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Lifted by a Tornado

As Leonor glanced out the window, she was stunned to see a dark funnel just down the street, approaching her mobile home. Frantically she got her 19-year-old son out of bed and rushed into a closet. Thinking these were her last moments on earth, she cried out to God. She felt the mobile home lift off the ground three times as the tornado roared outside. When it finally became quiet, they ventured outside.

The devastation that met her eyes still haunts her today—her neighbor crying for help, a house moved to the opposite side of the street, her son running barefoot to check if anyone needed help. Although Leonor and her son were unharmed, their home was badly damaged.

Disaster Response Services volunteers based in Perryton, Texas, recently poured the foundation for Leonor’s new home. She says, “I’m so excited to see what God has already started doing in my house. . . . Y’all are such a blessing to me, not just because of my house, but spiritually. . . . Thank you for all y’all do; may the Lord continue blessing each one of y’all.”

We are grateful for volunteers who make much of the work of Disaster Response Services possible! However, funds are needed to continue doing cleanup and rebuilding work after disasters in the U.S. If you wish to help click the donate button to give a gift to Disaster Response Services.