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A cow, savings, and gratitude

A cow, Christian Aid Minstries

Isaac Burundi is a retired pastor and a part-time facilitator for a SALT savings group in Tanzania. He shares, “The SALT* program changed my life through savings.” Before joining a savings group, Isaac did not save money for the future. But as he invested in the SALT savings group, he learned valuable financial concepts and was able to buy a cow. Isaac shares, “Thank you, thank you for bringing us SALT.”

Savings groups help impoverished people find solutions to their own financial problems. Frequent savings group meetings provide structure to help members work together to save money. Group members bring small amounts of savings to each meeting. As the group’s collective fund accumulates, members can withdraw small loans to start or expand businesses. Most importantly, the Bible-based teaching at the meetings points attendees toward a Christ-centered life.

*SALT is an acronym for Shared Accountability, Lending, and Teaching.