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Cambodian Couple Finds Jesus Through Well Project

Teourm used to draw water from a brown, murky pond near her home. After CAM contacts in Cambodia drilled a well right next to her home, she and her husband Yung had access to clean, pure drinking water without having to worry about waterborne diseases.

Even greater than clean water is the wonderful work God is doing in Teourm and Yung’s village. The men who drilled their well helped Teourm in her journey to find Jesus. She and her sister, a former witch doctor who is now a believer, are influential members of their community. Teourm’s sister opens her home for Bible studies, held by CAM contacts every other week. We praise God that through these meetings, Yung has also chosen to follow Jesus!

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The gift of love through water

Water is mentioned over 700 times in the Bible, revealing its importance since the beginning of time. Life depends on it. Doctors lecture on the importance of hydration, gardens flourish with moisture, and farmers and herders realize the urgency to supply water for their livestock.

 Chilowa, Malawi

Chilowa is a rural community of 73 families, nestled in central Malawi. Homes with thatch roofs and dirt floors dot the landscape. In many homes you will find few belongings, and you won’t find a water faucet.
The people of Chilowa used to walk over a mile to collect water from a murky river for their daily needs. The trek was difficult, and children who fetched water had little time or energy for school lessons. To make matters worse, the river water was contaminated, leaving the people vulnerable to waterborne diseases and infections.
Your generosity made it possible for our contacts to install a high-quality LifePump™ for the people of Chilowa. Many hand pumps in developing countries require repairs after a few months, but a LifePump™ is made to last years with minimal maintenance. Its ability to reach deeper into the ground than most pumps creates a more reliable source of fresh, clean water. On December 7, 2022, people from communities around Chilowa gathered near their new pump, anxiously awaiting the first drops of clean water. They sang and praised God for the gift of this reliable water source.
Bernedeta lives in Chilowa and spoke for the community when she exclaimed, “We are so happy, and every day, every month, and every year we will be so excited because of the clean water . . . the children will no longer miss school. We will . . . be happy since we will no longer have diseases. We will start planting trees and gardens and building brick houses.”
This day also brought an opportunity to drink of the Living Water. Chilowa community members eagerly received Bible story books, which were recently translated into Chichewa, Malawi’s native language.
“We praise God for this gift, this gift of love through this water,” said Bernedeta. “God is great, and we always praise God.” Let’s rejoice with the people of Chilowa and pray that God will continue to change lives through the gift of water.

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H₂O: The substance of human life

H₂O, Christian Aid Ministries

H2O—more commonly known as water—is necessary for human existence. As good water sources dwindle in some parts of the world, the demand for clean water is escalating.

Sometimes the simple act of getting water is dangerous. Crocodiles have snatched people by a river in Zimbabwe as they filled their buckets with water. But even more dangerous than lurking, wild creatures are the tiny, deadly microbes in contaminated water.


1 in 5 children does not have enough water to meet his/her everyday needs.

80 countries are in areas with high or extremely high water vulnerability.

Supporters make it possible to provide clean water for villages where children and women spend many hours looking for or gathering water. Through wells, pumps, water filters, and other resources, lives are saved by safeguarding people from water sources that can cause harmful diseases or even death.

A contact in Africa shared how vital a good water source is. “We discovered that some of these pumps were being used for up to 20 hours a day!” he said. Thank you for making pure water a reality for people in Africa, Asia, and other parts of the world.

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Clean water—a lifeline

Clean water, Christian Aid Ministries

A crowd of women and children gathers in this African village, lining up their colorful buckets. One woman at the head of the line turns the handle of a hand pump. With each turn the precious gift of clean water streams out, a gift the people of this community in Zimbabwe have lived without for much of their lives.

To many of us, clean water only requires filling a glass at the kitchen sink. We might struggle to grasp the fact that each day finds women and children around the world spending more than 150 million hours collecting water. Many times animals share their water sources, which are often contaminated rivers or dirty water holes.

Because we struggle to understand the lack of water, we also might not recognize how precious pure, safe water is in much of the world. A reliable water source can make a dramatic difference in communities where spending hours walking many miles to collect polluted water is a part of life. Your funds for the Water-for-the-World program are helping make clean water a reality in parts of the world like Liberia, Kenya, Haiti, Ethiopia, Cambodia, Gaza, and India.

In Malawi and Zimbabwe, we are working with contacts to install high-quality water pumps. These pumps are impacting communities in various ways. A staff member who traveled to Zimbabwe said, “We heard testimonies from ladies who said they can sleep peacefully at night now because they don’t need to get up at 2:00 a.m. to go get water.”

In the Mkanda community of Malawi, villagers used to collect water from a small, muddy pit. One day a young child fell into the pit and drowned. Now a water pump allows the villagers to safely collect pure water.

Water pumps impact communities in eternal ways as well. When our contacts install the pumps, they also preach the Gospel and distribute Bibles. Many of these remote villages are steeped in demonic worship but are often open to hearing truth. Pray that clean water would be a lifeline, not only to improved living conditions but also to the life-changing Gospel.

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The high cost of contaminated water

contaminated water

Women and children around the globe spend hours in the hot sun, collecting water from contaminated water holes and polluted rivers. Some have no choice but to go out at night to gather water for their families. Our contacts share stories of woman and children being attacked by crocodiles and bitten by venomous snakes while collecting water. But an even greater risk exists—tiny, invisible microbes that live in contaminated water and cause severe illness or even death. In fact, approximately 3.5 million people die each year from water-related sicknesses, which is equivalent to a jumbo jet crashing every hour. Source: The World Counts

Water-for-the-World supplies funds for wells, water filtering systems, and water storage tanks for impoverished families and communities, helping to lower the risk of drinking contaminated water. Providing fresh, clean water presents opportunities to share about Jesus, the source of living water.

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Murky water, clean water

Murky water, Christian Aid Ministries

Many of us who open a faucet in our home and receive a clear, cold gush of clean water any hour of the day can hardly grasp how precious water is in many parts of the world.

Nyambestown, a village deep in Liberia’s interior, is home to approximately 100 people. Water sources are scarce in remote Liberia. Residents of Nyambestown received their water from a muddy, murky creek some distance from the village. People bathed in this water, and women carried home the same water to cook their food.

Funds from CAM’s Water-for-the-World program recently provided a well for the people of Nyambestown. The villagers worked hard to dig the well by hand. Bucket by bucket, they performed the difficult, dirty job. Then the well was encased and a pump installed.

Clean water is an enormous blessing for villages like Nyambestown. One of the greatest benefits is an almost immediate decrease in water-related diseases like typhoid. In some cases, especially among children, clean water is life-saving.

Our Water-for-the-World budget goal this year is $900,000. In our efforts to provide safe water across the globe, our utmost goal is that people learn to know the source of living water Jesus introduced, “a well of water springing up into everlasting life.”

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Clean water—living water

Stagnant, communal waterholes are the only sources of water for many individuals around the globe. These waterholes are packed with microbes that cause life-threatening diseases such as typhoid, polio, and cholera. Each year, approximately one million people die from using contaminated water. Safe water is crucial for good health and sanitation. Drinking contaminated water can cause chronic health issues. Skin infections and other problems can result from using dirty water for bathing and washing clothes.

A person can live about a month without food but only about one week without water. However, for many people in remote Asian villages or deep in Africa’s bush, every drop of water requires hours of walking. Even dirty, disease-infested water is hard to find.

This year, CAM plans to give special focus to providing clean water around the world.

The need for clean water is huge. This avenue also presents great opportunities to share the news of living water. By drilling wells or providing water filters in remote regions, our staff and contacts are able to present the Gospel to people who have never heard of Christ.


Globally, at least 2 billion people use a drinking water source contaminated with human waste.

Approximately 260 million people must travel more than 30 minutes daily to collect their water.

Americans spend approximately $11 billion each year on bottled water, while much of the world lacks access to clean water.


Last year, CAM funded wells for the people of Borana, Ethiopia. These people raise cows, goats, or camels in the region’s scrubby hills. The dry season persists most of the year, with only a short rainy season to relieve the earth in the summer.

contaminated water, Christian Aid Minstries

contaminated water, Christian Aid Minstries

Gathering water in this extremely remote region is no easy task. Some women carry five-gallon jugs for hours to reach their source of water—in some cases a mere mud hole five feet deep. They fill their jugs with this filthy water and make the long trip home. Each day, women and young girls in this region spend up to ten hours walking seven to twelve miles for water. Sadly, the strain mothers endure in some cases results in the loss of unborn lives.

Early this year, our staff visited the Borana region. A staff member shared, “The local people told us that the rains are less every year . . . They said their cows are becoming weaker and skinnier. . . the droughts just make it harder and harder to get by.”

Villagers still walk for miles to reach the wells that were provided, but now the water they receive is clean and fresh. Women take turns pumping for one another and show the utmost care to avoid spilling water. Local villagers testified that this clean water is helping ward off sickness.


We plan to work through contacts to provide wells in various parts of Asia this year. In one village where our contacts drilled a well, a farmer shared, “We were forced to use dirty and filthy water for cooking and drinking. We suffered stomach aches, jaundice, typhoid, and diarrhea.” With clean water and instructions on proper hygiene, water-related diseases in the village dropped significantly.

contaminated water, Christian Aid Minstries

We are thankful for the opportunities God is presenting through the Water-for-the-World program. Our budget goal for 2021 is $900,000. If you wish to help with this project, your support will be a blessing. Please pray that the gift of physical water would draw people to the priceless gift of living water in Christ.
Thank you and God bless you!

Christian Aid Ministries | May 2021

“For I will pour water upon him that is thirsty, and floods upon the dry ground . . .” (Isaiah 44:3)

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Children’s Article: Clean water for families in Cambodia

Cambodia, Christian Aid Ministries

Have you ever thought what it would be like to drink water out of a dirty pond? What about taking a bath in muddy water? For many children in Cambodia, this is normal. Their water comes from muddy ponds, rivers, and lakes. They use this water to cook with and bathe in. Often, they even drink this water. Using this dirty water can make people sick. Sometimes people even die from sicknesses they got from dirty water.

Christian Aid Ministries provides funds to drill wells for poor families in Cambodia. The gift of clean water is a big blessing!

Christian Aid Ministries
False God

Many people in Cambodia have never heard about Jesus. They offer incense and worship false gods like this one on the left. When Christians came to drill wells for these people, they told them about the only true God in heaven. Now some of them have turned from false gods and are following Jesus.

Christian Aid Ministries
Houses during dry season.
Cambodia, Christian Aid Ministries
Houses during rainy season.

Many children in Cambodia live in houses like those pictured above. During the dry season, there is dry ground around their houses. But when it rains, the whole area turns into a lake. People can bring their boats right up to the ladder that goes up into their houses. Many people use the dirty water around their homes to wash their clothes and cook their food. If you would visit this community, in the morning you might even see someone standing in the water, using the dirty water to brush their teeth! But they have no other choice since this is the only water they have.

Cambodia, Christian Aid Ministries
Dirty well water.

. . . or cook their food with water that looks like this. They say, “We sure like the clean water we can get from our own well.”

Cambodia, Christian Aid Ministries
New clean water well.

New wells are a huge blessing to these people! Now they no longer need to use the dirty water that makes them get sick. They no longer need to wash their clothes with muddy water . . .

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Precious water for Ethiopia

Precious water, Christian Aid Ministries

A severe drought is sweeping over parts of Ethiopia, a country in East Africa. Although regions of the country have experienced severe flooding in recent months, an underlying lack of water is creating famine and hardship for millions. In some cases, conflict erupts when tribal groups fight for control of water sources and land. Some groups migrate from one area to another, searching for precious water for themselves and their livestock.

“For I will pour water upon him that is thirsty, and floods upon the dry ground . . .”  (Isaiah 44:3)

Caught in this drought are the Borana people of Ethiopia and Kenya. This people group depends largely on their livestock for a livelihood and struggles to find sufficient water and pastureland for them.
CAM is working with trusted contacts to provide wells for the Borana people and other needy people in Ethiopia. This will provide precious water for their families and their livestock. We desire that this will help them better provide for themselves and give them hope in their time of desperation.

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Water wells for Cambodia

Water Wells, Christian Aid Ministries

Imagine what it would be like to drink water from a stagnant water hole, unfit even for bathing. Until recently, this was reality for a remote community in Cambodia.

Funded by CAM’s Water-for-the-World program, a conservative Anabaptist group, Arising Light Asian Ministries, drilled six wells in this area to provide fresh, clean water for approximately 300 homes. The believers who dug these wells also provided the wonderful gift of living water through Bible teaching. This contact exposed many people in this Cambodian village to God’s Word for the first time!