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Opportunities for Gypsies

Gypsies, Christian Aid Ministries

In AD 1000, a group of people from India left their country and headed for Europe. Since they claimed to be from Egypt, they were given the name “Gypsy,” the shortened version of “Egyptian.”

Today Gypsies live in various countries, with the largest population in Romania. Although many Gypsies are less nomadic than they were in the past, people often view them as uneducated, nomadic, and beg­garly. Many people mistreat and reject them due to this perception.

The Jericho Road Program primarily reaches out to Gypsies, but also assists other neglected and impoverished Romanians. Through this program, they receive things like food parcels, practical Christian instruction, agricultural teaching, and schooling. We praise God that He is using this program to work in their hearts. Some Gypsy people have chosen to follow Jesus and His teachings and are joining the local church. Your generosity makes it possible to spread the love of Jesus to these individuals.

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