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The poorest suffer in India’s COVID crisis

India’s COVID crisis, Christian Aid Ministres

As India’s COVID crisis rages on, many of the people that we don’t hear about in the news are the marginalized, the poorest, and others who need a helping hand to bring them and their families through this terrible time. Many lives are at stake and vulnerable families are in crisis.

Government leaders in many Indian states have announced. curfews and lockdowns in a desperate attempt to slow down the spread of COVID-19. Large urban areas, which are home to millions of migrants who search for work, are especially hard-hit by the recent wave of infections. These impoverished migrant workers are far away from their home villages with little to no income to provide for themselves. Many people fear not being able to return home when lockdowns are put in place. Others fear dying miles away from their family.

Various of our contacts in India are working hard to reach to those in need. “As followers of Christ, we must respond whenever people are hurting,” shared one of these contacts.  But the scale of need is unfathomable and those providing help are anxious for assistance.

India’s COVID crisis, Christian Aid Ministres
Food items ready for distribution.

Food continues to be a pressing need. “Twenty percent of India’s people live in extreme hunger, and these people are struggling to feed their families,” writes a CAM contact. “The food kits we are distributing to those communities a massive relief for them.”

Thank you for your caring about the people of India in great need. God bless you for your generosity!