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Sustained through food and faith


Samira* left school at age 12 to find a job, compelled by her family’s financial struggles. Three years later, her father arranged her marriage to a man she had never met before. Samira’s husband had a small income, but he worked to build a beautiful home for his wife and their four daughters. Then, when their house was almost completed, the Syrian war erupted, forcing the family to flee to Lebanon. Soon after they left Syria, their house was destroyed by a rocket. Lebanon’s economic crisis brought even more challenges for the family. Our contacts helped by providing food parcels and spiritual nourishment, and over time, both Samira and her husband came to know Jesus. Strengthened by their faith, they are now able to offer encouragement to others facing similar circumstances.

Syria’s violence and instability have displaced millions of people in Syria and neighboring countries like Lebanon, Turkey, and Jordan.
*Name changed to protect identity.

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