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Bible stories in their own language

Bible stories, Christian Aid Ministries

Through the simple means of Bible story books, timeless stories from God’s Word are finding their way into the hands of men, women, and children. These books help fill the vast, nearly worldwide need for wholesome, godly literature. To many people, a colorful book of story books in their own language is an unusual and prized gift. The books are especially valuable in areas where few people are literate but many hunger to learn stories from the Bible.

Bible stories, Christian Aid Ministries

Over the years, we have worked with contacts, staff members, and church leaders across the world to translate the Bible story books into more than 80 languages. With each translation, our goal is to make God’s truth available to people in their heart language.

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New Bible story book translation for Armenia

101 Bible story book, Christian Aid Ministries

CAM’s 101 Favorite Bible Story book was recently translated into the Armenian language. Now these books are finding their way into cities and villages throughout Armenia.

CAM’s Bible story book has been translated into more than eighty languages.

Many recipients are children from displaced families. In late 2020, conflict erupted between Armenia and the neighboring country of Azerbaijan. The fighting caused multitudes to flee their homes.

Bible story books in the Armenian language provide a unique opportunity to reach out to displaced families. Now children and adults can read precious Bible stories pointing to God’s message of peace.

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Treasured books

story book, Christian Aid Ministries

This Haitian boy has just received his very own Bible story book in the language of his country. His beaming face tells how he treasures this book. Like most Haitian children, he likely owns few books with brightly colored pictures. But this Bible story book is not just about colorful pictures. It also tells this boy about Jesus and His never-ending love.

Limited access to literature is reality for many people around the world. Finding godly, wholesome literature is especially difficult. Bible story books help fill this huge need. Although some recipients cannot read, the descriptive pictures narrate the stories.

Thank you for helping children and adults learn about Jesus through the gift of a Bible story book!

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Introducing a God who cares

a God who cares, Christian Aid Ministries

This young man received a CAM Bible story book when our staff visited his village in Kenya. He is part of the tribal group. Most of the people in this tribal group believe in a god they regard as omnipotent yet distant and uninvolved in the lives of people.

These Kenyan people are hungry for the Word of God and eager to hear about a God who cares for them. CAM’s Bible story book is an effective way to introduce the these people to the Gospel. It is a blessing to share God’s love with them through your support!

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Introducing the Gospel to reindeer herders

reindeer herders, Christian Aid Ministries

CAM’s Bible story books are often used as simple introductions to the plan of salvation and God’s work in the lives of men. Our contacts in Russia request thousands of Bible story books to share in various parts of the former Soviet Union.

Numerous books are given to the Nenet people group in the far north regions of Siberia. This group traditionally herds reindeer as their source of food, shelter, and income. Reindeer are also an important spiritual symbol to the Nenet people. Their false religion also involves spiritual healers mediating with spirits.

We pray that these stories from God’s Word will stir a desire in the reindeer herders to leave the false religion of their fathers and turn to the one true God. Through the outreach work of Russian Christians, some Nenets have already decided to follow Jesus. Thank you, supporters, for enabling us to distribute Bible stories that introduce the Gospel to this isolated people group

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Bible story books for children from slums

slums, Slum Children, Christian Aid Minstries

Slums are home to millions of precious children around the world. Slum children in Kenya often suffer from drunken fathers who cause miserable home relationships. Some of them are orphaned and have no parents. They hardly know what it means to be safe and loved.

slums, Slum Children, Christian Aid Minstries
Bible Story Book Recipients

Through CAM’s Bible story books, the message of Jesus’ love reaches hundreds of slum children. The stories and vivid pictures touch the hearts of hurting children, creating a hunger for God and His Word. We pray that someday these children will find the love of Jesus to be their security.

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Favorite Stories from the Bible

Favorite Stories from the Bible

Books flood our market today. We tend to take them for granted. But at remote schools in Peru, the students have hardly any books to call their own.

CAM’s Spanish Bible story books are a delight to Peruvian children in elementary schools. At times, our contacts use the books for Bible classes at schools. The gift of a book with vivid pictures and impactful stories of Jesus touches the hearts of many children and opens doors to reach adults with the Gospel. Thank you, supporters, for sharing the message of Jesus through Bible story books!

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A book and a prayer (Children’s Story)

A Book, A Prayer, Children's Story

Pablo and Johann* live in Peru, a country in South America. There, many children don’t have a lot of toys and books, so the mountains become their friends. They play on the rugged paths that zigzag up to their mud houses.

The two boys go to a little school in town. One day while Pablo and Johann were studying, some friendly visitors came. They brought a gift for each of the students. It was a shiny, new Bible story book from CAM. The students in this school hardly had books to call their own, much less ones with Bible stories.

Pablo and Johann were excited about their gifts! They clutched them tightly as they hurried home after school. When they showed their mom the gifts, she was excited too. She could use this book to teach the neighbor children about Jesus!

So every Sunday, Pablo and Johann’s mom invited friends to their house for Sunday school. They would read about how God protected Daniel while he was in the lions’ den, how the wise men visited Jesus when He was a baby, and other Bible stories.

The neighbor children wanted to hear more of the stories, so Pablo let his friend borrow the book until the next Sunday. That week, the precious Bible story book was stolen! Johann, Pablo, and their friends were very sad. Now what would they do? There were no more Bible stories to read because Johann’s book had been borrowed by someone else.

But Johann and Pablo’s mom knew what to do. She said, “Children, let’s pray and ask God to provide a book for our Sunday school. He wants us to know about Him. He tells us to ask for what we need. If we ask Him, surely He will provide a book for our class.” So the boys’ mom and the children bowed their heads and asked God to send them another Bible story book.

Would Jesus answer their prayer?

Sometime later, God reminded Pablo and Johann’s mom about an address they had seen in the front of the book. Maybe if she wrote to these people, they would send them another book. And they did! Before long, two men came to visit them. Not only did they bring one Bible story book to replace Pablo’s stolen one, but they brought enough so that all the children in the Sunday school class could have one. God had answered their prayer beyond what they had prayed for!

When the men were finished passing out the books, the children bowed their heads and thanked God for answering their prayer. They thanked Him for sending them books to help them learn about Jesus.

*Actual names not used.

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Learning About The Love of Jesus

Love of Jesus

Around the globe, many young hearts are impacted as they learn about the love of Jesus through Bible stories. When the book is carried home to their parents, adults also hear the Gospel. For some, it’s the first time to hear the wonderful message of salvation.

“This book is so nice and I read it with my heart,” said a Bible story book recipient from South Sudan. “It tells us to not be selfish and to share our things with friends.”

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Ameula from South Sudan (Children’s Story)

South Sudan

Hello, my name is Ameula Marya. Ameula means “sick” in my tribal language. My parents gave me this name because I was sick at birth. I live in South Sudan and am 9 years old. I have one 7-year-old brother and live in a compound with my aunts, uncles, and cousins.

My mother is gone right now, selling our home-grown peanuts at the market. When my mother is gone, it is my job to cook our one daily meal—aceda. Aceda is a pudding made from ground corn. It is my favorite food! But we are glad when we get to eat beef about once a week. We usually eat our one daily meal in the late afternoon or evening.

South Sudan
Cooking aceda for the family’s daily meal.

The house where I sleep does not have a toilet, shower, or bathtub. Two or three times a day, I must go get water. I have to walk far with a heavy water bucket on my head. The well we share with the community is more than a half mile away. When I am finished carrying water and my other work is done, my cousins and I sometimes have time to play. We don’t have a ball to play with, but we use a gourd to play soccer.

South Sudan
Getting water from the well.

After a long day, I am tired and ready to sleep. I sleep with my cousin under a mosquito net. The net helps protect us from mosquitoes that carry deadly malaria.
Thank you for visiting us today in South Sudan!

Esther, a young girl from South Sudan who received a CAM Bible story book, wrote,

“I read the book and it was very good. It talks about how Jesus was crucified and risen, then talks about the love of Jesus to little children. Thanks.”

CAM is providing lots of Bible story books for children and adults in South Sudan who have never heard of Jesus. Many people in South Sudan can’t read, but Christian workers use the pictures in the Bible story books to tell them the story of God.