A baby in Israel whose life was saved through Project Baby Moses.

Giving Israeli Mothers Hope

Twenty thousand. This is the estimated number of unborn babies in Israel whose brief lives are ended each year. Mothers think this action will save them from the physical, spiritual, and financial pressures they often face. However, many of them live with deep regret after making this decision.

Through Project Baby Moses, CAM supports several crisis centers where expectant mothers are given hope, counsel, and assistance.

Talia’s* words echo the feelings of hundreds of mothers who have been helped through Project Baby Moses. “I have no way to say or show how grateful I am [to you] for helping me and my baby. Thanks to you, my baby gets what she needs every month . . . I also sleep better at night. I am not afraid because I do not have to worry about how I can care for my precious [daughter].”

Because of your support, Israeli mothers are offered the chance to hold their children in their arms instead of holding regret in their hearts.

If you wish to help with Project Baby Moses click the Donate button to give a gift. $2,000 supports one mother/child. Donors of this amount will receive information about a mother and her child.