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“What Doesn’t Fit, We Give To Others”

“We’re always finding something useful in the clothing bags,” said Denis, a Moldovan father. He and his wife have four children, ages two to ten, with another child on the way. “What doesn’t fit, we give to others. There is a . . . center in our village where we take those clothes that don’t fit. [These clothes] do not sit idle.”

Denis is a hardworking father, but housing and winter expenses, combined with a lack of good jobs, make it hard to cover all his family’s needs. He is currently in Western Europe, doing short-term work to try to close some of these financial gaps. He hopes to return to Moldova soon and use some of the money he earned to build an addition to their old village home.

“May God repay the brothers who support this work,” Denis said. “We’ve had the joy of receiving, and we also know the joy that giving to others brings us. We rejoice both ways.”

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Clothing for the needy

Clothing for the needy, Christian Aid Ministries

In 2022, our four clothing centers across the U.S. shipped a total of 68 sea containers filled with comforters, blankets, and clothing for the needy. These containers went to various countries, benefiting struggling Romanian families, poverty-stricken people in Malawi, refugees in Tajikistan, and countless other people.

While it is simple to tally sea containers, the love and labor behind the number is incalculable. Thank you, supporters and volunteers, for the ways you contribute to this project! Your generosity and dedication testify of Jesus’ love.

*$69 processes, ships, and distributes 125 pounds of clothing, footwear, and comforters.

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The struggle to clothe their children

clothe, Christian Aid Ministries

Sorin, a Romanian father of eight children, lost his home in a fire. When he told a Christian worker how the fire destroyed his children’s new school clothes, he burst into tears. To Sorin, these clothes represented months of hard work and saving. Winter months and a new school year were approaching, but he couldn’t afford to replace the clothing.

For parents across Eastern Europe, buying clothes for their growing children is a challenge. Children in many villages walk to and from school through rain, mud, and snow. In these conditions, shoes and clothing wear out quickly.

Thanks to funds from supporters, Sorin’s family and other needy people can receive bags of gently-used, quality clothing. These items help meet the need for clothes and allow recipients to use their limited funds for other urgent needs.

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Clothing for a stroke victim

stroke victim, Christian Aid Minstries

Aurora suffered a stroke years ago, leaving her severely handicapped. CAM staff members in Nicaragua visited her and gave her clothing. Despite her handicaps, 60-year-old Aurora did not complain one word during our staff’s visit. She said she would divide the clothing among her children and grandchildren. A staff member said, “It was a joy to visit her.”

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Creating smiles through clothing

clothing needs, Christian Aid Ministries

Florin, a Romanian father and pastor, teaches at a school for missionaries. With his small salary and a tenth child on the way, Florin cannot afford to cover all the clothing needs of his growing family. His home consists of two rented rooms in a church building. Recently, when Florin’s wife broke her arm, his income was strained even more. Despite these difficulties, “the mother always has a smile on her face, even when she is crying,” said a CAM staff member in Romania.

God is showing His love to Florin and his family through your kindness. They find the clothes they receive through the Clothing Bundle Project extremely helpful. May God bless you for making it easier for fathers to clothe their children and provide for their families!

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Bundles of warm clothes for a looming winter

winter clothes, Christian Aid Minstries

With winter looming, the need for warm clothes is increasing in Eastern Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East, and other parts of the world.

Quality used shirts, dresses, coats, and other clothes, donated by our supporters and distributed through the Clothing Bundle Project, play a vital role in helping to keep families warm and easing the burden of winter. These gifts help them stretch their income to pay heating bills or feed their families.

Eastern Europe

“When recipients see bags of clothing there is always a feeling of joy,” says a staff member in Romania. “Happy parents hope that some of these clothes will fit their children and this will relieve some of the burden of buying clothes.”

Buying warm clothes for growing children is a burden for many Romanian and Moldovan families, especially during the bitter winter months. A bag of clothing brings excitement to children and relief to parents.

“Even the elderly love to see what is in a bag of clothing,” said a staff member. “Things they don’t need or can’t wear will be given to others.”


The Clothing Bundle Project fills several roles in Tajikistan: it allows vulnerable families to use their income on necessities other than clothes, it encourages needy Christians, and it causes unbelievers to ask, “Why are you helping us?” A staff member said, “One older lady who cares for her aged, handicapped brother thanked us over and over, with tears streaming down her cheeks, for visiting them and bringing some clothing.”

Middle East

Displaced families across the Middle East live in poorly heated homes or simply can’t afford to pay heating bills when winter arrives. “People try to keep warm mainly by using heavy clothing and blankets,” said a contact in Syria.

When asked how people respond to receiving the special gift of clothing, our contact responded, “They are absolutely happy—very, very happy. . . . They are relieved to see that they do not need to buy these goods.”

Clothing may appear like a simple item, but your gifts of clothes and your funds to ship and distribute them overseas are a relief to people who dread the upcoming winter. Supporters, thank you!

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Easing a mother’s burden

mother’s burden, Christian Aid Ministries

Miatta Cooper has faced health problems since the birth of her daughter. With no one to help her care for her children, this Liberian mother cannot sell items at the market to provide for her two children.

Miatta was very grateful to receive a bag of clothing through the Clothing Bundle Project. This quality clothing and the gift of a Bible brightened her day. Thank you, supporters, for easing this mother’s burden!

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Tears of gratitude for warm clothing

tears of gratitude, warm clothing, Christian Aid Ministries

Minodora, an eighty-two-year-old widow from Romania, can afford to heat only one room in her house during the winter. To stay warm, she dresses in layers of warm clothing. The clothing she receives through CAM’s Clothing Bundle Project is a huge blessing.

Minodora’s married daughter would like to help her mother, but her abusive husband beats her when she dares to share as much as a plate of food with Minodora. Despite her difficult life, Minodora’s face shines with the joy of the Lord. She spends much time reading her Bible. When expressing her thanks to those delivering the clothing, Minodora covered her eyes and wept tears of gratitude for the kindness of our supporters, who make the Clothing Bundle Project possible.

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Warm clothing for Tajikistan’s winter

Tajikistan, Christian Aid Ministries

Tajikistan is a small country tucked in Central Asia. This country was ruled by the Soviet Union from the 1920s to 1991 and was one of fifteen republics, including Russia, that made up the Soviet Union.

Clothing Bundle Project at a glance

Clothing is shipped to Tajikistan, Liberia, Belarus, Jordan, Syria, Moldova, Romania, South Sudan, Nicaragua, and other countries.

With funds from supporters, CAM sends over two million pounds of clothing and related items every year.

$69 ships 125 pounds of clothing, footwear, and comforters.

Survival is difficult in many countries that were part of the Soviet Union. In Tajikistan, the average monthly income for many people varies from $20 to $135. Fathers often work in another country because jobs are hard to find in Tajikistan. In many cases, families don’t see them for years.

Tajikistan, Christian Aid Ministries
Many homes in Tajikistan are ill prepared for the coming winter’s cold.

During Tajikistan’s winter, temperatures can drop to zero. Many people cannot afford proper heat or clothing. If they do buy clothing, it is often low quality that doesn’t last long or help protect against the cold.

To help the impoverished people of Tajikistan prepare for the long winter, CAM distributes bundles of good quality clothing. So far this year, we have sent two sea containers of donated clothing to the country. We plan to send one more this year.

This clothing, donated by faithful supporters, helps keep people warm and helps them use their meager income for other needs. Our contact said, “Getting a bag of clothing saves [the recipients’] money for food, school supplies, or medication.”

The clothing from CAM helps people afford nutritious food for their families. Approximately two million people in Tajikistan are undernourished, which is 30 percent of the population. We hope aid from CAM will help keep recipients from joining these statistics.

Thank you, supporters, for enabling people in Tajikistan to experience the warmth of God’s care through a bundle of clothing!

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A mother’s face brightened

staff in Nicaragua, Christian Aid Ministries

Our staff in Nicaragua visited Javier and Gloria, who live in a lean-to building with a dirt floor. Poverty was evident all around. Javier earns around $5-$6 each day doing odd jobs. This minimal income creates a challenge for him to support Gloria and their three children.

When the staff in Nicaragua gave this family a bag of clothing, Gloria’s face brightened. The gift of quality clothing is a special treat to this family and stretches their income a bit further.