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Precious drops of nourishment

milk, Christian Aid Minstries

People all over the world value milk for many reasons. It is nourishing, delicious, and comforting. Without thinking of its worth in many countries, we in America pour milk over cereal, use it to make gravy to spoon over hot biscuits, and enjoy it with freshly baked cookies.

But for many Romanians, having good milk on a regular basis is a luxury they cannot afford. For them, raising a goat or cow for milk is becoming increasingly difficult. Large farms are taking over in some communities, plowing much of the pastureland. This makes it difficult or impossible for those with little means to find sufficient grazing land for animals. Some villages once had 100 to 200 cows, but now have only 5 to 20.

Each week, Christian workers drive to Romanian villages to deliver milk to more than 1,500 people. Milk may not seem like a large or significant gift, but it is treasured by the elderly and handicapped and by young families with children. The weekly deliveries also pave the way to build relationships with some of Romania’s most vulnerable. Many elderly recipients look forward to receiving their milk supply for the week. With anticipation, they sit out­side to await the delivery man.

One elderly Romanian widow, Elena, is in her seventies and deals with chronic illness. On top of her own health struggles, she cares for her three handicapped children. Her only income, a government pension of less than $225 per month, doesn’t reach far, especially with her family’s medical needs. The milk she receives eases her burdens a little. Like her, other struggling Romanians express their thanks for this nutritious blessing.

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Free milk for the vulnerable

Free milk, Christian Aid Ministries

Ileana’s home is a little green house in the Romanian village of Protopopesti. She lives alone, and her 11 children do little to care for her.

A Christian worker who visited Ileana’s house remarked that “it was hardly good enough for animals.”  Rats have chewed holes through the small, mud-walled kitchen area. Ileana fears dying alone at home, knowing her house is overrun with rodents. The air is hazy because her old woodstove leaks smoke. Ileana sometimes opens a window to let out the smoke, which allows the cold to seep in.

Since 2020, Ileana has received free milk through the Milk-for-Many-Mouths program. Milk provides nutrients that are especially important for Ileana’s health problems. Thank you, supporters, for caring for people like this vulnerable woman through the gift of free, nutritious milk!

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Milk: One of God’s gifts

One of God’s gifts, Christian Aid Ministries

Eight-year-old Denis lives in a remote Romanian village and looks forward to the times when Christian workers deliver milk. It is a treat when his mother cooks seashell pasta in the milk for their family. Fresh milk, one of God’s gifts, helps this family stay strong and healthy.

Many Romanian families cannot afford to buy milk or keep a family cow. The Milk-for-Many-Mouths program provides free, fresh milk to orphanages, hospitals, and families in Romania.

Thank you, supporters, for making it possible to supply this nutritional drink to improvished families and other needy people.

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Liquid treasure

gift of fresh milk, Christian Aid Ministries

A smile comes to elderly Elena’s face. She has just received the gift of fresh milk, which will provide a valuable nutritional supplement to her diet.

Like Elena, more than 1,250 recipients across Romania receive milk each week through the Milk-for-Many-Mouths program. Nutrients in milk are essential for the growth of children and the health of adults. But many struggling families, elderly folks, and other needy Romanians simply cannot afford to buy milk or own a cow.

A group of Romanian believers uses the Milk-for-Many-Mouths program as an avenue of outreach. Through regular deliveries of this nutritious drink, they are building relationships, encouraging believers, and sharing God’s love with unbelievers.

Thank you, supporters, for sharing the liquid treasure of milk in Romania!

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Children’s Article: Delivering milk in villages of Romania

villages of Romania, Christian Aid Ministries

Come along with us to deliver milk to poor people in villages of Romania. We will need to start early so we can deliver all the milk before dark.

While we drive to the village where we will deliver milk, let me tell you why I think milk is so important. Children around the world need good food and vitamins to stay strong and healthy. But many children and their families don’t have enough nutritious food to eat. Milk is full of vitamins and other things that help children grow. Calcium in the milk makes your bones stronger so they don’t break easily. Children who live in orphanages love to drink milk because they know it’s healthy for them.

Facts about milk

Milk is one of the most nutritious drinks in the world.
Christopher Columbus brought cows on his second trip to America in 1493.
The average American consumes almost 25 gallons of milk a year.

You might wonder who gets the milk. We give milk to poor families, widows, orphans, and handicapped people. Most of these people do not have enough money to buy a cow. Or maybe they don’t have space to keep a cow on their property.

We are ready for our first stop.

The people we will visit now are an elderly father and his handicapped son. (Their house is pictured at right.) They come out of their house and meet us by the gate. Life is hard for them and they are very poor. But the kindness of the milk delivery driver and the gift of milk brightens their day.

villages of Romania, Christian Aid Ministries

Next, let’s go visit Pavel, whose house is just down the road.

He lives all alone. Milk is a special treat for him! “Do you have a copy of the Seed of Truth magazine for me?” Pavel asks. He takes the magazine gratefully and listens carefully as the milk delivery man explains what we need to do to prepare to meet God.

villages of Romania, Christian Aid Ministries

Lavinia also lives on the same road.

There are four children in her family. Her mother left the children and went to live in Italy. Lavinia’s father is a Christian and does the best he can to raise his children alone. But life is hard for Lavinia and her siblings without their mother. Lavinia’s smile shows how glad she is for the gift of milk.

villages of Romania, Christian Aid Ministries

It is time to go so we can get to other villages to deliver milk before the day is over. We climb into the milk delivery van and bump down the road toward another village. Children at an orphanage there are waiting for us to arrive with the special gift of milk.

villages of Romania, Christian Aid Ministries

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Because someone cares, someone smiles

gift of milk, Christian Aid Ministries

Lavinia and her family live in primitive conditions in Romania. Her mother left the family, but Lavinia’s father is now a believer who does his best to raise the children alone. A staff member who delivers milk to the family shared, “Lavinia’s family does not find life to be easy . . . Lavinia’s smile shows her appreciation for the love shown by this gift of milk.”

Each week, our staff members deliver 660 gallons of milk to orphanages, hospitals, and forgotten people in remote areas. Our desire is that the regular visits and small gifts will remind them of God’s care.

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Fresh milk and encouraging visits

Fresh Milk

Three siblings who were orphaned as teenagers live in this old, dilapidated mud house. They suffer from mental handicaps and struggle to survive on their own. The regular gift of fresh milk is no doubt a blessing to this needy home.

The Milk-for-Many-Mouths program provides nutritious milk as a way to reach out to more than 1,500 needy recipients each week. In addition to the milk, recipients anticipate the encouraging visit by CAM’s delivery staff.

“Defend the poor and fatherless: do justice to the afflicted and needy.” Psalm 82:3