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Liberian Families Receive New Houses

Thirteen people from two Liberian families lived in a crowded two-bedroom apartment. Mr. Matthew and Mr. Johnson, the fathers of these families, are blind. A friend used to pay their monthly rent of $20 before passing away in 2021. Then the two blind fathers resorted to begging on the streets. However, the money they received did not cover their rent, so the landlord said they had to leave.

Mr. Matthew and Mr. Johnson came to CAM’s office in Liberia, asking for help. Our staff members discussed the men’s dilemma and asked if their extended families would give some land to build houses. They then visited the village to make building plans with the men’s families and the village chief

Funds from House for a Poor Family provided materials and labor to build separate homes for Mr. Matthew’s and Mr. Johnson’s families. The houses, made of mud block like the other village homes, consist of two bedrooms, a bathroom, and an outdoor kitchen.

We thank God and you, supporters, for providing these families with a house to call their own!

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