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Teaching children and transforming lives

Christians in Egypt, Christian Aid Ministries

Persecuted and oppressed, groups of Coptic Christians in Egypt face chronic poverty. Illiteracy among them is high. As a result, many are unable to read the Bible and possess a limited knowledge of God’s principles. Our contacts are reaching out to such people by holding Christian remedial classes supported by CAM.

$10 sponsors one student for a month.

Before Amr* attended a remedial school, he treated others abusively, cursing and striking even his own family members. But while learning to read and write at the remedial school, Amr’s behavior toward his friends and family drastically changed. “Everyone could realize he was completely transformed,” shared a contact. We rejoice to see God using these classes to touch young lives in Egypt!

More than 1,000 children are waiting to be sponsored.

*Name changed to protect identity.