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A New Pump for a New Man

Stalica in Romania was disappointed when he discovered that the water pump in his home lacked pressure because of a burned out motor. At one time he might have stolen money or taken someone else’s pump to fix the problem, but since Stalica recently began following the Lord, he  knew it was wrong to steal. However, after years of dishonesty, he found it difficult to support himself through honest means. 

Believers who were discipling Stalica heard about his dilemma. Using funds from the Jericho Road Program, they gave him a new water pump. Stalica was filled with gratitude to God, to those discipling him, and to the kind donors who made it easier for him to continue walking in integrity.

The Jericho Road Program meets needs in struggling Romanian communities, mostly among the Gypsies, through food parcels, Christian teaching, medical aid, and other assistance. To help these needy people, click the donate button to give a gift.

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Opportunities for Gypsies

Gypsies, Christian Aid Ministries

In AD 1000, a group of people from India left their country and headed for Europe. Since they claimed to be from Egypt, they were given the name “Gypsy,” the shortened version of “Egyptian.”

Today Gypsies live in various countries, with the largest population in Romania. Although many Gypsies are less nomadic than they were in the past, people often view them as uneducated, nomadic, and beg­garly. Many people mistreat and reject them due to this perception.

The Jericho Road Program primarily reaches out to Gypsies, but also assists other neglected and impoverished Romanians. Through this program, they receive things like food parcels, practical Christian instruction, agricultural teaching, and schooling. We praise God that He is using this program to work in their hearts. Some Gypsy people have chosen to follow Jesus and His teachings and are joining the local church. Your generosity makes it possible to spread the love of Jesus to these individuals.

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Food and medicine for Romanian Gypsies

Romanian Gypsies, Christian Aid Minstries

Dumitru and Maria found the Lord in the 1980s. Since then, Dumitru has become a pastor.

This faithful Christian couple lives in a Romanian Gypsy community. Maria is partially paralyzed, the result of a car accident nine years ago. She can only walk with the help of crutches. Of their four children, two daughters are mentally handicapped and require special care.

The Jericho Road Program ministers to neglected and impoverished Romanians, most of whom are Gypsies like Dumitru and Maria. Through this program, this family receives food parcels and medicines for their handicapped daughters. Thank you, supporters, for making it possible to show kindness and spread love to Gypsy families and other struggling Romanians.

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Planting seeds of hope

Romanian gypsy, Christian Aid Ministries

Deafness keeps Augustina’s husband from obtaining a steady job. His only income is what he gets by begging. Augustina, who is a Romanian Gypsy, shoulders the heavy burden of caring for her two mentally handicapped children and providing for the family’s needs.

Augustina’s hope was renewed when the Jericho Road Program helped plant a half acre of corn for her Gypsy village. Our staff shared, “She expressed hope for a fall time harvest and joy of being remembered in her affliction.”

“He that goeth forth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him.” (Psalm 126:6)

The Jericho Road Program provides resources, quality seeds, and teaching to help Gypsies and other needy Romanians farm the land and provide for themselves. Agriculture is exceptionally productive in Romania, but many Gypsy families need help getting started. CAM helps community members rent land and work together to provide a crop. Staff members walk alongside the people from the community to teach them how to tend and harvest the crops to become self-sustaining.

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Showing Christ to neglected Romanians

Romanians, Christian Aid Ministries

Drugs and alcohol once enslaved Bobi, a Gypsy husband and father. Through the influence of a school teacher from the Jericho Road Program who spoke about the need for Christ, Bobi repented and desires to begin a new life.

The Jericho Road Program reaches out to impoverished and neglected Romanians. Most of those helped are Gypsies, who are largely excluded from the rest of society. Food parcels, agricultural projects, remedial schools, Christian literature, and marriage seminars are some of the ways we help meet physical needs and share the love of Christ.

Maria and her family are grateful for the monthly food parcel they receive through this program. The parcel helps feed their eight children and stretch their income.

Maria is touched by the Christian witness she sees through this aid. She started to attend church and publicly expressed her desire to serve the Lord. Her husband mistreats her when he is under the influence of alcohol, but Maria clings to her new faith.

Please pray for Maria’s journey of faith and that she could show Christ to her husband.

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Food for Orphaned Children

Food for Orphaned Children

Marioara, a 65-year-old widow from Romania, cares for her two orphaned grandchildren. The children’s mother fought a long battle with cancer, but eventually the sickness took her life.

The year before Marioara’s daughter passed away, Jericho Road Program staff frequently held Bible studies with her. Now Grandma Marioara receives a monthly food parcel through this program. This helps her provide for her grandchildren.

Marioara’s heart has softened through this trial. She has not yet chosen to follow Jesus, but seems to be open to the Gospel. Pray that she will come to the light of Jesus!

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Helping neglected European Gypsies

European Gypsies

European Gypsies often live with the unfortunate stigma associated with their culture—they can’t be trusted. Gypsies often live in their own colonies, and those around them hold them at arm’s length.

CAM’s Jericho Road Program reaches out to this neglected people group in Romania in various ways. Our staff members distribute food, organize agricultural projects, operate remedial schools, and more. They give Gypsies the opportunity for a brighter future that doesn’t involve substance abuse, crime, and begging. Because of people who care, Gypsies learn about Jesus and His love.

Note: The remedial school portion is fully funded for 2019.