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Delivering Medicines in Liberia

—By CAM’s medical director in Liberia

Many clinics supported by the Medicines for Multitudes program in Liberia are only accessible by hours on bumpy, muddy bush roads. When fighting the challenging road conditions, it’s easy to overlook the vibrant shades of green, the contrasting red dirt, the small farms and villages, and the children who stop their play to wave at our truck passing through.

At the clinics, the healthcare workers greet us with smiles and handshakes. The dedication of these workers is amazing. Their pay is often low and delayed, and the supplies they need are severely lacking. Yet many of them serve remote Liberian communities for years, sometimes dipping into their own resources to help their patients.

Many of these clinics serve an average of 150 patients each month. Their patients are often from communities surviving on subsistence farming or small market stands. They live simple lives, meeting their basic needs with what they can get from the ground.

Life gets difficult when unexpected health problems come up. If the local clinic does not have basic medications, minor infections, and health issues can become deadly. Sometimes these issues are results of spiritual darkness or a lack of fundamental health practices. Children play in the dirt all day, giving opportunities for parasites to grow. Mothers and babies often suffer during childbirth because of the lack of proper care and training. Old men and women, tired from a lifetime of heavy labor, suffer from the effects of their age.

The medicines, nutritional supplements, and other supplies we deliver through Medicines for Multitudes help equip local healthcare workers to give proper medical care along with spiritual teaching. Recipients are grateful for the medicines and kindness shown to them.

Prayer requests

  • Pray for the safety of CAM staff as they deliver supplies.
  • Ask for strength and encouragement for healthcare workers.
  • Pray that Liberians will embrace God’s truth and avoid sinful living that can lead to health issues.

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Nicaragua medical project brings spiritual opportunities

medical project, Christian Aid Ministries

Countless people in coastal Nicaraguan communities were suddenly homeless after twin hurricanes Eta and Iota in 2020. As they crowded into schools and other buildings, they soon faced another problem. Damp conditions quickly spread various illnesses, while surrounding healthcare facilities stood empty from the storm damage. 

 Medical project in devastated areas 

What seemed like a hopeless disaster turned into an opportunity. CAM staff members journeyed with Nicaraguan doctors and nurses to hold medical brigades in devastated coastal areas. Once a month, the medical team traveled to these communities. They listened to medical complaints, examined patients, and provided medicines and treatment. As they interacted with the hundreds of people who came for help, they also sought to offer hope and kindness.   People began moving out of the shelters as rebuilding progressed, but long-term needs and connections gave the team reasons to return several times in 2022. They continued providing medical help and followed up with needs of the people they had encountered.

 “Surely he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows . . . and with his stripes we are healed.” Isaiah 53:4, 5

 Nora portrays one relationship built during this project. This young widow lost her home to the hurricanes. CAM staff arranged to build a new house and helped minister to Nora and her children’s medical needs. One visit to Nora’s home found her ill with a headache and a high fever. The doctor diagnosed her problem and provided treatment. As he helped her, Nora shared, “Last night as I was sick, a man in white came down and visited me. He . . . just stood over me with His hands outstretched. After awhile, He went back up. I said, “Thank you, God for a sign that you care about me.”

medical project, Christian Aid Ministries
Nora and her children

This summer our staff members received news that Nora’s 12-year-old daughter passed away unexpectedly. Please pray for Nora and her children as they face more loss and  heartache. 

 Spiritual opportunities through medical project 

Other connections that formed through this medical project are opening spiritual opportunities to distribute the 101 Favorite Stories from the Bible book. It was recently translated into the Miskito language. The Miskito people are a native people group who live in Nicaragua’s coastal regions affected by hurricanes.

medical project, Christian Aid Ministries
Miskito Bible story book recipient

 We pray the medical aid and spiritual nourishment will help people come to know the greatest Physician of all.

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The gift of medicine

malaria medicine, Christian Aid Minstries

Joseph came to a CAM-supported clinic in Liberia with a severe case of malaria. His weight was dropping, and he was in dire need of medical treatment. The clinic staff members were able to give Joseph protein shakes and malaria medicine they had in stock, thanks to donations from CAM.

After talking to Joseph, a staff member in Liberia wrote, “He was so grateful for all that CAM is doing for the people in Liberia. He was able to get free medications and nutritional items due to the generosity of the donors in the States.”

Other recipients from clinics in Liberia that we support share their appreciation for the dependable medicines and nutritional items. One Liberian said, “The government is supposed to help us, but they have not brought any medicines in over six months. Christian Aid Ministries brings us medicines on a monthly basis, and we are so grateful for that.”

Without the shipments made possible by CAM supporters, many patients wouldn’t receive the medicine they need. Our staff member asked a nurse how many patients her clinic sees on average. She replied, “It depends on when Christian Aid Ministries comes with medicines. When the villagers see the Christian Aid Ministries vehicle, they come flocking to the clinic because they know we will have medicines available again.”

The Medicines-for-Multitudes program serves more than 420 medical outlets in Liberia and other countries around the world. Your support provides medicines and nutritional items to ill people who may not have access to other life-sustaining treatments.

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I was sick and ye visited me

sick and malnourished, Christian Aid Ministries

Compassionate care for the sick and malnourished

In a remote part of Liberia, several hours from paved roads, is the village of Garplay. Recently a CAM staff member visited the clinic in Garplay, noting the nearly empty medicine shelves. The clinic staff explained that their supply of medicines has been extremely limited in recent months. They related the discouragement of lacking medicines to help their patients, many of whom can hardly afford to buy medicines. “Medicines in the bush are scarce and expensive,” our staff member explained. “People walk for a few hours to this clinic.”

Empty clinic shelves and walking hours or even days to the nearest healthcare facility are realities around the world. Without proper treatment, basic sicknesses can develop into life-threatening conditions. By providing high-quality medicines, nutritional supplements, and other medical supplies, CAM endeavors to follow the example of Jesus who “was moved with compassion . . . and healed their sick.”

In the mountains of Haiti

In isolated communities of mountainous Haiti, healthcare options are severely limited. A CAM-supported medical team traveled into several of these communities to hold mobile clinics. “We quickly realized we were sorely lacking children’s medicine….” shared a team member. She continued, “Malnutrition is the biggest enemy the children . . . face. It seemed almost all of them had skinny arms and legs and reddish hair that is indicative of malnutrition.”

Ten-month-old Fednoëlle visited the clinic with signs of malnutrition. “Little Fednoëlle was a pitiful little bundle, covered in sores and scabies,” a team member observed. “The skin on her tiny feet had split from the swelling that comes with [malnutrition]. Sadly, this is all too common . . . .” A strict feeding schedule with proper nutrients greatly boosted Fednoëlle’s frail health.

The medical team also noticed infections, boils, scabies, and other untreated skin conditions. Without access to salves and creams, these conditions can develop into serious problems.

Infant formula, nutritional supplements, creams, vitamins, and other items that are often unavailable or unaffordable in these remote communities, were distributed at the mobile clinics. “It is difficult to imagine the misery and hopelessness some of these people have endured,” related a team member. “Especially when something can be so easily treated, but is left untreated and . . . their life is one of constant pain and discomfort.”

Along with items for physical health, these clinics also provided the opportunity to share spiritual medicine. Those who visited the clinics eagerly accepted Bibles, Bible story books, and other Christian literature.

Compassion for Romania’s elderly

For Romania’s elderly, some of the most vulnerable people in the country, nutritional supplements, cream for burns and bedsores, and other medicines are answers to prayer. Many of them are no longer able to work the land to provide for themselves. Some live alone in remote villages, abandoned by family members. Age and disease have left others bedfast and completely dependent on others. For many of the elderly, their income does not cover their housing and medical needs. “They have to cut medication in order to keep a roof over their heads,” shared a Romanian pharmacist.

Each year, generous companies donate truckloads of medicines, medical supplies, and nutritional supplements to CAM. Although these products are donated, funds are needed to ship and distribute them responsibly. Funds are also needed to purchase medicines we aren’t able to acquire through donations.  If you wish to help provide life-saving supplies for the sick, your contribution will be a blessing. Please pray that these items will point to Christ, the true Physician.

 Christian Aid Ministries | March 2021

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A visit to the Balm of Gilead clinic

Balm of Gilead, Christian Aid Ministies

Tucked among the remote hills of Nicaragua, CAM’s Balm of Gilead clinic receives at least sixty patients each day of operation. Two American nurses diligently work to meet the needs of the many patients who are at the gate by 7:00 a.m.

Nicaraguans are often willing to travel a great distance to this remote clinic, rather than visit a hospital nearby. Many hospitals and health centers throughout the country offer free healthcare but are often depleted of medicines or are understaffed. At the Balm of Gilead clinic, a good stock of quality medicines and supplies is an answer to prayer for those who come for care.

“Is there no balm in Gilead; is there no physician there? why then is not the health of the daughter of my people recovered?” Jeremiah 8:22

Some patients walk three to six hours and then ride several hours on a bus to get to the clinic. One young mother with a sick three-year-old started walking to the clinic on a Saturday and did not arrive until Tuesday. The little boy was crying and his feet were swollen from all the walking.

The nurses never know what needs they will face in a day, but they are rewarded with many positive results. One of the nurses shared, “Nine-year-old Yoselin came . . . with red, itchy, raised spots all over her face, arms, and most of her body.” After the nurses gave Yoselin medicine and creams, the young girl came back for a checkup looking like a new person.

As the clinic staff members labor to help people physically, they also take opportunities to offer spiritual encouragement. The regular times of prayer, singing, and Scripture reading in the waiting area point patients to the ultimate Healer.

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Health and hope

Romanian, Romania, Christian Aid Ministries

When medical needs arise in Romanian families, many are unable to afford treatments or medicines. The Medicines-for-Multitudes program helps these people by providing medicines, medical supplies, and nutritional items.

Camelia, a vibrant Christian mother, suffered from a ruptured aneurism that nearly took her life. Now she is immobile and requires various medications, a special bed, and other equipment to help her regain mobility. Family members help care for Camelia, but her disability has brought great hardships and expenses to the household. Through Medicines-for-Multitudes, Camelia received medicines, disinfectant, and other items needed to help her recover.

This program also helps the Gypsy people of Pata Rat who live near the dump and gather garbage for a living. They cannot afford medicines, medical treatments, and other basic needs. Our staff members supply these Gypsy people with medicines and sometimes provide nutritional drinks for the children. At times these drinks are their only meal of the day.

To many people in Romania and other countries, medicines are precious gifts. One Romanian doctor who receives medicines through this program says, “Words cannot express the gratitude and thankfulness for those who made it possible that these poor people be helped. Their hope is found only in the Lord, who answered their prayers through you.”

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Vitamins for twins in Nicaragua

The single mother of these six-month-old twin girls sells lemons on the street to make ends meet. Her struggle to provide leaves the twins at risk of malnutrition. As a mother who cares deeply for her babies, she brought them to our clinic in Nicaragua where CAM staff provided vitamins to help keep the twins healthy as they grow.

More than 385 medical outlets in various countries receive donated medicines through the Medicines-for-Multitudes program. In parts of the world where access to medical supplies and medicine is limited, these items are a tremendous blessing to the sick and suffering.

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Medicine that could save precious lives

save precious lives

Liberia has some of the worst health statistics in the world. One in ten children dies before his/her fifth birthday. Diseases like pneumonia and malaria claim lives daily. Some people even die from minor sicknesses like diarrhea or the flu. Sadly, the leading causes of death are often preventable. But for the average person who is struggling to scrape together enough money to buy food, medicines are something they cannot afford.

That thy way may be known upon earth, thy saving health among all nations. Psalm 67:2

Those who live in Liberia’s interior may need to walk several hours to reach a clinic. Even if they are able to make the long trek, the chances are slim that the clinic will have the medicines they need.

“I could hardly believe she was still alive.”

At Chief Jallah Lone Medical Center, A CAM-supported clinic, a mother of five lay extremely ill from sickle cell anemia. “When I saw her, I could hardly believe she was still alive,” our staff member shared after visiting the clinic. “Her arms and legs were thinner than any I have ever seen, and her voice was weak.”

Abandoned by her family, this mother spends her days sitting or lying on a bed at the clinic. Through CAM’s Medicines-for-Multitudes program, she received electrolytes and medicines to help ease her pain. Though her body was wasting away, her mind was still clear as she thanked our staff for the medicines and for praying for her. In addition to the medicines, we hope the love and compassion she received also ministered to her spiritual needs.

“This saved the life of an expectant mother.”

Supported by CAM, the clinic staff reach out to their community by dispensing CAM medicines and by beginning their day with prayer and devotions. The staff is grateful for multivitamins and other supplements that provide nutrition, as well as antibiotics that fight diseases. One of the clinic staff pointed to a sodium chloride injection and said, “This saved the life of an expectant mother.” Often, the essential medicines CAM provides for these clinics would not be available otherwise.

Thanks to generous supporters, Medicines-for-Multitudes keeps more than 40 clinics in Liberia stocked with free medicines that have the potential to save precious lives.

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Life-Saving Medicines

When four-year-old Yeri first came to CAM’s Balm of Gilead clinic in Nicaragua, she was listless and could barely keep her eyes open. Her siblings, Yoselin and Yesner, were also sick. The clinic nurse gave Yeri and her siblings liquid vitamins, parasite treatment, and other important items to take home. When the children came back for a checkup one month later, their mom said, “They are so much better!” They are very thankful for the Life-Saving Medicines!

The nurse at the clinic says, “I am grateful to the many people who make it possible for children like Yoselin, Yeri, and Yesner to have an improved quality of life.”