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Teaching Minds and Nurturing Hearts

Providing children with a quality education often unlocks a brighter future for them. Through International Sponsor-A-Student, our supporters extend this opportunity to children in Belize, Liberia, and other countries. But the heart of this program goes beyond good schooling. A kindergarten teacher in Belize explained it well. “Many students come to school knowing no English,” she wrote. “They don’t have a clue what numbers and ABCs are. Some of them have never been taught that lying, cheating, stealing, and revenge are wrong.

“At the end of the year,” she continued, “they can communicate in English, read simple words and sentences, and they know their numbers from 1-100 or even further. The most precious change is that they know the difference between right and wrong and they have a true desire to make Jesus happy.” This is the goal of the program: to instill godly values while broadening horizons through quality education.

To help provide schooling in Belize, Liberia, the Middle East, and other locations, through International Sponsor-A-Student, click the donate button to give a gift.

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Christian schooling for needy children in Belize

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Belize lies on the east coast of Central America just south of Mexico. This tiny country has seen an influx of migrants in the past three decades. Families from Guatemala, Honduras, and other parts of Central America move to Belize in hopes of finding ways to better support themselves. Many of them live in poverty and their children grow up without the opportunity to learn to read and write well.

Many public schools in Belize also contribute to the poor education. The teachers in these schools largely neglect their students. Parents report that teachers allow children to be dishonest and mistreat each other.

To help meet the dire need for young children to receive quality schooling, CAM is partnering with the Spanish Lookout Mission Schools to help provide a Christ-centered environment for children to learn. These schools are operated by conservative Mennonites who have lived in Belize for several generations.

For $50 a month, you can enable a child in Belize to go to school!

Sponsors will receive a photo and brief information about the child they support.

For children like young Carlos* who hardly know what it means to feel safe and loved, this school provides a safe haven. Like many children in Central America, Carlos lives in a home with a dirt floor where dogs and chickens come and go along with family members. The lunches he brings to school consist of a small bowl of rice and sometimes a small portion of beans or tortillas. If Carlos’ parents discover that he misbehaves at school, they give him a hard, unloving lash or instruct his teacher to punish him however she wants. We pray Carlos will come to know God’s love for him through the kindness he receives at school.

One ten-year-old student said, “It’s very nice to be in school. You can learn a lot about Jesus . . . My favorite day of the week is Friday. On Friday I do art. My teacher is the best teacher I’ve had. I am happy that I may go to school.”

Several parents expressed gratefulness for the assurance to know their children are in a safe environment. “Attending a school based on godly principles is a priceless privilege,” one mother and father shared. “A great thank you to all teachers, staff members, and all of you . . .”

For $50 a month, you can help provide a quality education for needy children in Belize through CAM’s International-Sponsor-A-Student program. This sponsorship helps cover the cost of operating the Spanish Lookout Mission Schools.

Pray that the teachers would receive godly wisdom and young souls will desire to follow Jesus as they grow older.