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Afghanistan Earthquake

Earthquake Rocks Afghanistan, Christian Aid Minstries

A 5.9 magnitude earthquake rocked Afghanistan on Wednesday, June 22. The earthquake hit eastern Afghanistan, near the Pakistan border, killing more than 1,000 people and wounding many more. Tremors were felt as far away as India. In some cases, collapsed homes trapped entire families under the rubble.  Landslides, heavy rains, and rugged, mountainous terrain made search and rescue efforts especially difficult. Many survivors are left with perished loved ones and no homes.

Most of the houses are made of mud and rocks in this rural mountain region and the Afghanistan earthquake has damaged many of them. People are sleeping outdoors in tents until their houses are repaired and it is safe to move back indoors.

Christian Aid Ministries is researching needs in Afghanistan. Our contacts who work there have reached out to us for assistance. We will keep you posted as our plans further develop.

Please pray that the peace of God would penetrate the many suffering hearts in Afghanistan.

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