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Compassion for Paulina

Compassion, Christian Aid Minstries

One evening in Kenya, as Paulina was coming home from work, she was attacked by several assailants. They left her with a severed thumb and serious injuries to her foot and kneecap.

Paulina and her husband do manual labor to earn a living. These serious injuries presented a challenge for them: With their limited income, how would they pay for the care Paulina needed? Kind neighbors pitched in to help pay for Paulina’s foot surgery but were unable to cover the following two months of hospital care. Funds from Project Good Samaritan covered the remaining hospital bill and provided a walker to help Paulina as she recovered.

Project Good Samaritan is a favorite program of our field staff, yet often does not receive sufficient specified funding. Funds from supporters enable our staff to respond with Christlike compassion to cries for help. Donations of $2,500 or above are assigned to specific cases, and donors of that amount or more will receive brief information about recipients.

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