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Food parcels for street peddlers

street peddlers

Seventy-six-year-old Margarito and his wife Carlota cannot afford to own land, but live with several of their children on the edge of a city street in Nicaragua. They cook and sell corn, tortillas, and other food. They also peddle vegetables to make a living. Margarito cannot afford to buy a cart to peddle their goods, so they need to rent a cart each afternoon.

Margarito and Carlota were thankful for the rice, canned chicken, and other food in the 45-pound Nicaragua-Adopt-A-Family parcel they received. A staff member said, “[Margarito’s] smile tells the story.” Thank you, supporters, for easing the burden of Nicaraguan families like Margarito and Carlota!

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God’s goodness in food parcels

God’s goodness, Christian AId Ministries

Families in Nicaragua share with our staff of their ongoing struggle to find steady work to generate an income. Through CAM’s Nicaragua-Adopt-A-Family program, 750 families receive a monthly food parcel that reminds of God’s goodness and allows them to use their small income for other essentials.

The food parcels are a great blessing to Gavina and her family who have suffered much heartache. Gavina’s husband abandoned the family years ago, leaving her to shoulder the load of providing for her home. Several of her children are mentally handicapped and unable to earn an income. She also cares for her granddaughter, whose mother was killed in an accident.

One of Gavina’s sons sends her some money, but it is not nearly enough to meet all the family’s needs. Supporters’ gifts of food help them survive, and they stretch the food as long as possible.

In another Nicaraguan home, Vicenta suffers from Parkinson’s disease and can’t even straighten her back anymore. Like Gavina, she cares for a handicapped son. When CAM workers delivered a food parcel, her son excitedly grabbed the can of chicken, held it to his nose, and turned it over and over to smell it.

This family loves the chicken, oil, rice, and other ingredients in the parcel. They make a cornmeal dough and fill it with rice, chicken, and vegetables. Then they fold it like a half-moon pie and fry it in oil. This is a highlight for them when they receive the parcel.

Included with each parcel, the Antorcha de la Verdad (Torch of Truth) magazine provides spiritual nourishment. Thank you, supporters, for providing these food parcels. They are monthly reminders of God’s goodness!

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“We wait for the food parcel like we wait for the rain”

wait for the rain

Sixty-year-old Mercedes lives miles off the paved roads in a rocky region of Nicaragua. Ten other family members live with her. The area where they live experiences frequent droughts that create challenges for Mercedes and other local Nicaraguans. Farmers in this area struggle to raise crops, which makes it difficult to afford food.

Mercedes’ family receives a Nicaragua-Adopt-A-Family food parcel each month. The parcel is a huge relief to them when life is hard. Mercedes said, “We wait for the food parcel like we wait for the rain.”

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“Grateful for the food parcel program”

food parcel, food package, Christian Aid Ministries

Lucas had an accident where he fell into a tank of pesticide several years ago. He shared with our staff that he now struggles with diabetes, vision problems, and blood pressure issues that hinder his ability to work to provide for his wife and three children. Lucas has a garden on the property that enables him to grow some food for his family. His expectant wife washes clothes for other Nicaraguans and does additional odd jobs to make a little money.

After delivering a food parcel to this family, our field director said, “This is one of the cases that makes me even more grateful for the food parcel program.” Thank you, supporters, for helping to ease the load of families who find it difficult to provide.

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“Now we have enough to eat”

enough to eat, Nicaragua Adopt A Family, Christian Aid Mininstries

As a single mom, Yorlene makes a little income from washing clothes by hand. For every dozen pieces she washes, Yorlene gets paid a dollar, which is her average daily income. Sometimes people pay her with produce and other times they don’t pay at all.

A year ago, Yorlene and her children desperately needed a place to live. After she fasted extensively about their need, God answered Yorlene’s prayer through an aunt who donated a piece of land to Yorlene to build a little house.

Yorlene receives a monthly parcel of food through the Nicaragua-Adopt-A-Family program. She says the food parcel lasts for about two weeks, and thankfully, she now doesn’t lack rice and beans. Yorlene says, “My life has been hard, but God has opened doors of blessing for me through this program, and now we have enough to eat.”

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The Gift of Food for Struggling Nicaraguans

Struggling Nicaraguans

Alejandro and his family are some of many struggling Nicaraguans who find it difficult to make ends meet. But they remain positive and take good care of what they have. When staff members deliver their monthly food parcel, they note how tidy their one-room tin house is kept. The dirt floor is swept, and clean laundry dries on a string stretched across the room.

To put food on the table, Alejandro tries to find small jobs as he can. With permission, he recently started “gleaning” peanuts from his neighbor’s field after those harvesting the crop were finished. So far, he has sold 16 pounds of peanuts at 30 cents per pound. Occasionally, Alejandro also works for farmers, and his wife makes tortillas to sell.

Struggling Nicaraguans
Alejandro and his family.

And Jesus said unto them,I am the bread of life: he that cometh to me


and he that believeth on me shall never thirst. John 6:35

Several months ago during the unrest in Nicaragua, CAM was unable to deliver food parcels, and Alejandro and his family couldn’t travel to the market. Recently, after receiving a food parcel again, Alejandro’s wife commented that she was happy to again have oil to use when cooking rice and beans. She is also glad to have a bit of sugar for their coffee. Alejandro’s youngest son is pleased to have the Reapers of Hope vegetable soup mix from the parcel to eat with rice. It’s his favorite dish!

With rice being the main portion of each meal, the family consumes about 20 pounds of rice per week. That means they eat all the rice in the food parcel long before the month is over. When the rice is gone, they use their minimal amount of money to buy more. But this involves walking an hour to the main road to catch the bus to the market.

Alejandro and his family are always grateful when the next food parcel arrives. Perhaps the care of others through the gift of a food parcel is what keeps this family pressing on despite their difficult circumstances. The family expresses their deep appreciation for the food!