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“Some good people came and gave me food”

gave me food, Christian Aid Ministries

“I am from the Gypsy community,” six-year-old Amira* in India shares. “My parents send me and my brother [to beg] every day. I was outside today and some good people came and gave me food. I am very happy to get food for me and my brother.”

Coronavirus Crisis Care funding needs

2021 budget goal $12,500,000
Funds still needed $3,200,000
Budget is subject to change as other needs and opportunities arise.

Amira’s family is among countless people in Indian villages who face severe hunger since coronavirus lock-downs cut off their sources of income. CAM contacts visited numerous villages to distribute food to single mothers, migrant laborers, garbage collectors, Gypsies, and other impoverished people. They shared that the “beneficiaries were overwhelmed with joy” to receive this food.