it was wrong to use a gun to kill people. He has since dedicated his life to Jesus.

In Romania, Samuel and his siblings always read the Seed of Truth magazine included in their family’s food parcel. The family eventually stopped receiving parcels, but the publications left a lasting impact on Samuel. Last year he joined the team that translates the Seed of Truth into Romanian so he can do the work someone did for him as a child.

In a restricted location in Central Asia, a young man who was recently baptized gave this testimony: “In a bus, a woman gave me a Seed of Truth magazine as a gift. For the first time, I was holding in my hands Christian literature. So I started reading and was surprised. What I read was very different from what I have been hearing since my childhood. . . . After a while, I met Christian students who invited me to a meeting of believers. I found the truth I was searching for.”

Do you ever feel a deep, gnawing hunger for quality Christian reading material? You likely have a different problem—not having enough time to read all the books, devotionals, magazines, and other

Christian literature available.

Most magazines provided by the Christian Family Magazines program are read by people who have little or no access to other printed Christian materials such as devotionals, tracts, Christian school curriculum, Bible commentaries, and inspirational or doctrinal books. The practical teaching, doctrinal articles, and inspirational stories in these magazines are some of their only sources of inspiration and spiritual guidance.

Through Christian Family Magazines, more than 13 million magazines were produced and distributed in 11 languages last year, reaching people in approximately 100 countries. We praise God for giving the increase as He uses these magazines to inspire, encourage, and convict His children around the world.

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Grateful for a Seed of Truth

“This week I received the November and December “Seed of Truth” issues,” wrote a reader in Romania. “What joy at finding them! I thank you from my heart for a year of truth!” In Germany, another reader shared, “Thank you for sending the Seed of Truth to Germany.

I read it with love, and God often speaks to me through the articles.”

The Seed of Truth magazine is a lifeline of hope, encouragement, and sound Bible teaching for people around the world. These publications are in high demand in places where this kind of wholesome reading material is scarce or hard to access. Written by Anabaptist believers, the monthly Seed of Truth magazine includes teaching on Biblical principles, articles for parents and church leaders, youth and children’s sections, and more. Supporters enable these teachings to reach recipients in places like Romania, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and numerous restricted countries.

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Christian family magazines provide solid Bible teaching

Christian family magazine, Christian Aid Ministries

God is using Christian family magazines to provide a lifeline of solid Bible teaching for believers around the world. As the church grows, we receive requests for more than 13 million copies of these magazines each year. This includes the Seed of Truth, Antorcha de la Verdad (Spanish for “Torch of Truth”), and other related magazines specifically developed for restricted countries. Page after page is translated into multiple languages and distributed in more than 100 countries and territories. The goal of these publications is to inspire, teach, and direct recipients to follow the Savior.

[box] “My story begins in 2010 when I accepted the invitation to attend a church . . .  I met up with an old friend who spoke to me about the Lord and gave me a magazine, Antorcha de la Verdad. That night, as I read through the magazine, I felt God’s presence come into my heart and God saved me and took away my desire for drugs. From there on, I have been a faithful follower of the Lord . . .  I had saved the few copies of the Antorcha I had . . . and began to use them to speak to my neighbors who come to my house.” —Colombia [/box]

Christian Family Magazines help with church building

The Bible-based principles and inspirational teachings in Christian family magazines play a significant role in helping new believers and church leaders grow stronger in the faith. This is true, especially in closed and restricted countries, where access to Christian literature is barred. For many believers living under oppressive governments, these magazines are their primary source of Biblical teaching, spiritual encouragement, and hope. Please pray that God would work through the Christian Family Magazines program to change lives, open doors of opportunity, and reach the hearts of His people with His Word.

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“Every cell of my being is revived”

magazine, Christian Aid Minstries

Isi* is an evangelist from Central Asia who travels to mountain villages to spread the Gospel. He finds encouragement through the articles in the Seed of Truth magazine. Isi shared, “When reading a testimony [in] the March edition, I was crying . . .”

Isi passes on the nuggets of truth he gleans with people he reaches out to and often shares magazines with new believers. He said, “There are many people who receive Jesus . . . and I can meet with them to give them a new magazine.”

The Seed of Truth and Antorcha de la Verdad (Torch of Truth) magazines provide wholesome reading for Christians in countries where Biblical teaching is difficult to obtain. Many people have little fellowship or godly input and find valuable spiritual nourishment through the magazines. In one restricted country, contacts tell us that CAM’s Christian family magazines are the primary source of Bible teaching for believers in that country. Distributing Bibles is extremely difficult in this location.

In Central Asia, the magazines remind Sveta of the morals she was taught in her childhood but were largely lost by the pressure of society. After receiving the Seed of Truth, she said, “Every cell of my being is revived and strengthened when I read the words I heard when I was a little girl.” Sveta desires to teach these truths to her children.

The Christian Family Magazines program enables Christian workers to distribute the Seed of Truth and Antorcha de la Verdad to approximately 100 countries and territories. These include numerous restricted countries. Ukraine was a major recipient of the Seed of Truth until the recent war.

In Belarus, a recipient said, “We read it in our family, and then share it with our friends. It is a very good magazine; each section is important. . . .”

A grateful recipient in Russia shared, “I greatly enjoy reading [the magazines], especially the articles in the teaching section. I share them with other people in our church. . . . [The magazines] are full of godly examples. God bless your work!”

*Name changed to protect identity.

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Spiritual guidance for hungry souls

Spiritual guidance

“Thank you for all the years of sending the Antorcha de la Verdad (Torch of Truth) magazine,” writes a recipient from Cuba. “I have been greatly edified.”

A recipient in Costa Rica testifies, “Thank you so much for sending me your magazine. When I read it, I am always so blessed and motivated to persevere in the Lord.” He adds, “When I read the magazine and find someone else who is interested, I give it to them.”

The goal of the Christian family magazine, Antorcha de la Verdad, is to encourage Christians and point unbelievers to the Savior. This magazine is shipped to many Spanish-speaking countries where wholesome reading material is in high demand. Thank you, supporters, for providing hungry souls with spiritual guidance through this “torch of truth.”

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A man saved—a life changed

life changed, Christian Aid Ministries

Alexander* was a drug addict. His life had become a mess he could not fix. In a cloud of despair, this Ukrainian man decided that ending his life might solve his problems. One night Alexander reached underneath his bed and found a Seed of Truth magazine. He flipped the pages to an article about a drug addict who found Jesus and his life changed. This story tugged at his heart and pointed him to Jesus. Alexander repented and later became a minister.

Biblical teaching material is in great demand in many parts of the world. CAM responds to this demand by distributing Christian family magazines in approximately 100 countries and territories, including many restricted Islamic and communist countries.

*Not his real name

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An eternal impact

eternal, Christian Aid Ministries

In 2020, CAM helped fund the printing of 1.7 million Torch of Truth magazines. This magazine, also known as the Antorcha de la Verdad, is published by a conservative Mennonite publishing house in Costa Rica and shares God’s eternal truth to forty-five countries.

Miguel from Peru wrote, “Thank you for the magazines. They fill me with wisdom and understanding of the Word of God. I will turn eighty-nine years old soon and have a problem with my vision, but this does not keep my grandchildren from reading the magazines to me.”

Armando, who lives in Mexico, shared, “All of the different subjects you “feature” in the articles are of great value, because they impact our Christian lives in various aspects.”

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A gift of hope for suffering believers

believers, Christian Aid Ministries

Believers in closed and restricted countries long for teaching and encouragement from God’s Word. Millions are unable to access Bible teaching material. They greatly need encouragement.

In unusual ways, God has opened doors for CAM to provide teaching and encouragement for many thousands of our brothers and sisters around the world. This is through the avenue of monthly or bimonthly Christian family magazines.. These magazines, filled with Scripture and sound Bible teaching, are in huge demand and are vital to the spiritual growth of the church in places where Bibles and Bible teaching is scarce.

The content of these Christian family magazines comes from conservative Anabaptist writers. Articles address issues such as family life, love for enemies, Christians’ relationship to government, and much more. These Bible principles have been dear to our Anabaptist people for centuries, but are new and life changing for many readers.

At a glance

Magazines needed each year

9 million

Average cost per magazine


Budget goal for 2021


Countries of distribution


In some areas one Christian family magazine is read by six or more people. When recipients are finished with the magazines, they pass them on to others. From household to household, the impact goes on and on. Due to the scarcity of any kind of literature in these places, many unbelievers are also anxious to read the magazines and learn about the way of Jesus.

Some people who receive the Christian family magazines live in areas with very few Christians. They long for fellowship, but are alone. One recipient shared, “Whenever I receive a new magazine from you, I feel I’m not alone.”

We thank God for allowing us to share Biblical teaching.. The demand for these magazines far exceeds contributions we receive for this program. Thousands eagerly wait for their own copies of Christian family magazines. Things are rapidly changing in our world and we don’t know how long we will have this opportunity. Our desire is to send as much Bible teaching material as possible while we are able. If you wish to support this work through giving a one-time donation or by starting a monthly sponsorship, your contribution will be a great blessing.

Join us in praying for our suffering brothers and sisters around the world. Our prayer is that all of God’s people, whether experiencing religious freedom or not, would endure to the end, walking faithfully until the return of our Lord.

God bless you!

Christian Aid Ministries

 “What are these which are arrayed in white robes? . . . These are they which came out of great tribulation, and have washed their robes, and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.” (Revelation 7:13, 14)

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A longing for truth

longing for truth, Chistian Aid Ministries

Despite the growing wickedness in the world, a longing for truth still burns in many hearts. The Seed of Truth Christian family magazine helps satisfy this spiritual hunger. The content of these magazines comes from various conservative Anabaptist publications and portrays Biblical truths in clear and easy to understand articles for both old and young.

These magazines are in huge demand! From cities of Eastern Europe to remote villages in Africa, they reach the hands of millions of readers. The edifying teaching in the Seed of Truth lays a foundation for newly converted believers and provides practical guidance for people searching for answers.

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“We desire to share this treasure with others”

edifying books and magazines, Christian Aid Ministires

Reading increases our knowledge and expands our worldview, making sound literature extremely important. But edifying books and magazines are hard to come by in many places.

CAM helps bridge this gap by providing the Antorcha de la Verdad (Torch of Truth) magazine in Latin America. The Antorcha is developed and printed by a conservative Anabaptist publishing house in Costa Rica. The stories and testimonies found in this magazine are a wonderful treasure to recipients who have little or no access to godly reading material. They often pass on to their neighbors and friends what they learned.

One couple from Chile shared, “We have often felt convicted by the stories . . . They have been a great blessing to us and we desire to share this treasure with others.”

Although Christians in Chile aren’t openly persecuted, laws in the country continue changing against God’s design for His children. This makes sound doctrine even more imperative while their doors remain open.

Thank you, supporters, for making this ministry possible!