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Sponsored Mother Tragically Killed

Supporters’ funds for Project Baby Moses made a difference for Laiba,* a mother in Israel. In 2020, Laiba was a mother of four children when she learned she was expecting triplets. Since her husband had no consistent income, how could they provide for three more children? They considered abortion.

Then Laiba heard about centers in Israel that help women in crisis. These centers receive support from Project Baby Moses, and their counsel helped Laiba decide to keep her triplets. When she gave birth to three healthy babies in May 2021, a Project Baby Moses sponsorship provided practical items like cribs and diapers for her babies.

Last year Laiba gave birth to another baby. Then in October, war broke out between Israel and Hamas militants in Gaza that still continues today. Tragically, Laiba was killed in this conflict, leaving her husband to raise their children. Their community is large and supportive, but the journey ahead will no doubt be difficult. Please pray for Laiba’s husband and his motherless children.

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