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Children’s Article: Food parcels for grandpa and grandma

grandpa and grandma, Christian Aid Ministries

Do you enjoy visiting your grandpa and grandma? Or perhaps you can think of people in your church who are old and cannot work anymore. Maybe they need others to care for them. Imagine if they did not have enough food to eat and no money to buy the medicines they need for their aches and pains.

Many elderly people in Romania, Moldova, Liberia, Nicaragua, and other countries suffer alone in their old age. Some have been abandoned by their families and do not have enough money to buy food and medicines. They try their best to keep a garden, raise some corn and beans, or tend a few chickens. But that is not easy for an old person with poor health, bad eyesight, or back problems.

Life is hard for 82-year-old Veronica from Romania. She is a widow and is deaf. Her daughter is not a Christian and makes life hard for Veronica. When Christians arrive with a food parcel for this needy widow, it brightens her day!
grandpa and grandma, Christian Aid Ministries
This CAM truck is delivering food parcels to elderly people in a Ukrainian village.

Would you like to help grandpas and grandmas who are lonely and poor? With $15 you can help them receive enough food to eat for ten days! The parcels of food include things like cooking oil, meat, rice, beans, and flour.