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Afghanistan crisis

Afghanistan crisis, Christian Aid Ministries

Afghanistan’s economy crumbled when the current government came into power in 2021. Construction work stopped, businesses shut down, and banks closed. Countless Afghans lost their sources of income.

Then an earthquake last June and flash flooding in August destroyed thousands of homes and wiped out precious crops in many provinces. Unemployment and hunger caused people to sell household items and use the money to buy food. Now they have been facing the cold of winter, and the battle against hunger is rivaled by the struggle to stay warm.

This winter was exceptionally cold in parts of Afghanistan. Temperatures dropped as low as negative 29°F. Much of the country is mountainous, causing piercing winds to cut through the valleys.

Afghanistan crisis, Christian Aid Ministries

Reality has been grim for Afghans. Using their limited funds to purchase heating fuel increased the threat of starvation, but choosing between heating fuel and food put people at risk of freezing to death.

Saba* moved into a one-room house with her four children after her husband died in a mine explosion. When the Taliban gained power, she lost her teaching job. Unable to find work, Saba sold blankets, mattresses, and other household items to provide food for her children.

When hunger crept in again, she resorted to begging. “The winter has arrived and the weather is very cold,” Saba lamented several months ago. “We have nothing and I am very afraid that in this winter, I will lose my children who are the hope of my future.” She went on to say, “God is very kind . . . we trust in God that He hears our voice.”

Through trusted contacts, we have been helping to provide basic food items, blankets, and warm clothes for people in Afghanistan. These gifts may seem small compared to the overwhelming need, but God is able to take our offering and use it for His glory!

*Name is changed to protect identity.

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