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A Gift that is Alive

Seeds burst with God-given life. A tiny seed has great potential when gifted to someone willing to plant and cultivate it. The Seed Project makes this gift possible for many people who depend on their gardens for food.

Ukraine’s soil is fertile, and its climate supports successful gardening. However, many of the seeds available are not high quality. Seed companies in Ukraine often have poor storage and sorting procedures and do little testing for germination. Many Ukrainians resort to poor-quality seeds since good seeds are expensive and harder to find.

CAM buys quality seeds to distribute in countries like Ukraine. Our goal is to provide a seed that germinates well, produces a disease-resistant plant, and ends with a fruit that tastes delicious and stores well. We mostly provide vegetable seeds so people can store or preserve their harvest and have a food supply in the winter when the need is greatest.

Thank you, supporters, for giving seeds to people in Ukraine and other countries!

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The gift of seeds

gift of seeds, Christian Aid Ministries

A gift of seeds, provided through the Seed Project, is a blessing to the Pitic family in Moldova. The father does construction work, but this is not a dependable source of income. One of their five children is nearly blind. The harvest from their seeds helps feed them during the long winter months.

With funds from supporters, CAM provides garden seeds for thousands of families every year. Garden seeds are especially valuable in recent years since food prices have skyrocketed. Recipients often express appreciation for the excellent quality seeds and praise God for the liberal harvest.

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Providing vegetable seeds and planting God’s Word

vegetable, Christian Aid Ministries

The Seed Project provides quality vegetable seeds for families in Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, and other countries who depend largely on their gardens for food. Gifts of seeds require recipients’ investment to make them grow. People treasure a bountiful harvest when their own hands have planted, weeded, and watered. Our goal for the Seed Project is not only to provide physical seeds but also to plant spiritual seeds through Christian literature and teaching given with the seeds.

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Quality seeds provide a bountiful harvest

Quality seeds, Christian Aid Ministries

Mariana’s children hold canned goods from their garden. The quality seeds this family from Moldova received from CAM provided a bountiful harvest that lasted into winter.

Good seeds are available but expensive in Moldova. The seeds that needy families can afford to buy are often poor quality and don’t develop well. Families who depend largely on their garden for food are thankful for seeds from CAM that reward them with a productive crop.

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Little Seeds Are A Big Blessing (Children’s Story)


Hello, my name is Lena and I live in Ukraine. My mom and dad work hard to buy food and clothes for our family of six. Even though they work hard, we don’t have much money and it takes a long time to save. CAM gave my family a gift that helps us save some money! They gave us a package of good seeds to plant in our garden last summer. The seeds grew into big plants and provided lots of fresh vegetables! My mom canned some of the vegetables for the long, cold winter. I love the peppers, beets, cucumbers, and other good food we still have to eat from our garden.

Now we won’t need to spend so much money on food and can save that money to finish building our house. My dad is building a house for us, but we cannot finish it until we have more money. My parents say the seeds CAM gave us are a blessing from the Lord!

Lena and her father admire the plants in their garden that grew from the seeds CAM gave them.

Many people from Eastern Europe depend on the vegetables from their gardens to feed their families.

Canned vegetables are a blessing to many families during winter months.

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Seeds — Tiny Gifts that Make a Big Difference

Vegetable Seeds

Months before the snow melts, families in Eastern Europe prepare for spring. Vegetable seeds are planted in makeshift greenhouses all over remote villages. The precious little plants that spring up heavily determine whether the family will have enough to eat the following winter.

With so much significance placed on a little seed, buying quality seeds would be ideal for impoverished families. Some quality seeds are available, but many families cannot afford them. Left with no choice but to buy cheaper seeds, many villagers are discouraged after their entire summer’s labor does not yield enough vegetables to feed their families.

CAM’s Seed Project is one way to help bear their burden. Each year, this project provides tons of high-quality garden seeds in various countries. Anatoli and his wife in Ukraine are one of many families who are encouraged through the Seed Project. “CAM has helped us so much,” they say. “We can never repay you.”

Young and old alike see the gift of seeds as God’s goodness. The seeds provide work for growing children. Elderly villagers can sell extra produce for a small income. Even widows express gratitude for seeds that provide food for the hard winter months. Thank you, supporters, for sharing God’s goodness through the wonderful gift of seeds.