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Milking Sheep Supports Romanian Family

Daniel was raised in a Christian home in Romania and never had the opportunity to go to school. He grew up with nine siblings and spent most of his childhood working to provide for his family.

After getting married, Daniel and his wife Maria lived in a tiny two-room shepherd’s house. Daniel tended sheep and goats for a small wage that barely covered their expenses. In 2014, the couple and their two young children started receiving monthly food parcels through CAM.

Daniel purchased two sheep in 2015 with help from Christian workers. He worked hard to increase his flock, but struggled to make ends meet. In 2020, the Family Self  Support program provided $4,750 for Daniel to purchase 73 sheep, along with lumber to build a shelter for the sheep.

By this year, Daniel, Maria, and their five children have increased their flock to 90 sheep and goats. They sell cheese and other dairy products, as well as some lambs. With their increased income, they added rooms to their house and replaced the roof. Life is still far from easy, but Daniel and Maria are grateful for the help that enabled them to start their own business.

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Opportunity for an abandoned mother

abandoned mother, Christian Aid Ministries

Ada,* a young Liberian mother, found herself abandoned, forced to provide for her seven children alone. How could she earn a living while making sure her children were cared for? Her youngest daughters were quadruplets, not even one year old.

Ada’s husband deserted her and their seven children last January. Ada, who was raised in a non-Christian home, had received compassionate care from believers in a local hospital. She had found herself drawn to the love and peace found in Jesus. Angered by her decision to follow Christ, her husband and many of her family members rejected her.

As an abandoned mother in Liberia, Ada faced limited options. Young Liberian mothers like her often struggle to find job opportunities and are vulnerable to abuse. With few alternatives, Ada resorted to begging. Once a week she took her seven children to town and found a place to beg by the street.

A local pastor noticed this vulnerable mother and her struggle to provide. Although he tried to support her, his own resources were limited.

Ada came to the CAM base in Liberia last summer to look for help. She was struggling to feed her children, and her quadruplet daughters had been treated in a hospital for malnutrition. Ada was able to receive a food parcel, along with nutritional drink for her daughters.

But Ada realized that for long-term change, she needed to find a way to provide for herself. In August 2022, CAM staff members sat down with Ada, asking questions and helping her set up a business plan. Through supporters’ funds for the Family- Self-Support program, she received three months’ supply of flour, oil, sugar, and other ingredients to start a small baking business. She uses these supplies to make kola, a little donut which Liberians eat for breakfast. Ada bakes the kola in the local pastor’s kitchen. His wife has opened her doors to the young mother, allowing her to use her stove and other kitchen items.

This opportunity to provide for her family has helped restore Ada’s hope. Every few weeks, she calls our office in Liberia to say thank you for the help she received. Recently she told staff members that her profits allowed her to buy more supplies to keep her small business running. “She was very happy and grateful,” said a staff member. Thank you, supporters, for helping this rejected mother receive the gift of opportunity!

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A sewing machine for an Egyptian mother 

Egyptian mother, ChristianAid Ministries

Aisha* is an Egyptian mother that lives in a needy village and carries the strain of providing for her four children and ailing husband. She stays busy working part-time at a clothing factory, tending to her children, and caring for her husband who suffered a stroke.

Through funds from the Family-Self-Support program, Aisha received a new sewing machine, enabling her to operate a side business of doing seamstress work. The additional income she receives from making clothes allows her to send her children to school.

“I do not have wealth to leave to my children,” Aisha says, “but… I taught them to love each other as God loves us, and this is the legacy I will leave to them.”

*Name is changed to protect identity.

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Family sustained by raising sheep

raising sheep, Christian Aid Ministries

Romeo is no stranger to hard work and responsibility. He and his wife Oana are parents to eleven children younger than twenty years old. The family lives in a three-room house in Romania.

Romeo struggles with diabetes, so he can work only when he feels well enough. High living expenses for his large family, particularly schooling costs for seven of his children, strain his limited income.

Six years ago, a kind local shepherd gave Romeo several lambs. Romeo worked hard to expand his small flock, hoping to better provide for his family. Raising sheep was not new to him. In his younger days, he had worked in a sheepfold and learned the secrets of the trade. He already knew how to milk sheep and make cheese.

raising sheep, Christian Aid Ministries

Slowly Romeo’s flock grew. Together, he and his children built a shelter for the sheep and a stable for their cow, horse, and goats.

Then a drought swept through Romania. The drought forced Romeo to sell twenty of his sheep at a low price, to provide food for his
other animals.

After this loss, Romeo’s income decreased. He realized he needed a larger, more consistent income to provide for his children. But how? His family had a work force, experience, and a good location to raise sheep. But their flock was small and they lacked funds to expand it.

CAM staff members in Romania became aware of Romeo’s needs. Because of generous donors, the Family-Self-Support program provided funds for the family to purchase a ram and forty ewes. This expanded their flock and gave them hope.

Romeo and his children work together to raise their sheep and make cheese to sell. They also plan to sell lambs in the spring. “You can see they are used to hard work,” observed a staff member. Romeo’s sons share their father’s love of working with sheep. The family hopes to continue expanding their flock so they can become financially independent.

A staff member in Romania says, “[The help] is a big boost for this family!” Thank you, supporters, for helping Romeo’s dream of providing for his family come true.

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Self-help resources for needy families in Egypt

families in Egypt, Christian Aid Ministries

Desperately poor families in Egypt are finding ways to provide for themselves through the Family-Self-Support program. One recipient says, “I am very glad for the project. It is better to make money to support our family than to beg for money from others.”

Nour* started a small business to help supplement her husband’s income. He is a construction day laborer and makes around $3.20 a day. Nour bought thirty-five chicks, fed them for a month, then sold them for meat at the market. This venture brought in a profit of $38. Nour then expanded her business by adding ducks, laying hens, and doves to her collection of animals.

Nour’s house serves as both the home and barn. She and her husband have a sitting room, kitchen, and bedroom, as well as a room for chickens, a room for ducks, and a hallway that houses a mechanical chicken plucker.

Nour dreams of further expanding her business by starting a flock of sheep, which will be outside during the day but will spend the nights on the rooftop of their home. This is a common practice. A staff member shared, “I remember . . .  sitting in a house talking with a family, and someone led the sheep in the front door and the whole herd followed the shepherd up several flights of stairs.”

Many Family-Self-Support recipients in Egypt are widows with children in their care. Others have physical handicaps, making it difficult for them to find jobs. Our contacts in Egypt work with local believers to locate those with the greatest needs. They carefully review each prospective case and try to find a project that will work best in the situation. Recipients are required to fund a small percentage of the project, which makes them stakeholders and generally makes the projects more successful.

Supporters’ funds are enabling Egyptian people to escape a cycle of poverty and experience the fulfillment of working to provide. God bless you for sharing!

*Name changed to protect identity.

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Giving Ukrainian breadwinners a way to provide

Breadwinners, Christian Aid Minstries

Andrey faced debt and struggled to provide for his wife Elvira and their two children. After finding out about the Family-Self-Support program, he applied for help. Our staff checked out his situation and Andrey was approved for the program. With help from Family-Self-Support, he bought a welder, press, tools, and other equipment to repair transmissions, suspension systems, and engines. Being self-employed gives him more flexibility and allows him to help his church in various ministries.

Andrey’s family is also involved in his business. Andrey works alongside his son, teaching him the value of hard work. His wife and daughter make sure the mechanic shop is clean after the work is done.

Thanks to CAM supporters, Andrey was able to pay off his debts, buy school supplies for his children, and even reach out to other needy people. He is grateful to donors and glorifies God for the big difference this has made for his family.

Shuhrat Kadyrov’s life story is a difficult one. At fourteen years old he repented and committed to follow Christ at a Baptist Bible camp. His parents opposed his beliefs.

Later in life, conflict in Ukraine forced Shuhrat from his hometown. Displaced from home, he needed to rebuild his life from nothing.

Shuhrat opened an outdoor restaurant, selling grilled meat and spaghetti. Using Family-Self-Support funds, he bought a stove, metal table, frying pans, and grill supplies. Now he can provide for his family and is thankful to all who donate to this program. He dreams about developing a Bible camp ministry because he found Jesus through this avenue.Breadwinners, Christian Aid Minstries

In the area of Ukraine where Taras Ninich lives, jobs are hard to find. Breadwinners often travel to foreign countries for work.

Taras decided to start a rabbit farm to provide for his family, although raising rabbits is hard work. Money from CAM’s Family-Self-Support program helped him put a new roof on his barn and buy feeders, cages, and a granulator.

Breadwinners, Christian Aid Minstries

Taras’ business of butchering rabbits and selling the meat allows him to stay home and sustain his family. He and his son work together to feed and care for the rabbits.

The Ninich family is thankful for this opportunity, first to God and then to donors who contribute to the Family-Self-Support program.

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Cheesemaking business supports family in Ukraine

business, Christian Aid Ministries

Thousands of Ukrainians struggle to find lasting jobs. Many are still recovering from the effects of communism even though the dictatorship fell nearly three
decades ago.

In 2018, Viktor and his wife started a small business of making cheese. They bought around 21 gallons of milk in one manufacturing cycle .* and his family used to survive on approximately $75 per month, less than many Americans make in one day. In 2018, he and his wife started a small business of making cheese. They bought around 21 gallons of milk in one manufacturing cycle to produce approximately 17 pounds of hard cheese.

Viktor and his wife wanted to enlarge their business so they could better provide for their family. But to do so, they needed to double their current production, which was beyond their ability. In 2019, CAM’s Family-Self-Support program provided funds for Viktor and his family to develop a larger business. With this money, they built a small shop and purchased a refrigerator, milk cooler, cheese forms, and other items.

Viktor’s business did well throughout the fall and winter of 2019. But then COVID-19 came, making it difficult for him to make sales. During this time, Viktor and his family are using the opportunity to share with those around them, especially members of their church. Viktor says, “I am very thankful that people were so kind to give money to help us start this business!”

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Beekeeping project supports family of nine

Beekeeping, beekeeper, Christian Aid Ministries

Marius, a Romanian father, scraped together his minimal funds to start a beekeeping business. He kept his beehives in a village close to the base of a mountain, but unknowingly to him, this environment harmed his bees. In one winter, he lost them all to disease. His financial loss and dwindling funds left Marius deeply discouraged.

CAM staff saw Marius’ need as well as his fervent desire to support his family of nine. They used funds from the Family-Self-Support program to give Marius another chance at beekeeping.

Beekeeping, beekeeper, Christian Aid Ministries
“I’m not sure who the people were who assisted us with money to buy beehives, but they’ve helped us earn our bread.”

This time, Marius placed the hives closer to the top of the mountain, around thirty minutes from his home. This new environment is helping the bees thrive and produce well. Marius and his son strive to be better beekeepers and see a future working together alongside these amazing insects. Honey sales are a big help to the family, especially in the wintertime when income possibilities are almost non-existent and they need extra funds to heat their home.

Marius appreciates the second chance he’s been given. He says, “I’m not sure who the people were who assisted us with money to buy beehives, but they’ve helped us earn our bread.” Marius and his family see God taking care of them every time they sell a jar of honey produced by busy little bees.

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Helping families work together to earn an income

fertile soil

Through the gift of a greenhouse, Sorin was able to make good use of the fertile soil he had available. Combined with his wife’s knack for raising plants, the greenhouse gave them a huge financial boost. It also gave them the perfect opportunity to work alongside their children and build relationships. For this, Sorin and Lidia are so grateful.

“Making a livelihood is usually very difficult in isolated areas,” says a staff member in Romania. CAM assists families with self-sustaining projects that use available resources. Often these families have children who are old enough to help produce something of value.

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Providing income for an Egyptian widow


Miriam* is a 26-year-old Coptic Christian widow who lives in a remote Egyptian village. An accident claimed the life of her husband and left her to care for their three children with no source of income. As a widow in the Egyptian culture, Miriam has few options of finding work outside her home.

When CAM contacts visited Miriam and saw her difficult circumstances, they prayed with her and agreed to help her. The Family-Self-Support program provided Miriam with a cow to generate some income. She will be able to sell the cow’s milk and any calves that are born. When our staff members visited her a few months after giving her the cow, she said, “I didn’t know what to do, or how to deal with this huge challenge, but now I thank the Lord that He sent you to me.”

I didn’t know what to do, or how to deal with this huge challenge, but now I thank the Lord that He sent you
to me.
—Egyptian widow

When you think about Egypt, you might think of Pharaoh, Moses, and the Israelites who lived in bondage. You might also think of Joseph, whose brothers rejected and sold into slavery.. Today, Egypt is still a land where many people live in bondage. Some are prisoners to their own sins and desperately need the saving knowledge of Jesus to set them free. Others, like Miriam, are in “bondage” to poverty and face overwhelming needs. Many do not know where to turn or who to ask for help.

The Family-Self-Support program helps thousands of people like Miriam find ways to provide a regular income. In places like Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Liberia, Nicaragua, or the Middle East, where jobs are scarce and opportunities limited, this spares families from debt and poverty.

Thank you for giving Miriam and other people a fresh hope of a brighter future!

*Name changed to protect identity.