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Changing Lives Through Monthly Sponsorships

Mina* struggled with fear after her mother was killed. She did not want to speak to anyone or even leave her grandmother’s house. When Mina began attending remedial classes funded by the Egypt Sponsor-A-Child program, her fears were eased by her teachers’ love and support. She is now one of the top students in her class.

In India, Tamil and her daughter started working as day laborers after the death of her husband. But when sickness and disease disrupted their lives, it became impossible to work. Many nights found them going to bed hungry because there was no money for food. Now Tamil receives a monthly food parcel through the Support-A-Widow program, and she praises God for it. “It is the mercy and grace of the Lord that He is fulfilling our needs every month,” she says. “We never imagined this great blessing in our lives. We are no longer going to sleep on an empty stomach.”

Mina and Tamil are only two of the many people who are blessed through our growing list of over 24,000 sponsorships. Although we will likely never meet all the people whose lives are changed through sponsorships, an Adopt-A-Family recipient says it well: “Even if we do not know each other here on earth, we shall see each other in glory.”

*Names changed to protect identities.

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Monthly Sponsorships

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Thank you for your support in 2023!

Dear supporter friends,

THANK YOU for your faithful financial support, volunteer work, and prayers in 2023!

Be assured your contributions are a wonderful blessing to the work of Christian Aid Ministries and the multitudes of people around the world who are touched by your love and generosity!

Regardless of the size of your gift or which of our 50-plus programs you chose to support, the Lord can use all to build His kingdom, encourage His people, and glorify His name.

Here at CAM—through our staff on the ground and our contacts around the world—we are constantly
confronted with the cries of the poor, the many people caught in the midst of wars, the victims of natural disasters, and more. The cries come from little children, the elderly, sick, handicapped, and those trying hard to support their families. And then there are the cries of the lost and the seeking. Millions have little or no access to the holy Scriptures. Multitudes are looking for an answer to the void in their hearts.

What a blessing and encouragement your support is in helping us respond to these cries! How sad it would be to know about these needs and not be able to do anything about them. God doesn’t intend for us to do everything, but with your help we can do something!

From all of us at Christian Aid Ministries, THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU for your labors of love for the cause of Christ! It is indeed a privilege to work together with you in the effort to be “the hands and feet of Jesus” in this needy world. All honor and glory to HIM (Revelation 4:11)!

David N. Troyer, General Director

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SALT Member Starts Chicken Farm in Myanmar

When the Myanmar military overthrew the government in 2021, many people fled the ensuing violence.
Some hid in the forests while others moved to safer areas of the country. Among these were Dedan* and his wife Myia with their four children, who left their home with no hope of returning.

After relocating to the city of Yangon, Myanmar, Dedan joined a SALT Savings Group. He hoped the group would enable him to start a business and save money for his children’s schooling. With his savings and a loan from the savings group, Dedan was able to make a down payment on a small farm and start a business of raising poultry. He and SALT member starts chicken farm in Myanmar
Myia plan to expand their poultry business to include layers. Selling eggs will provide additional income.

Dedan says the teaching he received at the SALT meetings guided him in starting his business. He especially likes the lesson that teaches about the greatest opportunity every human has—the opportunity to know God.

Dedan appreciates all the SALT program has done for him and hopes it can continue to grow in the future. Please pray for Dedan and his family. Pray that the SALT program will continue to grow in Myanmar amid challenges.

*Names in this article are changed to protect privacy.

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Widowed but Rejoicing

It was rainy season in India as CAM staff and contacts sloshed through the mud to reach Indira,* standing on the doorstep of her newly built house. She was excited to move to this small, sturdy house from her tarp shelter on someone else’s property. Her new home was made possible by supporters’ donations to the Widows Care Fund.

Indira wept as she told her visitors about her husband, who was killed 20 years ago by a Bengal tiger. In this part of India, tigers, snakes, and crocodiles have killed numerous men, leaving women like Indira to endure the hardships of widowhood.

About 15 years ago, Indira found Jesus. Because of her faith in Christ, her sons refuse to care for her. But
Indira remains faithful despite loneliness and rejection and gathers with other widows to rejoice in the Lord.

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Placing Precious Bibles into Eagerly Waiting Hands

The Bible is the world’s best-selling book. An estimated 5 to 7 billion copies have been produced over the past 1,500 years. But just like the disparity of food and wealth, the world’s distribution of Bibles is majorly out of balance. You likely have at least ten Bibles in your home, a blessing that most of us take for granted. At our fingertips we have numerous copies of the life-changing, life-giving, and life-directing Word of God.

In contrast, many Christians and unbelievers across the world have no access to a Bible. Getting a copy of God’s Word in some countries can even be life-threatening.

 Ten Bibles
In one location, a tiny congregation of ten Christians met to encourage each other in the Lord. But they had a problem—none of them had a Bible and no one knew how to get one.
The pastor of this small flock was a taxi driver. One evening as he finished up his day of work, he noticed a box on the back seat of his car. He took the box home because he had no idea which of his customers had left it there.

When he got home, the pastor and his wife opened the box to see what was inside. To their shock, the box was filled with Bibles! Not twelve. Not nine. But ten—just the right number for their congregation. Who sent them? How did God arrange this miraculous gift? The pastor and his wife wept over the precious Bibles.

 “Teach me about you and your Word”
One family who received a Bible shared their harrowing story of pressure, loss, and terror in their country before they moved to another location. The mother of this family remembers the day she cried out to God in her distress. “Lord, teach me about you and your Word so I can hear your voice.” After receiving a Bible she shared, “I want to live like Christ so the rest of my household believes, as the Bible says, ‘Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and you and your household will be saved.’ ”

Ten hours studying the Bible
In another country, a booklet of Scripture-based questions is given along with each Bible distributed. One woman shared, “I would spend ten hours on the study and just sleep for two! Really! I would do my work in the evenings, and then spend all night studying the Bible.

As we enter 2024, we look forward to continue providing Bibles and New Testaments in various parts of the world, Lord willing. Millions of Bibles are in demand! We estimate that the Bibles provided in the next year will cost an average of $2.50 each. God bless you, supporters, for joining us in helping to place His life-changing Word into the hands of anxiously waiting people.

“So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it” (Isaiah 55:11).

Getting God’s Word into the hands of people, especially in closed countries with limited access, is a high priority for CAM. We endeavor to develop long-term relationships with trusted contacts and verify their work to the extent possible. However, independent verification is often limited, which creates a certain amount of financial risk.

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Voices of the Displaced

Ten-year-old Ivanna* remembers when the war started in Ukraine. “It was so scary hearing the bombs!” she said. “We hid in the bathroom because we didn’t have a cellar.” Ivanna is safe now since she and her parents fled their city, but she misses her home a lot.

Civil war in Sudan changed Samar’s life. “One evening several soldiers broke the door . . . and stole everything they could carry . . .” she said. She and her daughters fled to Egypt while her husband and son stayed behind. Later her husband called, saying the soldiers had returned and beat him and his son. Samar said tearfully, “That was the last time I heard from him.”

Fariha and her husband fled Syria with their children when the conflict became intense in their city. “It was a very long, risky journey,” she recalls. “We walked [for] days in the wilderness. . . . When we arrived in Lebanon, we settled in a tent . . .”

Ivanna, Samar, and Fariha are only a few of the 100 million people who have been displaced due to conflict and other disasters. Their stories represent millions that could be told.

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Relief in Israel-Gaza Conflict 

CAM staff in Israel are working with contacts to bring relief to residents of Gaza and Israel suffering from more than a month of intense warfare. 

After Hamas’ initial assault on southern Israel on October 7, Israel responded with heavy air strikes in Gaza. In recent weeks, Israel launched a ground invasion of northern Gaza, encircling the capital, Gaza City. Contacts in Gaza told CAM staff that even children have become so accustomed to the bombing that they can identify the origin and type of missile launched.  

Israel has warned Gaza’s residents to flee south as they invade northern Gaza. A limited number of aid vehicles are allowed into Gaza through its border with Egypt, but supplies of food, medicine, and other essentials are scarce.  

CAM staff in Israel are working through contacts to provide food and medical aid to suffering Gazans, as well as food and clothing for needy Israelis in southern Israel near the Gaza border.  

Tensions continue between Israel and Iran-backed groups in Syria and Lebanon, raising the possibility of a larger regional war. Our staff in Israel remain on the ground to monitor the situation and continue working with contacts to bring relief to the many suffering on both sides.  

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Venezuelans Hungry for God’s Word

Surrounded by economic difficulty and civil unrest, many Venezuelans are hungry for the Word of God. “It’s unlike any other country I have ever been in,” shared one contact after a recent trip to Venezuela. “From the military to the motel proprietor, customs official to the common street vendor, everywhere we go people want to talk to us, ask questions, and leave with a Bible or a Gospel tract in their hands.” 

This hunger for the Word brings tremendous opportunities. Through supporters’ funds for the Bibles for the World program, our staff and trusted contacts receive Bibles, Bible story books, and Christian literature to distribute in Venezuela and many other places around the world.

To help support the Bibles for the World program, please click the button below to give a gift.


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Thank you, CAM friends and supporters

Thank you, Christian Aid Ministries

The year 2022 has been a year with many blessings. It has also been the first year in a while that was calmer and more normal. Busy? Yes. At CAM it seems there is always a lot going on, but 2020 and 2021  were exceptionally so. The COVID-19 pandemic brought a huge surge in needs and increased contributions. Then came the Haiti hostage crisis from October to December 2021. Through it all, God was and continues to be so very faithful. We thank you, CAM friends and supporters, for rallying to the occasions!

The biggest story this year was Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February—the largest ground war in Europe since World War II. Depending on how long the war lasts, this could become CAM’s largest project ever. Hundreds of churches in Ukraine are looking for help and hope during their long, dark winter ahead. Aside from Ukraine, our list of other major war-torn areas of need—Yemen, Afghanistan, the Middle East, Myanmar, etc.—has never been longer. In these crises, it is important to remember that physical needs often equal spiritual opportunities.

This year, skyrocketing inflation has plunged millions around the world into economic despair. While contributions from our faithful supporters continue to run strong, there is a cloud on the horizon as the US Federal Reserve attempts to rein in inflation by raising interest rates. Will there be a recession? If it comes, will it be mild? How long will it last? We leave those things in God’s hands. It is our calling to be good stewards of what He makes available to us.

It looks like there will be plenty to do in the coming year. Armed with 50+ programs to meet an array of physical and spiritual needs, and blessed with an outstanding group of associates, contacts, and supporters at home and abroad, I look forward to 2023! Our desire at CAM is to be God’s humble servants and do His bidding to the best of our abilities. We look to Him for wisdom and strength to fulfill what He calls us to do.

THANK YOU so much and GOD BLESS YOU for all you have done for the cause of Christ in 2022! I consider it a great blessing, privilege, and opportunity to be co-laborers in the effort to be “the hands and feet of Jesus” in today’s world of need and spiritual opportunity!

May you and yours have a most blessed and very HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things . . .  Revelation 4:11

 David N. Troyer, General Director

Christian Aid Ministries

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Haiti’s Downward Spiral

the poorest countries, Christian Aid Ministries

Haiti is considered to be one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere. Natural disasters, chronic poverty, and other problems have crippled the country for decades. More recently, devastating drought, serious political unrest, and the worldwide coronavirus pandemic plunged many people even deeper into poverty. Thousands of Haitians are in desperate need!

Seasons of drought plaguing southern Haiti make it difficult for people to survive. Many of them depend on their gardens for food, and the lack of rain is devastating. Our staff reported that Haitians in one area endured four and a half years without a harvest. Many people living in mountainous regions forage for wild greens and anything else they can find to eat. As a last resort, others sift through wheat chaff purchased for pigs, hoping to find wheat they can eat. Malnutrition is a common problem in some parts of the country.

Soaring food prices make many food items unaffordable for Haitians. In some cases, these prices have tripled. Households in some communities eat only once a day, if even that. “People are just surviving,” shared a national CAM employee in Haiti.

Political upheaval in the past year added to these hardships. Frustrated with the rampant corruption, economic decline, fuel shortage, and other troubles of the country, thousands of Haitians acted on their anger. Marches, protests, and roadblocks locked the country for months. The upheaval and lawlessness killed and injured many people. Inflation and closing of businesses caused even more difficulties for the people of Haiti.

Then coronavirus lockdowns were announced, adding to Haiti’s existing problems. The closing of factories and businesses further crippled the country’s economy.

In the wake of all these tragedies, the cry for food, water, and other aid resounds through Haiti.

Hope for Haitians in despair

Together with trusted contacts and our national staff, CAM is finding ways to bring hope to Haiti’s desperate people. One of those ways is by organizing Work-for-Wages projects to help meet needs without creating dependency. These projects enable Haitians to earn money to feed themselves and their families while doing community projects that benefit others. They fix roads, clear canals, or dig water lines.

These projects also help slow the serious deforestation problem in Haiti. When Haitians are low on income, many of them harvest trees and use them to make charcoal to sell. Work-for-Wages projects help provide Haitians with other means of income that help slow the depletion of Haiti’s trees.

These projects have sparked great interest among struggling Haitians. Some say it is the best thing that could have happened in their communities. At times, hungry people show up to help even though the work team is full for that day. They beg to join without payment just so they can get the meal provided for the workers.

In addition to this project, we are researching ways to help meet other serious needs in Haiti as opportunities arise. In one community, our contacts were able to build a water reservoir to help meet the pressing need for water. Before the well was available to the area, a desperate mother said, “. . . what is killing us is thirst. I was going to make supper this evening and because of a lack of water I cannot. . . . We will have no supper tonight.” Because the well had dried up, this mother had no water to cook her rice and beans.

As funds allow and personnel are available, we would like to expand Work-for-Wages projects as well as provide food, water, medicine, Christian literature, and other aid for Haiti’s suffering people. If you would like to help, your support and prayers will be greatly appreciated. God bless you!

“For [God] shall deliver the needy when he crieth; the poor also, and him that hath no helper.” (Psalm 72:12)