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Update on Hurricane Idalia Cleanup Project

In the wake of destruction left by Hurricane Idalia, Rapid Response staff members and volunteers responded with a helping hand and a listening ear. The category 3 hurricane wreaked havoc in the Big Bend region of Florida, then weakened as it drove a path through Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. Rapid Response staff members and volunteers assisted people affected by the hurricane in Perry, Florida, about 15 miles inland from the Big Bend shore.

Over a two-week span, more than 160 volunteers from Florida, Georgia, Texas, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Ohio came to assist residents of Perry, Florida whose properties were damaged. They helped with tree removal, yard cleanup, and other tasks.  Chaplains onsite provided a listening ear and offered spiritual and emotional support to residents grappling with the destruction around them. 


Volunteers pose with a cross they cut out of a tree stump. They hope their response to the hurricane’s damage will remind others of Jesus.

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