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Heavenly Manna for Maria

For 90-year-old Maria in Romania, a monthly Help for the Elderly parcel is a gift from above. Her poor health makes it difficult to walk, so she spends most of her days in bed. Maria’s caretaker is her daughter who also has health problems and is mentally handicapped. The two live in an old, two-bedroom house and hardly have enough money to buy food, not to mention other needs like Maria’s medicines. “The food parcel I receive from CAM is like heavenly manna,” Maria says. “May God bless all the people who think about us and who help us.”

If you wish to help elderly people like Maria in Romania, Liberia, Kenya, or another country, through the Help for the Elderly program, please click the donate button to give a gift.

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Loneliness and struggles of Moldova’s elderly

Loneliness, Christian Aid Ministries

Standing in the doorway of her small home, 88-year-old Olga wears a smile that carries years of loss, loneliness, and suffering. Olga knows a widow’s grief since her husband passed away 40 years ago.  She also knows the pain of watching her son become addicted to alcohol.

Olga’s home is in a village in Moldova, where she lives alone since her daughter who cared for her passed away three months ago. She tries to cover her expenses with a little assistance from the government, equaling about $4.70 a day. Medical expenses are a heavy burden: Olga faces blood pressure problems and leg pain. Recently she lost vision in one eye.

Paying for housing, food, and heating costs on a few dollars a day is a struggle for elderly Moldovans like Olga. Those in rural villages often live in poorly insulated homes without running water or indoor plumbing. Some also need to pay neigh­bors to haul water, split wood, or do other tasks they are unable to do.

Despite her struggles, Olga goes to church and faithfully prays for her son and other unbelievers in her village.

Among Moldova’s elderly, Olga’s story is not uncommon. As age and failing health keep them from contributing much to society, people often view them as burdens. Many live alone when their children leave for job opportunities in other cities or countries. In some cases, elderly parents are rejected for their decision to follow Christ.

For these people, Help-for-the-Elderly food parcels are more than a monthly supply of food. They are a lifeline of support, a source of encouragement, and a reminder that they are remembered. Seeing Christians visit and care for abandoned, elderly believers leaves a powerful testimony in recipients’ communities.

God bless you for remembering the elderly in Moldova and other countries through the Help-forthe-Elderly program! From Olga and other recipients, thank you for demonstrating God’s promise in Isaiah 46:4: “Even to your old age I am he; and even to hoar hairs will I carry you: I have made and I will bear; even I will carry, and will deliver you.”

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Help for a widow in Nicaragua

Nicaragua, Christian Aid Ministries

Maria Mojica lives several miles from the Pacific coast of Nicaragua, just outside the small town of Masachapa. To find her house, we wind back a narrow dusty road that borders huge fields of towering sugarcane.

Maria and her husband never had children. He passed away 16 years ago, leaving her to live alone in a little house of cut stone and wood. Maria attends church in the local town when the heavy coastal rains haven’t turned the narrow dusty road into a muddy path.

Maria has received Help-for-the-Elderly food parcels for around 12 years. She says she depends solely on the food items in the parcel for nourishment because health problems keep her from working. “I’d like to thank the churches that have made the blessing of the food parcel possible over the last years,” she says. “Thanks to God because He has blessed me and helped me in my needs through the gift of the food parcel.”

To help support the Help-for-the-Elderly program, please click the link to give a one-time gift or start a monthly sponsorship.

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Hope in the form of a food parcel

a food parcel, Christian Aid Ministries

A group of Christian workers with a food parcel hurried down the narrow alley, trying not to flinch at the foul smell of open sewers. Stepping over puddles, they arrived at a courtyard. Tall, crumbling buildings surrounded a barren patch of land and children playing among debris.

a food parcel, Christian Aid Ministries

Each year, more than


Help-for-the-Elderly food parcels are provided in:

Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Liberia, Middle East, Kenya

Visibility was low as the group stepped into a tiny, dark apartment and listened to Johnson’s* story. Clothing, shoes, bags, and even an empty CAM food parcel box surrounded the elderly man as he spoke. During Liberia’s civil war in 1990, shrapnel tore through Johnson’s apartment and hit him, paralyzing him from the waist down.

Amid Johnson’s poverty, God’s love has worked through the hearts and hands of His people, bringing hope to a desolate heart in the form of a food parcel. Thank you, supporters, for your help in ministering to Johnson and other elderly people in great need.

*Not his real name

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“My God is big”

My God, Christian Aid Ministries

Reyna is a spunky seventy-nine-year-old widow who lives in the mountains of northern Nicaragua. She is a mother of six who has been widowed for thirty-six years. Reyna spoke wistfully of her life before the passing of her husband, who supported the family by working as a mechanic.

Now Reyna relies on the help of her children and the monthly food parcel she receives through CAM’s Help-for-the-Elderly program. She says, “When you are very poor you have no resources, and it is difficult to find a way forward. But my God is big; my God is beautiful. He has provided for my needs.”

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The elderly: Forget us not

aged Romanians, Christian Aid Ministries

Alone. Forgotten by family. Struggling to make ends meet. These words describe many aged Romanians.

Loneliness weighs heavily on such folks. In numerous cases, their children move to cities or other countries to find better jobs. Living alone in poor conditions makes it hard for the aged to imagine that anyone cares about them and their needs.

To these struggling and forgotten people, a monthly parcel of nutritious food is a great blessing. Visits from those who deliver the parcels brighten their lonely days.

CAM’s Help-for-the-Elderly monthly sponsorship provides:

A 25-pound food parcel
$10 cash or the equivalent in other aid
Whenever possible, a Christian family magazine

Ileana faithfully walks with the Lord Jesus. Years ago, her husband beat and abused her when she became a Christian. Life became even more difficult when Ileana’s husband died, leaving her a widow at forty-five years old. With God’s help she raised their nine children. Only one son stayed with his mother through the years, but last year he passed away. With her son gone, Ileana has no one to look after her needs. But the Lord always sustains her. The Help-for-the-Elderly parcel she receives reminds her that God’s people care.

Another recipient, Crezantina, faces numerous health issues requiring many medicines. It is difficult for her to pay for these medicines, along with heating and other costs. Even with her own health difficulties and struggling income, she tries to bless others by giving away eggs from her small flock of chickens. Crezantina was happy for our staff’s visit and thanked God for caring for her in her old age.

The Lord never forgets His own! Thank you, supporters, for remembering vulnerable and abandoned aged Romanians.

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Children’s Article: Food parcels for grandpa and grandma

grandpa and grandma, Christian Aid Ministries

Do you enjoy visiting your grandpa and grandma? Or perhaps you can think of people in your church who are old and cannot work anymore. Maybe they need others to care for them. Imagine if they did not have enough food to eat and no money to buy the medicines they need for their aches and pains.

Many elderly people in Romania, Moldova, Liberia, Nicaragua, and other countries suffer alone in their old age. Some have been abandoned by their families and do not have enough money to buy food and medicines. They try their best to keep a garden, raise some corn and beans, or tend a few chickens. But that is not easy for an old person with poor health, bad eyesight, or back problems.

Life is hard for 82-year-old Veronica from Romania. She is a widow and is deaf. Her daughter is not a Christian and makes life hard for Veronica. When Christians arrive with a food parcel for this needy widow, it brightens her day!

grandpa and grandma, Christian Aid Ministries
This CAM truck is delivering food parcels to elderly people in a Ukrainian village.

Would you like to help grandpas and grandmas who are lonely and poor? With $15 you can help them receive enough food to eat for ten days! The parcels of food include things like cooking oil, meat, rice, beans, and flour.

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“Very useful aid”

useful aid, Christian Aid Ministries

Petro and his wife in Ukraine have three children, but none of them live with their parents or help care for them. Petro tries to work to generate some income. He says, “With the Lord’s help and your support, we are able to survive.

“This [food] box is very useful aid,” Petro continues. “Thank you much! I wish the Lord’s blessings on the folks in America who made this aid possible. . . . Thanks a lot!”

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Food for the elderly and weak

the elderly, Christian Aid Ministries

Eighty-two-year-old Anna faces the responsibility of providing for the household, since her husband Fedir is blind and requires constant care. This elderly Christian couple in Ukraine lives with their alcoholic son who does little to help his parents.

The arrival of a monthly food parcel encourages Anna and Fedir in their frail age. “Thank you very much for the aid,” they share. “We are old but can feel your support. May God bless you for your attention to the elderly and weak people like us.”

Many other elderly people in remote areas of Ukraine face similar needs. In their younger years during communism, most of them were unable to save much money. Now the elderly are forced to provide for themselves with little or no way to earn an income. Many of their children have left for the city or moved to another country to find work.

The food parcels help these vulnerable people save some money for other pressing needs. Many people in their sunset years suffer from illnesses but don’t have funds for medicines. At times, the monthly food parcel helps them save money to buy the medicines they need. During the harsh winters, the parcel can help them save money to provide some heat for their homes.

One Ukrainian recipient said, “With the Lord’s help and your support, we are able to survive. . . . Thank you very much!”

Because of your support, we are able to lighten the burdens of many elderly people in Ukraine and other countries. The aid not only provides for their needs but also brightens their day by having someone stop by for a short visit.

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the elderly, Christian Aid Ministries

Many of the elderly people in Romania, Liberia, Haiti,  and other impoverished countries have no one to care for them. Some of them are blind or unable to walk. Others beg on the streets or try to sell a little something for an income.

What recipients say:

  • “You are one of few who come visit me.”
  • “When the parcel arrives, it feels like Christmas.”
  • “Thank you for caring for us; it’s such a big help!”

A Help-for-the-Elderly monthly sponsorship of $49 provides a vulnerable elderly person with:

  • A 25-pound or larger food parcel
  • $10 cash or its equivalent in food items
  • A Christian family magazine (whenever possible)