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The gift of medicine

malaria medicine, Christian Aid Minstries

Joseph came to a CAM-supported clinic in Liberia with a severe case of malaria. His weight was dropping, and he was in dire need of medical treatment. The clinic staff members were able to give Joseph protein shakes and malaria medicine they had in stock, thanks to donations from CAM.

After talking to Joseph, a staff member in Liberia wrote, “He was so grateful for all that CAM is doing for the people in Liberia. He was able to get free medications and nutritional items due to the generosity of the donors in the States.”

Other recipients from clinics in Liberia that we support share their appreciation for the dependable medicines and nutritional items. One Liberian said, “The government is supposed to help us, but they have not brought any medicines in over six months. Christian Aid Ministries brings us medicines on a monthly basis, and we are so grateful for that.”

Without the shipments made possible by CAM supporters, many patients wouldn’t receive the medicine they need. Our staff member asked a nurse how many patients her clinic sees on average. She replied, “It depends on when Christian Aid Ministries comes with medicines. When the villagers see the Christian Aid Ministries vehicle, they come flocking to the clinic because they know we will have medicines available again.”

The Medicines-for-Multitudes program serves more than 420 medical outlets in Liberia and other countries around the world. Your support provides medicines and nutritional items to ill people who may not have access to other life-sustaining treatments.

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