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One cup of rice

cup of rice, Christian AId Ministries

God used food distributions to show His love in Madagascar, an island off the East African coast. A mother of two, whose husband is unemployed, said, “Last week I told my children that we only had one cup of rice left to cook. I had no idea what we would eat this coming month. Yesterday, when we got your phone call telling us to come get our [food aid], we could hardly believe it was true! Thank you so much for being God’s instrument to touch our lives just in our deepest need.”

The long-lasting effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, such as spiking food prices, limited jobs, and economic fallout, continue to bring suffering in many nations like Madagascar. In some cases, hopelessness and starvation are realities to the impoverished. Your generosity enables us to respond to needs and requests during this unique time. Thank you!

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The cry of the poor

in India

A 65-year-old widow in India lost her job as a maid and ran out of food for herself and her handicapped son. That same day, a Christian visited her with a gift of groceries.

Another widow in India wept when she received food. Sharing that she was neglected by her family, she cried, “God’s people took care of me.”

A mother in Morocco fed her family by gathering spoiled fruits from the fields. How much do you think a gift of rice, flour, oil, and other food meant to her?

These people were all helped through your generosity. They represent thousands upon thousands of others who, if they could, would express their heartfelt thanks for your support. Psalm 72:12 says, “For he shall deliver the needy when he crieth; the poor also, and him that hath no helper.” God has used the generosity of you, our supporters, to help those who have no one to help them.

Although nearly two years have passed since the beginning of COVID-19, we continue seeking ways to respond to related needs in various countries. Aid has reached nearly seventy countries, but in the last year we have focused heavily on India. In November, we received a message from contacts there: “Many people have lost their jobs due to non-functionality of businesses . . . This has been the worst performance in India’s economy in any year since India’s independence [in 1947]. There has been a steep rise in prices, making it very difficult for the poor and downtrodden. Many . . . are coming and asking for help with more rations.”

“For he shall deliver the needy when he crieth.” (Psalm 72:12)

The economic fallout of the coronavirus pandemic, along with other factors, has created a drastic increase in food costs in India and places like Syria and Yemen. This is devastating for the poor. While these places experienced poverty before COVID-19, we at CAM are deeply concerned about the surge of food-related needs and how to respond to those needs in the coming months and years. While we realize the problem is much bigger than our ability to help, we want to do what we can.

In addition to providing food and other aid, some of our contacts are helping people restart their livelihoods. Resources like sewing machines, farm animals, and store inventory are enabling people to once again provide for themselves. We believe this will be a growing focus as we step into 2022.

While responding to needs through the Coronavirus Crisis Care program, it has been our goal to point people to Jesus. One contact shared, “Every time we do the distribution . . .  we make sure [people] also hear the Gospel so they look to the real source of life.” We rejoice at the stories we hear about people who face huge needs, receive help from Christians, and learn for the first time about the Lord Jesus—the One who motivated this kindness. As a result, many have chosen to follow Jesus. Our contacts in a restricted country report that many thousands of people in their location have come to Christ during the pandemic.

God bless you for your part in responding to the cries of suffering families, needy elderly people, hungry children, and many others impacted by the continued economic fallout of COVID-19. The help of God’s people shines the light of Jesus and provides hope and encouragement to those in distress.

If you wish to support these ongoing projects and enable us to continue to respond to many needs, your help will be a great blessing. God bless you!

Christian Aid Ministries | December 2021

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Food crisis continues

food crisis, Christian Aid Minstries

A Coronavirus Crisis Care food recipient in Central Asia wrote, “Many times we did not have food and sometimes we ate dry bread with water. Your distribution will save our lives from hunger.”

Coronavirus Crisis Care funding needs

2021 budget goal $12,750,000
Funds still needed $2,390,000
Budget is subject to change as other needs and opportunities arise.

In recent months, global food prices were up thirty-three percent from a year earlier, according to a report from Bloomberg Business. The report stated that food is more expensive now than in almost any other time in the past sixty years. As people face loss of employment and looming food costs, your support is an answer to prayer.

In September, we received this notice from a restricted country: “We are in a total lockdown, and the situation is very tough. Many people die and many can’t even go out to buy food. There is no work.” Our contacts in this country provided food for 400 families. Through the love of Christ shown through believers, numerous people turned from their false religion to follow Jesus.

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Aid for Kazakhstan’s most vulnerable

Kazakhstan’s, Christian Aid Minstries

Many people used to have work, but because of the pandemic they have lost that one opportunity to make some money,” shared a contact inside Kazakhstan. “The situation is getting worse every month.” Even under normal circumstances, Kazakhstan’s villagers find it hard to provide for themselves. Coronavirus restrictions have compounded this problem.

Coronavirus Crisis Care funding needs

2021 budget goal $12,750,000
Funds still needed $3,000,000
Budget is subject to change as other needs and opportunities arise.

With such great needs, how do we decide who to help? Our contacts in Kazakhstan focused on supporting large families, parents with handicapped children, and homes where the husband died or abandoned the family. They also assisted migrants from Uzbekistan stranded in Kazakhstan due to quarantine requirements. Those who distributed this aid wrote, “We praise God that we could not only help people, but also tell them the Gospel.”

Suffering from COVID-19 fallout is acute in many countries. Your generosity, supporters, is a blessing to thousands of hungry, lonely, and despairing people. God bless you!

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“Some good people came and gave me food”

gave me food, Christian Aid Ministries

“I am from the Gypsy community,” six-year-old Amira* in India shares. “My parents send me and my brother [to beg] every day. I was outside today and some good people came and gave me food. I am very happy to get food for me and my brother.”

Coronavirus Crisis Care funding needs

2021 budget goal $12,500,000
Funds still needed $3,200,000
Budget is subject to change as other needs and opportunities arise.

Amira’s family is among countless people in Indian villages who face severe hunger since coronavirus lock-downs cut off their sources of income. CAM contacts visited numerous villages to distribute food to single mothers, migrant laborers, garbage collectors, Gypsies, and other impoverished people. They shared that the “beneficiaries were overwhelmed with joy” to receive this food.

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“Tonight bread will be baked”

bread will be baked, Christian Aid Minstries

“Tonight, bread will be baked in many houses because of your help,” said a food recipient in a restricted country. “I am sure all of them will pray for you.” Like millions around the globe, this father struggles to find work to support his family. “We are in a lot of trouble,” he shared.

The alternative to the story above—going to bed hungry—is something most of us find difficult to relate to. But many parents cannot provide something as simple as bread for their hungry children. Thank you, supporters, for being the hands and feet of Jesus in answering the cries of the needy.

We continue to receive requests for help from countries suffering ongoing economic fallout of COVID-19. Your support enables us to continue with projects under way and respond to new requests.

Contacts in Nepal recently provided aid for oppressed Rohingya refugees. Some of these Rohingya people are construction workers and others beg on the streets of the city. “The pandemic has saddened and pushed us into starvation,” one refugee said.

“We have to face misery wherever we go,” another Rohingya refugee lamented. “While in Myanmar, the government caused us grief. Now, after coming to Nepal, we felt peace in our hearts, but again coronavirus has made our hearts in turmoil.”

In India, workers share the love of Jesus through large-scale aid distributions. Recipients, many of whom are unbelievers, are amazed at the Christians who freely share with them. “My neighbors do not talk to me,” said one lady who received food. “You are risking your lives and happily reaching out to people with help. I believe your God is protecting you and guiding you to show His love to poor people like us.”

Is the world economy on the mend?

Recent reports show that the overall U.S. economy has rebounded to pre-pandemic levels. In many of our communities, businesses are busy and flourishing. Owners display “Help Wanted” signs to keep up with demand. But life is far different in many parts of the world. Months of strict lockdowns have put businesses permanently under, leaving owners with no money to restart even if restrictions are lifted.

Following is a recent report from contacts in India: “While the USA is mostly opening, India is experiencing rolling lockdowns in localized areas. Many businesses have yet to open from the first wave and residents are afraid. Thousands in backstreets and slums are all but forgotten.”

The U.S. Department of Agriculture recently released their assessment of food needs in poverty-stricken countries. According to this report, global hunger levels are expected to surge by about a third this year. COVID-19 has grimly affected the world’s food security with lockdowns and supply chain obstructions.

An opportunity to shine the light

Coronavirus Crisis Care distributions provide a way for Christians to shine the light of Jesus. “By this project, we could not only tell people about God, but show them His love in action,” wrote workers in Kazakhstan. “We’ve helped people who are in a very difficult situation.”

An elderly woman in India said she had been praying to her gods for help, but didn’t get the aid she desperately needed. What a wonderful testimony when Christian workers showed up with much-needed food!

If you wish to help provide food and other aid for people affected by the ongoing fallout of COVID-19, your support will be a blessing to many. On behalf of recipients in India, Nepal, Tunisia, Kazakhstan, Uganda, Egypt, Yemen, Syria, and fifty-nine other countries, “Thank you and God bless you!”

Christian Aid Ministries | August 2021
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COVID projects in Asia

COVID, Christian Aid Ministries

Asia is reeling from a far-reaching outbreak of COVID. During the recent spike in India, one of our contacts wrote, “It’s like the Egyptian times of Pharaoh . . . [death] in every family, death bells, and ambulances ringing.”

In recent months, restrictions and lockdowns in some places were at a level like never before. The resulting economic downturn leaves an increasing number of families with major food shortages. CAM has received a new surge of requests for help.

In a restricted country in Asia, the government is giving out food, but Christians are turned away. These believers are in great need! In the same location, God is using the crisis to draw people to Himself. “They are in need of Bibles,” report our contacts. “There is hunger for Biblical teaching.”

CAM is working to provide much-needed food, hygiene supplies, and other humanitarian aid. We also provide Bibles in some cases. Your support is an answer to prayer for desperate people in various Asian countries.

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COVID food distributions: Quotes from recipients

Quotes from recipients, Christian Aid Ministries

Thank you for your continued support for COVID aid distributions in India. God bless you for sharing! “I had nothing to eat and was starving,” said one recipient. “I am so grateful . . .”

Following are more recent quotes from recipients.

“I was worried”

A 60-year-old widow said, “For the past few days, I was worried about getting our daily needs met due to the lockdown. I am now glad that I will not lack food for the next one month as I got this ration kit freely. I am very happy.”

“I stay hungry most of the time”

“I am a poor man and I used to stay alone in a small hut, which got broken during the floods. Now I do not have a place to live and I live out on the streets. Due to the COVID-19 situation, nobody is giving me any work and I stay hungry most of the time. I thank the leaders of the church for giving me a wholesome meal.”

“The team came at the right time”

“I am a widow and I have lost my eyesight. Someone helps me sit near the shops every day and I survive with the food and money that people give to me seeing my condition. I was really very hungry and the team came at the right time and gave me the food packet. I am truly grateful to them for their help.”

“I could not meet the needs of my family”

“For the past two weeks, I could not meet the needs of my family. We are happy to receive the [food] kits.”

Quotes from recipients, Christian Aid Ministries

The COVID pandemic has immensely affected the lives of common people, especially the daily wage laborers, single mothers, and waste pickers. They struggle to get work and earn money to take care of their families. In their desperate situation, they are overjoyed to get nutritious food and express their gratitude towards those who provided help for them.

CAM is working with contacts to provide food for the needy and vulnerable of India. It is by your donations and God’s rich blessing, we able to reach out to the poorest of the poor. Thank you and God bless you for your care and support!

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COVID distributions continue in India

India, Christian Aid Ministries

Thank you for your continued support as CAM seeks to help to those deeply affected by the economic fallout of COVID-19. Our contacts in India are busy distributing food and other aid to those in need.

Many people in the country are facing the devastating effects of hunger and lost loved ones. Your ongoing contributions warm recipients’ hearts. People’s care for them in dire times speaks loudly of the love of Jesus, and what He would do if here on earth.

With India’s population exceeding 1.3 billion people and much of the country facing an economic crisis, your support is deeply appreciated.

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Overwhelmed with gratefulness

overwhelmed, Christian Aid Ministries

Mrs. Bedi* from India has not heard from her husband for nearly a year since he left their area to look for work. When their country imposed a strict lockdown in response to COVID-19, it brought travel to an abrupt halt. Many fathers were unable to find transportation to return home.

The absence of a father in the Bedi home leaves the mother with a heavy load of providing for her two children. The family was overwhelmed with gratefulness when they received the gift of food from CAM.

*Not actual name