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Haiti Earthquake Update: Needs and research continue

Haiti Earthquake, Christian Aid Ministries

Eleven years ago, an earthquake left thousands of Haitians in shock and despair. Now the devastating earthquake of August 14 brought more destruction, sorrow, and need to Haiti. The death toll stands at nearly 2,000. More than 9,000 people were injured.
This earthquake destroyed or damaged tens of thousands of homes. This house was flattened in the quake. Its walls crumbled and the roof collapsed, leaving only a pile of rubble.


This devastation leaves many people sleeping in tents or other makeshift structures. Some avoid staying in their damaged houses, fearing the buildings will collapse during the night.

Needs in an already suffering nation

This earthquake in Haiti brings a wave of suffering for a country already facing tremendous needs and still recovering from crises. What are some of these needs and calamities?

  • Haiti is considered to be one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere.
  • The earthquake of 2010 destroyed much of the country’s capital city, Port-au-Prince, and left death and devastation in its path.
  • Recently, severe political upheaval has shaken the nation.
  • The assassination of President Jovenel Moïse on July 7 brought tension and a leadership void.
  • Several days after the earthquake in August, a tropical storm dumped heavy rains on parts of the country.

Opportunities amid the earthquake’s rubble

In light of these crises, we may ask, “Is there hope for Haiti?” Amid the rubble and destruction of this tattered country, we see great opportunities to share the Gospel! Crises like the earthquake in Haiti leave many people desperate for hope. This gives believers an open door to provide physical and spiritual help and show Christ’s love.

How is CAM helping?

We continue to research immediate and long term needs from the earthquake in Haiti. CAM staff in the country travel to affected areas to investigate needs and help in ways they can. They are working to coordinate a rebuilding project with Haitian workers helping their people in a time of calamity.

Through food, Christian literature, housing, or other aid, we desire to be Jesus’ hands and feet. If you wish to help Haiti earthquake victims, please use the donate option below. God bless you!

Haiti Earthquake, Christian Aid Ministries
We are setting up a base in this mountain village to begin rebuilding efforts.


Update:Haiti Earthquake

August 18, 2:45PM

Our staff in Haiti continue to investigate needs in the wake of the Haiti earthquake. Pray for them as they evaluate immediate needs and consider long-term recovery options.

Following are some photos to give you a glimpse of the devastation our staff have encountered during their investigative trips.

Many homeowners are at a loss about how to move forward.
Thousands of homes were damaged or destroyed by the Haiti earthquake.
People quickly brought their possessions out of their homes to avoid looters.
More than 1,900 perished when their houses collapsed. The death toll continues to rise.
The power of the earthquake reduced this home to a pile of rubble.
Those living in remote mountain areas near the earthquake’s epicenter suffered severe damage.

Pray for the thousands of people affected by this disaster in Haiti. If you wish to help support those who are suffering from the Haiti earthquake, your support will be a blessing.


Haiti Earthquake

August 16, 11:41AM

Southern Haiti is reeling from a powerful 7.2 magnitude earthquake that struck Saturday morning. At this point, preliminary numbers indicate that the quake destroyed 13,694 homes and damaged another 13,785. The death toll is around 1,200 and is growing.

Our staff traveled to the affected area immediately after the earthquake to investigate needs. While media attention focuses on large towns, those in remote mountain areas are often forgotten. Our staff found significant devastation as they traveled into the mountains. In some areas, nearly all houses collapsed. “It seemed like everything had fallen,” reported a staff member. Almost all the homes that collapsed had people inside who perished in the earthquake. Our staff encountered one mother outside her destroyed home. Her six-year-old twin boys died when her house fell. Their bodies were still trapped under the rubble.

Haiti Earthquake, Christian Aid Ministries
CAM staff members are researching ways to help those affected by the earthquake in Haiti.

This morning, CAM staff members took two distribution trucks into mountainous areas affected by the earthquake. Their goal is to meet the immediate needs of those affected by the earthquake. They plan to distribute food, hygiene kits, Christian literature, and other aid. “There are people who won’t be eating for the next several days,” our staff reported.

We will continue to seek ways to help those in need. As always, our goal is to point the suffering to Jesus, encouraging them to seek Him in their time of distress.