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Earthquakes Rock Western Afghanistan 

A series of earthquakes devastated portions of western Afghanistan on Saturday morning, followed by another quake on Wednesday morning.  

On Saturday morning, a 6.3 magnitude earthquake, along with eight aftershocks, flattened hundreds of homes in rural areas of Herat province. More than 2,000 perished, and thousands more were injured.  

In the early hours of Wednesday morning, yet another 6.3 magnitude earthquake shook the same region. Though it was less deadly than Saturday’s earthquake, additional people were injured and more homes destroyed. Our contacts report that many people had been sleeping outside for fear of more earthquakes.  

The people of Afghanistan have suffered decades of war, destruction, and hunger. In 2021, fierce fighting broke out when the Taliban took control of Afghanistan. International agencies pulled out of the country, the economy crashed, and countless Afghans lost their jobs. In 2022, a 6.2 magnitude earthquake hit the country, followed by widespread flooding and an unusually brutal winter. This week’s earthquakes bring a new level of suffering to many already in poverty. CAM is working with contacts in Afghanistan to assess the needs and identify ways to help. 


Afghans sleep on the ground for fear of more earthquakes.

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