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Support a person in crisis

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The Special-Needs-Fund helps people in impoverished countries who suddenly find themselves in crisis situations like medical emergencies, house fires, and other unexpected needs. Often, poverty-stricken people cannot save for such emergencies and are destitute when they occur. Some are forced to beg.

The Special-Needs-Fund helps people who suffer from critical needs. This program is a favorite of our field staff. It enables them to respond to some of the most pressing needs they encounter. The cost varies for each case, but an average of $250 supports one person in crisis.

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A chance to live an active life

John developed a meningeal infection when he was only a day old. The infection led to paralysis and affected his speech. Because his Kenyan parents couldn’t afford therapy, John never learned to walk or talk. Each day, his mother carries him one mile to catch a taxi that takes him to school. Despite his condition, John has a pleasant attitude and smiles freely to those around him.

Through CAM’s Special Needs Fund, John is now able to receive therapy each week to learn how to walk and talk. This gives him potential to improve significantly. Thanks to generous supporters, John has the chance to live a more active life!

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“I can walk again!”


Eighty-one-year-old Olga was on her way to visit her husband in the hospital when she fell and broke her hip. Olga needed surgery before she could walk again. Paying for the operation was almost out of question for this elderly couple in Ukraine. Olga thought she would never walk again.

Through CAM’s Special-Needs-Fund, Olga received help to pay for her surgery. With great thankfulness she says, “God is merciful to me and I can walk again and glorify God!”