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Glimpses of Kindness Through Practical Gifts

Kalila* felt helpless. Her husband paid little attention to the family’s needs, so she and her daughters were often left with little food and other essentials. This Yemeni mother yearned for simple things we often take for granted: towels, nail clippers, and other hygiene items. Desperate to meet her daughters’ basic needs, Kalila secretly went to a trusted friend, asking if she could do laundry for her and her neighbors for a small income. But her friend had no job opportunities. However, since her husband helped with aid distributions by CAM contacts, she was able to give Kalila several hygiene kits. “The overwhelming joy I experienced upon opening the [kit] and seeing its contents cannot be put into words,” Kalila exclaimed. “All I can say is that I glimpsed the kindness of a compassionate soul who understood our struggles.” We are grateful for the kits we receive but are facing a funding shortfall for shipping and distributing kits. If you wish to help with this, your support will be a blessing!

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The gift of a kit

kit, Christian Aid Ministries

These girls in Syria eagerly open a hygiene kit to find toothpaste, soap, shampoo, and other items that will help them stay clean and healthy. Carefully packed by concerned people in North America, hygiene kits travel to various countries to bless suffering refugees, needy families, victims of natural disasters, and other suffering people. In addition to these kits, layette bundles, school kits, new clothing packs, and children’s care packs provide other much-needed items.

CAM is seeing a huge need for thousands of kits for impoverished families and individuals. Your generosity and donations are helping to meet some of those needs. Thank you, supporters, for all the time, funds, and effort you invest!

If you want to donate kits or see a list of kits and instructions, call 330.893.2428 to request our Projects you can do catalog or visit . Kits may be dropped off at any CAM location or shipped to our warehouse in Pennsylvania: Christian Aid Ministries, Attn.: Shipping Department, 2412 Division Highway, Ephrata, PA 17522. If you wish to help with funds to ship and distribute kits, please note Kits on the enclosed response coupon.

To help support the Shipping for kits and layette bundles program, please click below to give a one-time gift or start a monthly sponsorship.

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Kits for Iraqi refugees

Iraqi refugee, Christian Aid Ministries

Alia* from an Iraqi refugees camp began to weep after receiving a layette bundle for her baby son. “I hardly slept last night because I worried so much about my baby; now I can relax,” Alia shared. “Tell all the church people of America ‘thank you’ for the gifts. These are the first gifts baby Waliid received. We will treasure the gifts and always remember you.”

Layette bundles are a treasure to mothers in Iraqi refugee camps. Many of them once lived in nice homes with everything they needed for their families, but now they have almost nothing.

Thank you, supporters, for assembling these kits to help people in desperate situations.

*Names in this article have been changed to protect identity.

Click here to view more kit options

Kits may be dropped off at any CAM location or shipped to our warehouse in Pennsylvania: Christian Aid Ministries, 2412 Division Highway, Ephrata, PA 17522.

If you wish to cover the cost to ship kits overseas, please click below to give a one-time gift . Your gift of $2.50 per kit will cover the cost of shipping your items overseas.

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Things to keep people clean (Children’s Story)


Do your parents tell you to brush your teeth or wash your hands? They probably do that because they know proper hygiene is important. Hygiene simply means to keep yourself clean. Staying clean is good for you because it helps prevent germs from spreading and making you sick.


Did you know?

Some people survive by living off of a trash dump. Many of them don’t have soap to wash their hands when they get home from digging through the trash. These people in Nicaragua were happy to receive soap and other items in the hygiene kits.


What would you do if you didn’t have things like a toothbrush to keep your teeth clean or soap to wash your hands when they are dirty? Some boys and girls and even some moms and dads don’t have these things. The gift of a hygiene kit that has a toothbrush, soap, comb, and other things is an important gift to many people.

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School kit brings a smile

School kit

The gift of a school kit brings a smile to this Jordanian schoolboy. Many refugee children in the Middle East lack access to quality education, but they are eager to learn. Shiny new notebooks, pencils, and other kit items are a great delight.

This year we have a huge demand for school kits, hygiene kits, and layette bundles. They are needed for refugees and other needy people in the Middle East.

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Various Kits You Can Assemble

Various Kits

Diapers for newborns, soap for proper hygiene, and crayons for school children are basic items that many families in developing countries don’t have. These items in the various kits assembled by CAM supporters are a delight to thousands living in poverty.

After giving a layette bundle to a mother of twin girls, a CAM staff member in Nicaragua shared, “Thanks to kind ladies somewhere who assembled pretty pink layette bundles, the twins now have diapers to wear instead of having tea towels pinned on.”

More than 159,000 kits
distributed in 2018

CAM can use thousands of kits to distribute each year. For a complete list of our kits and instructions, call our Berlin office at 330.893.2428 or click here.

If you have kits to donate, they can be dropped off at any CAM location or shipped to our warehouse in Pennsylvania: Christian Aid Ministries, Attn: Shipping Department, 2412 Division Highway, Ephrata, PA 17522.