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Tears of Pain and Gratitude

“We fled death only to find refuge in this place,” Majed* said bitterly. War forced this Yemeni father and his family from home, and now they live in a building with walls battered by bombs and a roof made of makeshift cloth. Tears came to his eyes as he told of the struggle to support his family with the meager income he earns by collecting metal and plastic cans to sell.

Our contacts were able to give a food parcel to Majed and his family. After receiving the parcel, Majed sat on the ground, shedding tears of gratitude. “This is the first time I see someone reaching out, understanding my pain since the beginning of the war,” he said.

Majed and many others are grateful for the generosity of those who contribute to Food for War-Torn Yemen. Your gift of love offers solace to Yemenis living in constant strife and fear.

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Hunger and Weariness in War-ravaged Yemen

Hunger and Weariness in War-ravaged Yemen

Grief washed over Afra* from Yemen as she prepared a meal for her four children. She knew the cooked leaves and roots would hardly quiet their hunger, but what choice did she have? She was a widow, her husband killed in 2021 by a stray artillery shell. Afra had sold what she could to provide for her family, but now she was out of options, scavenging the mountains for wild plants to feed her children.

Then one day a visitor came to Afra’s door. She didn’t know the man, but she could see mercy in his eyes. And he had food for her family! Could it be the miracle she was longing for? This man now delivers food to Afra’s family every other month. Although it doesn’t meet all their food needs, it provides nourishment and allows Afra to channel some money toward her children’s schooling. To this Yemeni mother, each food delivery feels like a miracle.

Millions of people across Yemen share Afra’s story of grief, despair, and hunger. They are a people weary of war. Yemen has been locked in civil war since 2015, with neighboring countries backing opposite sides. As areas across the country become battlegrounds, Yemenis are forced from home and pushed toward starvation. More than 4 million people in Yemen are displaced, 80 percent being women and children.

Approximately half of Yemen’s population faces severe hunger levels.1 The country’s shattered economy gives limited opportunities for people to earn an income and feed their families. Our contacts meet fathers who once worked in welding, construction, and engineering, but now have no way to provide. For widowed mothers, this struggle is even harder. One mother said, “I stand outside restaurants, waiting for people to finish their meals, collecting leftovers . . . to bring back home for the children to eat.”

Malnutrition, coupled with a lack of clean, accessible water, leaves Yemenis susceptible to diseases like cholera and measles. With limited health facilities and many people unable to afford treatment, these conditions can quickly become life-threatening.

In the past few years, peace talks, truces, and prisoner swaps brought fragile hopes of peace in Yemen. But since war broke out between Israel and Gaza in October, tension in the country has increased. As a sign of support for Hamas, the Houthis, a militant group in Yemen, attacked numerous sea vessels traveling through the Red Sea. This is one of the world’s most vital shipping routes. Western powers like the U.S. and U.K. retaliated with airstrikes on multiple Yemeni cities.

These attacks leave uneasy questions: Will peace efforts continue? What will 2024 hold for Yemen? We don’t know. But we do know that the attacks created new challenges. Shipping prices are skyrocketing, making food prices even higher in Yemen since most of the country’s food products are imported.

But as He does in situations all across the world, God is using Yemen’s unrest and needs to open doors. We work through contacts to provide food, water systems, kits, clothing, adult briefs, and other aid in Yemen, giving struggling Yemenis an opportunity to see Christ’s love in action. After receiving aid, one recipient stared in amazement at the contact and said, “I can say God is here. No one [human] cares about us.”

Our estimated 2024 funding need for Yemen is $2.5 million. If you would like to help, your support will be a blessing! Monthly Food for War-Torn Yemen sponsorships provide an especially critical foundation of support for our ongoing work in Yemen. A recipient of food begged the distributor to pass on his prayers to those who helped his family. “Rest assured,” he said, “we will never forget those who have assisted us . . .” God bless you!

*Name changed to protect identity.
1 United Nations

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Tragedy Increases Needs of Yemeni Family 

Fatima’s* husband passed away a few months ago. His death significantly increased the suffering of this Yemeni family, who had already struggled from years of war and their country’s collapsing economy. Now Fatima is alone to care for her family of thirteen.

We are struggling without a breadwinner to support us, and the ongoing war has only exacerbated our hardships,” Fatima explained. “The house’s roof, made of mud and wood, is at risk of collapsing during the heavy rains. We are in need of renovations.”

Their small, makeshift house with three cramped rooms is far from secure and occasionally harbors scorpions and snakes. Along with her concern for decent shelter, Fatima lacks the means to feed and clothe her family properly.

“We scavenge for food and clothing, relying on leftovers and donations from people,” Fatima shared. “Sometimes we even resort to eating discarded items.”

To offer some practical assistance, our contacts provided Fatima’s family with a basket of food and hygiene items. This gift significantly relieved this mother’s burden of caring for her family’s everyday needs.

*Name changed to protect identity.

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Food for a Widow and Her Children

Jumana* knows the pain of seeing the life she knew and loved be destroyed. “I used to live a happy life with my children in the city,” she said. “My husband worked as a daily wage earner . . . The war came and destroyed everything, and I lost my husband.”

With conflict all around them, Jumana fled with her seven children. Now the family lives in an old, cramped house. Besides a bit of assistance from her neighbors, 42-year-old Jumana is forced to provide for her family alone. “My children started selling ice cream in nearby villages, which earned us some money to buy a little food,” she said, “but it was not enough for a complete meal for the entire family.”

Once again Jumana’s life was changed, this time by the gift of food from CAM contacts. “We received a food [parcel] . . . which enabled us to have three meals a day,” Jumana said. She expressed her thanks to those who helped feed her family. As our contacts left her home, her children stood in the street and happily waved goodbye.

$100 provides 170 pounds of food and some cooking gas for needy people in Yemen, where millions are at risk of starvation.

*Name is changed to protect identity.

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Water for Vulnerable Yemenis

Yemen: a battered, war-torn country where many people simply cannot afford basics like food and clean water. Here, women and young girls walk miles to gather water. Collecting water in many parts of Yemen is a difficult, time-consuming task. Some girls cannot attend school because they need to fetch water. And the water they find is often filthy and contaminated, making families susceptible to waterborne sicknesses like cholera and diarrhea.

The Water Systems for Yemen program helps ease these burdens by providing fresh, clean water for vulnerable Yemenis families. Supporters’ funds enable contacts to install rainwater collection systems in communities across the country. These systems collect, store, and filter rainwater for individuals, families, and entire villages.

Ayham,* a 45-year-old farmer, lives with his family in a rural region of Yemen. Fetching water for the family used to mean walking hours to a well each day. Ayham’s wife did this job until she was diagnosed with arthritis. The diagnosis forced her 19-year-old and 10-year-old daughters to take on the task of fetching water.

“We lead a very difficult life in the rural areas . . .” Ayham said. “What makes it worse is that some of the wells in our area are often unclean and contaminated, leading to the spread of diseases and often causing my children to suffer from diarrhea. Carrying [5 gallons] of water over long distances takes a toll on my daughters, not only causing them physical pain but also preventing my younger daughter from attending school.”

Rainwater collection system improves lives

A rainwater collection system changed all this for Ayham’s family. Ayham said, “After we received a rain harvesting tank . . . my family and I were able to access clean water at home, and my daughter now has more time to attend school. The water filter has helped improve our health and reduced the children’s illnesses.”

One Yemeni mother was overjoyed to learn that her family was chosen to receive a water system. “Having a rainwater tank at home was a dream of mine since childhood,” she said. “Now I can finally  rest from the trouble of fetching water from the well and my daughter can go back to school.”

*Name is changed to protect identity.

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Grief, poverty, and hope in Yemen

grief, Christian Aid Ministries

Umair’s* income, earned by working as a mechanic in a vehicle maintenance shop, enabled him to provide for his wife, their five children, and his mother. Then a fire destroyed the shop, his only source of income. The stress of no longer being able to pay rent or provide for his family took its toll on Umair. Tragically, he ended his life, leaving his family grappling with grief on top of their poverty.

A glimmer of hope reached Umair’s family when they received a gift of food. They expressed their heartfelt gratitude for this help in their time of grief.

Like Umair’s family, many Yemenis struggle to purchase food and other basics. Yemen’s conflict leaves multitudes at risk of hunger and disease. Many businesses have closed, and thousands of families have been displaced. The gift of a food parcel helps lighten many Yemeni families’ burdens. Thank you, supporters, for caring!

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Tears of pain in Yemen 

in Yemen, Christian Aid Ministries

The airstrikes, missiles, and warring parties in Yemen create shocking statistics. But behind every statistic are tears of pain of individual Yemeni mothers, fathers, grandparents, and children. As our contacts in Yemen enter homes, sit with people, and listen to their stories, they see this suffering firsthand.


This country on the tip of the Arabian Peninsula is mired in one of the  world’s worst humanitarian crises. Millions of Yemenis are weary of war, hunger, water shortages, and a crumbling economy.

This year, warring parties in Yemen agreed to a ceasefire. For six months, the country experienced a rare, fragile rest from active fighting.

In October, the ceasefire expired. Our contacts recently told us that they are preparing to face possible airstrikes, ground shelling, and missile attacks.

Begging in desperation

“Today I went around to some houses in the neighborhood asking for flour to feed my children, ”Yasmin* told our contacts. “But I came back disappointed. I sat and cried in front of the door. I couldn’t stop my tears.

“I said to myself, ‘There are still some houses I did not visit.’ I was about to try begging again, but the care of God is great, and His mercy is vast. You have arrived with the food aid and made my day. I thank God and praise Him for His grace and your kindness.”

Adeel, a Yemeni father of four children, felt helpless after a back injury hindered him from providing for his family. “I endured hard days trying to cover our housing costs and my expensive medications,” he said. “Because of the war and my current condition, life has become very painful.”

From tears to thankfulness

God led our contacts to help Adeel and his family receive a regular supply of food, funded by your generosity. Adeel said, “This brought happiness and hope to my heart and has eased my burden. My children and I count down the days and weeks, waiting for the arrival of food. God bless you all. We thank you for standing by our side . . .”

Supporters, thank you for caring for individual Yemenis like Yasmin and Adeel. The needs across this war-torn country are huge, and we cannot meet them all. But your support and God’s grace help turn some Yemenis’ tears into words of thankfulness and joy.

*Names in this article are changed to protect identities.

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A gift of pure water

pure water, Christian Aid Ministries

In spite of frail health, Yahmir* attempted to collect water each day for his wife and youngest daughter. This 50-year-old Yemeni father suffers from rheumatism, kidney damage, and complications from a stroke. When he didn’t feel well enough to collect water, his family sometimes had little or no pure water. His daughter began fetching water when she was old enough, but it made her late for school.

Recently, Yahmir’s health declined and the doctor removed one of his kidneys. He told Yahmir to drink clean water to protect his remaining kidney. But buying clean water was expensive, so Yahmir resorted to drinking water from the community well.

After CAM contacts installed a rainwater collection system with a filter bucket, Yahmir told them, “Multiple problems have been solved. My daughter will be on time at school and my remaining kidney is no longer at risk.” Thank you for making it possible for this family to have clean water!

*Name changed to protect identity

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A rare respite in Yemen war

respite , Christian Aid Minstries

The past few months have brought Yemen a rare respite from the violent internal conflict that began in 2015. Warring parties agreed to a ceasefire that has been held for more than two months now. This pause in fighting has marked the first nationwide truce observed since 2016. Praise God!

Despite this fragile rest from most active fighting, Yemen’s problems are far from over. Even if a long-term truce would be agreed upon, it would take years for Yemen’s poverty-stricken population to recover.

Urwah,* a Yemeni father, owned an electronics repair shop. He had a good education and was well respected by his community. The money he made from his shop was enough to provide for his wife, five children, and his mother.

Although Urwah’s financial situation got tighter after Yemen’s war began, he could still make ends meet until the day that an electric spark caused a fire in his workshop. The fire destroyed everything and in Yemen’s crumbled economy, where commercial insurance is unheard of, he could see no way to recover.

Providing for his family’s daily necessities became a relentless drain on the few assets Urwah had left. His debts quickly added up, and with all the hardships, he felt he had nowhere to turn. Despair overcame him, and Urwah took his own life—adding the bitterness of grief to his family’s ongoing battle for survival. In recent months, CAM contacts in Yemen were able to reach Urwah’s family with a food basket, helping to meet some of their needs.

May God richly bless you for helping us to reach needy families in Yemen.

Pray with us that God would hold the ceasefire in Yemen if it is his will! Pray also for the many suffering and hungry Yemenis who continue to struggle in deep poverty.

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Hunger and thirst: Yemen’s realities

Yemen’s realities, Christian Aid Minstries

The people of Yemen face a difficult future as they cope with war, hunger, economic struggles, and water shortages. More than half of Yemen’s population is in need of humanitarian aid. Through two programs, Food for War-Torn Yemen and Water Systems for Yemen, supporters bring hope to desperate Yemenis.

Food for War-Torn Yemen

Years of care and worry left 55-year-old Tamara* thin and pale. Poverty and hunger are part of life for widowed Tamara and her five children.

Tamara’s hardships increased when her village became a front line in Yemen’s civil war, forcing her family to flee to another village. They moved from house to house because she could not afford to pay rent.

Through the Food for War-Torn Yemen program, CAM contacts provided food for Tamara. “She was speechless,” our contact said, “when we told her they would be included among the beneficiaries. She and her children prayed for all of us and for all who help with these donations.”

Water Systems for Yemen

Umar is a 35-year-old father in Yemen who cannot do physical labor because of a disability. His oldest son, 11-year-old Sana, was responsible to fetch water from a distant well that took him an hour and a half to reach on foot. Umar worried about his son’s safety. So despite his disability, he sometimes followed Sana.

Umar heard about water tanks that CAM contacts provide for needy Yemeni families. These water tanks hold rainwater that recipients catch from their roofs. Hoping to receive a tank to help ease his burden, Umar said, “Maybe it will be the last time my son and I will have to go so far for water.”

Umar’s hope for a water tank became reality because of you, our supporters.

*Names in this article are changed to protect identities.

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